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  • Metal_Greg
    Original poster 61 posts

    @latenitedelight I still can't believe they made a gun that promotes chicken dancing.....

  • Metal_Greg
    Original poster 61 posts

    @x0nemanarmyx they just need to increase TTK to force you to land more shots and prevent skills from one hitting people. but then that might lead to more chicken dancing so idk.

  • Sock_Monkey
    192 posts


    I'll correct one thing in your statement:

    This is shooter. Not Some wizard magic potions and skills.

    I think from the beginning Ubi made it clear this is a looter game, not necessarily a shooter. I can play entire missions with some builds barely firing a shot (from a gun), and while not "wizard magic" it is tech skills. The Division was described from the release of the original as having "unparalleled technology," not just great guns.

    15 posts

    @sock_monkey I do believe this is a RPG/Looter shooter. Google the Genre and you will see. Either way, if that play style is fun for you then have fun. That is what this game is all about. The only issue I have with what the op stated is that the pvp players are mad because of skill build in the DZ and He thinks that Skill builds in the DZ are tactical and require some sort of skill. I strongly disagree and think skills should only boost our character in certain ways. Like Div1 Towards the end. Skills were strong but could not just instantly kill another player. They served as a boost.

  • ModalThread611
    28 posts

    @d-y-n-4-m-o Our talk is over. You take care.

  • ModalThread611
    28 posts

    @yodaman3d You cannot be serious. You think an all blue build that has 1 skill tier should be able to kill an entire team. I really hope no one listens to any advice you give about anything pvp related. Even the devs have said the traps are getting changed as they should. Having any correspondence with you have been a complete waste of my time.

  • ModalThread611
    28 posts

    @metal_greg They did not say what they were going to do.

  • ModalThread611
    28 posts

    @darth_potat0 Except none of them can admit that an all blue build tossing traps wiping an entire team with 1 skill tier is broken. Imagine.

  • TxDieselKid
    115 posts

    They know traps are busted, and were never adjusted for use in PvP, hence why they are getting nerfed. They were never intended to be as OP as they are in PvP, it was a oversight by the dev team when they put them in the game.

    And as someone who plays quite a bit of DZ and Conflict, most skill builds are useless. It's a VERY well crafted one that can be an issue (not just 6 skill teirs).

  • Darth_PoTat0
    23 posts

    @modalthread611 I've just been trying to implore people to try to keep the game fun and respect their fellow player. Not really surprised that this community is full of people who just want to crap on everybody and declare themselves a god...in a casual game, because they can push Q and E better than you LOL

    ....and to all of those people who think I should go away and play something else... is that really what you want? The DZ is going to be a lot of fun when you're literally the only one in it, I'm sure. Try to think with more than two brain cells.

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