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  • pesto.
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    So now that Unisoft have confirmed the next game will be AC Infinity with multiple eras and will be a “games as service” title, what do you all think?

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  • pesto.
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    Heres what we know so far : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-07-07/assassin-s-creed-infinity-to-offer-live-online-game-service: (https://bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-07-07/assassin-s-creed-infinity-to-offer-live-online-game-service)

    Assassin’s Creed, a video game franchise set in huge worlds where each one can take hundreds of hours to complete, is getting even bigger. A new project, which is known inside Ubisoft Entertainment SA by the code name Assassin’s Creed Infinity, sets out to create a massive online platform that evolves over time, according to people familiar with its development.

    Whereas previous Assassin’s Creed games each unfolded in specific historical settings such as ancient Greece or Ptolemaic Egypt, Infinity will contain multiple settings with room to expand to others in the months and years following its debut, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing a project under development. Individual games on the platform might look and feel different, but they will all be connected.

    Details surrounding the project, which hasn’t been previously reported, are in flux, and it’s still years away from release. The teams have also been affected by the #MeToo allegations that have swept through the company over the last year.

    A spokeswoman for Ubisoft declined to discuss Infinity in detail but acknowledged its existence. Ubisoft aims to “exceed the expectations of fans who have been asking for a more cohesive approach” to the series, the spokeswoman said. As for sexual misconduct claims, she said Ubisoft had investigated every allegation and took appropriate actions.

    Since 2007, Ubisoft has released a new game in the popular action-adventure series every year or two. Collectively, the Assassin’s Creed games have sold more than 155 million units, easily making it the biggest franchise for the French publisher. The plan to turn Assassin’s Creed into a so-called service game follows a trend employed by other big publishers.

    Inspired by smash hits like Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto V, these living online platforms can keep players engaged for years by frequently adding new content or changing the experience in dramatic ways. The fifth Grand Theft Auto game, which has sold more than 140 million copies largely thanks to its constantly updated multiplayer mode, is approaching its eighth birthday with versions planned for a third generation of game consoles.

    Service games generate huge revenue over time by hooking players and pushing them to spend money on special content within the game. GTA V helped drive shares of its publisher, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., up 42% since the beginning of last year. In the same period, Ubisoft shares were flat. After news of Assassin’s Creed Infinity, the stock jumped to a gain Wednesday in intraday trading.

    Development of an Assassin’s Creed game typically involves thousands of employees across a dozen Ubisoft offices, led by teams in Montreal or Quebec City that alternate duties. The Montreal team helmed last year’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, while Quebec ran the previous game, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.
    For Assassin’s Creed Infinity, this tradition will also change. In April, Ubisoft unified the Montreal and Quebec teams. Now, they will collaborate on Infinity, and each will have its own creative director, but Quebec will take charge of the franchise. There has long been a rivalry between the two studios that has at times turned acrimonious, according to people familiar with the matter, so this shift may cause some headaches.

    The organizational change is designed to help the franchise “evolve in a more integrated and collaborative manner that’s less centered on studios and more focused on talent and leadership, no matter where they are within Ubisoft,” the spokeswoman said.

    But the reorganization has rankled some employees at Ubisoft, which is still reeling from last year’s cultural reckoning over widespread sexual misconduct allegations. Dozens of current and former employees accused Ubisoft of facilitating a culture of misconduct and abuse, leading to the ouster of studio heads and the chief creative officer.

  • C-Pick
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    Not excited about this. I don't like the idea of "live-service" games, and the other question I have is this: will Assassin's Creed now turn into some kind of online multiplayer fest? A major reason why I stick with the AC games is because they have always been self-contained story- and character-driven single-player open-world experiences that don't depend on some multiplayer nonsense.

    I'm not interested in (and don't get the appeal of) games like Fortnite, and I've never been into GTA Online (but I love GTA 5, the single-player game).

    So I'm immediately not getting a good vibe from this direction.

  • GhostAgent14
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    This might not be a popular opinion, but I'm open-minded to this and intrigued by it. My main caution to Ubisoft would be not to lose that core AC single player campaign in this. If they could retain that and then add some online/multiplayer components to it, I think that could be a lot of fun.

  • pesto.
    Original poster 366 posts

    My own thoughts are that it's likely polarizing. Could be great, could be a disaster.

    They don't mention multiplayer, but if there is an optional PVE multiplayer component the same way the division and ghost recon do things it could be really great as I've often wanted to play these games with my friends.

    Replayability could also be fantastic, one of the best things about Odyssey was how much you could carry on playing and how the world felt a little more alive even when you'd completed story and side-quests in a region due to daily and weekly quests, the mercs, pirates and so on. A world that feels and operates that way in a games as service could be fantastic, even just as single player.

    The multiple era's thing I'm hesitant on

    1. Multiple maps is just a step backwards for open-world games, ideally even DLC would just expand on the existing map rather than add new areas.
    2. The lack of a single protagonist, or worse the idea that the utterly unlikable modern day characters would be the main protagonists as some sort of way of punishing players into liking them (which like is totally going to work yah?) sounds pretty awful.
    3. And then there's the fear that it could end up like Watchdogs Legion, a bland game where you've no investment in any of the characters you play as none have any real story.
    4. Narratively how will this work in a way that keeps you invested if you don't spend much time with any character?

    On the plus side you could instead see the modern world as a meta game hub, and every new AC game from now on would be accessible through the same modern world UI as just another era for this AC universe. The flip side there is we already have that in the OS of our computer or console, why do we need to go through an extra menu that will probably involve a horrible "slow walk" every time (that no-one ever anywhere has ever said "hey slow walk is cool, lets do this") as well as interacting with those godawful modern world characters, and locking AC for years to come to an already outdated Anvil engine.

    It could either be a collection of every half-baked feature that everyone loathes and huge steps backwards towards a "golden" era that only exists in spectacles tinted so rose that they're opaque, misguided into existence in a single engine in the name of ensuring that AC remains diverse and unique from other Ubi titles by literally making it terrible and killing the franchise the process the same way Legion has for Watchdogs. Or it could be a stroke of genius that revitalizes AC into something new and truly unique, and creating that glorious ever evolving and replayable playground that would allow Ubisoft to finally have their own GTA/RD online, or WoW/Diablo.

  • paviu7
    19 posts

    It could be great. Returning to the former format of shorter stories for expansions. Perhaps 10-15h story for each expansion. No bloated with filler. A possibility of getting Shao Jun in a game or Aya's adventures in Rome gets me excited. Maybe we could get a story with Arno meeting Shay. This new game that will serve as a platform for different eras could end up great if Ubisoft delivers quality gameplay focused on combat, stealth and parkour. Take the best elements from RPG trilogy and from pre-RPG games. I think the base game of Infinity will have new assassins that we can play with in open world and do co-op missions while expansions will get returning characters and new characters. Expansions will be solely focused on single player experience because they will replace standalone games. People that like side content, mini games, events will get those in the base game. This will allow to speed up the delivery of expansions which will expand lore and characters. This also means that a price for expansions will be lower than for a full game.

  • lemmie88
    305 posts

    I will try to stay open-minded about it. I think it is inevitable for a money-driven company like Ubisoft to turn to the GAAS format. Hopefully it'll be free-to-play so I wont feel robbed when the bugs prevent me from playing the main game like Valhalla.

    Honestly though, I think that Ubi is really honing their ability to churn out repetitive, copy-paste content that occupies casual players for vast amounts of time. Ideally, they will also realize that it takes a compelling story/character to hook people too, and I would enjoy that part. I also hope that the reason Valhalla is getting garbage like river raids and mastery challenge is because all the devs are working on Infinity.

  • JCar4327
    705 posts

    @c-pick This is pretty much how I feel about this. I have played every AC game available on console and a few of the mobile games. The draw for me is the single player aspect. I play games to escape from the real world; I don't want to have to play with other people. I've played The Division games and played Destiny for over five years. Those games get old because they cannot add content fast enough and you are just playing the same old content over and over and over. I also don't like to have to log into the game every single day because if you don't you will miss something; it shouldn't feel like a second job because it should be about stepping away from real life and relaxing while you have fun.

    With all that said, if they keep it so that you don't have to play with others unless you choose to; meaning all content will be capable of being soloed, and they don't make it where you have to log in every day, then I will keep an open mind about it. However, if either of those two things fail then I will likely just give up on the franchise that I have followed since 2007.

  • pesto.
    Original poster 366 posts

    @jcar4327 I think the key there is to have a great variety of missions and good story within the missions that works for each player on their own as well as for a team.

    This is an area where admittedly both the division and ghost recon fall down currently. You play one mission and outside of the radio chatter and level design it’s really just the same thing, an arena where you shoot thugs. Sometimes the same arena as elsewhere! Repeated layouts. That’s terrible and makes for a boring MP and incredibly boring SP.

    What sets a game like GTA apart is the variety of activities to do. Each heist is quite different, there are races and competitive as well as collaborative events and activities, subgames, and unfortunately the open world invites griefing with always on PVP but otherwise they are better models to follow.

    Its not even confirmed that it will be MP. The multiple eras could be as simply as a story that involves searching for clues in multiple eras with a narrative that weaves between all of them, finding one thing in one era, jumping to another to ensure it’s still there, finding it isn’t, going to another to figure out where it went, going back to the first to figure out how that building was constructed to know where it could be etc. or it could just be like GTA, you switch between characters as you like with a narrative that connects them more loosely.

    Of courts it makes sense to have multiple eras so you can jump into any era you want with your friends and complete content in that area, maybe you’re feeling Elizabethan today. But with that I fear a division style approach which also has multiple maps that all feel dead and kinda boring, not fully developed enough. Just variations in set dressing.

    We will have to wait and see what their plan is. I hope we’ll learn more soon.

  • Maledicus
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    i'm trying not to get excited, because we don't know enough about AC Infinity. On the other hand it could become something like the idea i had in mind for some time. Something that really bugs me is that the AC games are singleplayer only. I love to play games with my wife, my friends on Xbox together, we play GR Wildlands / Breakpoint, Division 1&2 to name some Ubi games, but so many more games.

    I think the AC franchise is predestinated for a mutliplayer coop experience. The idea i had in mind for some time was that we create our own character in present time used as a hub and use the Animus to explore all the different timelines we have seen in the AC games over years with different open-worlds, stories, and all that we have now in the games solo & coop possible. It's important that Ubi keeps the quality & features we've seen in the games, i really want to climb that mountain together with friends, stealth together to kill a given target, explore the huge open-world together via ships/boats and on the back of horses and so on.

    With this structure in mind they can add new timelines and content for existing timelines, expanding the AC universe without leaving games/timelines behind and connect all of them together via the present day hub.

    I really would love to see this, but thats just the idea of a weird guy on the forums ... so we have to wait and see whats really behind AC Infinity.

    Best regards.

  • Macri0071980
    12 posts

    I think it will be awesome like it will save a lot of DLC money for buying games and stuff. Also WatchDogs should go through the same idea like we all have our three games why not turn it around and stuff like I thought in my head when we by the new Assassins Creed we put the game in right and it detects the games we have in it moves them in to the new game that will make new hard drive space in the consoles. and all those games are mixed in to all one game. Watch Dogs should be the same thing like I said getting Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs 2 and WatchDogs Legion in all one package so why not start with Watchdogs and give it a try and call it "WatchDogs: Online" This will fit the boot screen problem I have and things and other ideas to fix "Assassins Creed: Valhalla's" problems with a huge online patch why not for now turn the games around for the fans why we wait for these new changes?

  • Sam_Boo26
    175 posts

    @c-pick That's pretty much how I feel, too. I'll give it a try, but I'm not excited. It's a shame because I've always liked the series.

  • C-Pick
    150 posts

    @jcar4327 Yep. Nailed it. I don't want to feel like I "must" "log in" to a game, lest I miss some kind of content. I want an offline single-player game that will ALWAYS be there whenever I'm ready to play it.

    Also, I'm simply not interested in multiplayer content, period. I play games as a solitary activity, and I don't want to play with other people. The problem is, if AC starts bringing in more co-op multiplayer content, I worry that us solo gamers will be left out or forgotten about. Soon, there will be quests that can be played ONLY through co-op (and, thus, rewards that can be attained ONLY through playing co-op content).

    If this is where AC is heading, that might be the point where I finally quit the series. And that sucks, because I've been a loyal player of the AC series since day one, way back in 2007.

    Keep Assassin's Creed a story-driven single-player open-world action/adventure series, and I'll keep happily coming back.

  • password1234xxx
    27 posts

    Just a few shorter comments to "Assassin's Creed Infinity", altough it will be out around 2024 (as long as it is not discarded) and I am still more excited in the 'Paris DLC' and the whole next season for Assassin's Creed Valhalla (!) (including the teased mythical worlds from the norse mythology) - ... well, here are my thoughts.

    [My personal oppinion - nothing more or less:]

    1st: I personally can't rate something that is even not totally planed in it's first work cycle. 🙂 There are a few rumors and confrimed general aspects but, ... nothing big to rate her for the moment.

    2nd: I think Ubisoft is not sure, too, if this is idea is a good or a bad one; same as a lot of fans and customers. It is not realy possible to ask directly, but I think to confirm these "totally accidently leaked"(?) infos are something like: Let's totally accidently leaked check the reaction - or: "Indirectly ask the fans/customers". And this again means: A lot of key aspects might change; depends on the collected reactions ... and of course the given ones from "us".

    3rd: Assassin's Creed already tried to go a bit more into the multiplayer direction with Assassin's Creed Unity. Not a bad game (now), but I personally don't think that the multiplayer aspect is an important aspect. It doesn't played a big role ... or a bit harder said: Maybe: The game could have been better without a few of these (more annoying) multiplayer details (like forced coop-missions). Let the players choose if they want play alone or not. Don't sell one group the "half game". Plus:
    Assassin's Creed Origins (2017), Assassin's Creed Odyssey (2018), Assassin's Creed Valhalla (2020 - still supported) - all these games are mainly focussed in single-player (!) campaigns, missions and other aspects like secrets, exploration and so on.
    It would be a bad idea to discard this key aspect. Also this won't fit into the RPG-game-like style/direction in which Assassin's Creed moved with the last titles successfully. But - probably rightly - not without controversy.
    --> Single-player: Yes: This also includes playing the games offline (!).

    For me and a lot of people I know who play Ubisoft's games (mostly Assassin's Creed and Far Cry) it is an important psychological aspect to be able to play these games offline and alone [... after a hard work day full of annoying people 😉 ]

    It also means: Have time for yourself (and forget time and pressure) ... ... the subjective deadline of an finite world, because the serves will be shut down in a bunch of years (--> and the game won't be playable anymore), won't be good at all. A 2nd main argument to make these games playable offline (!).
    --> So, as long as it is something like a hub, in which you can (also) download the games you bought; and also play them for yourself (if you want), I am alright with the idea.

    4th: The unconfirmed rumor that this game or hub will be "super expensive" is ... well as said: just a unconfirmed and maybe political charged rumor.
    Ubisoft has not the cheapest games, but (after Assassin's Creed 2) they use fair prices ... mostly.
    I am not a fan of microtransactions - but I am one who didn't hate them either; as long as they are not misused (!). If a game looks cool and you don't need to buy stuff or unlock critical missions with a lot of your money, I am okay with it.

    I already spend a lot of money in Assassin's Creed Valhalla on things that no one would see - except myself. No one forced me ... otherwise, I wouldn't have done it!
    But - yeah - I like it to have these (senseless) decorations :), because I like the game and the style ... plus: If my money flows into other great games, that won't be sold overpriced (!) because I buy expensive (and not very useful) things for the game before; and more people can play these new games - why not?!

    --> I guess in Assassin's Creed Infinity, it would be similar to the fact like it is now: The main game(s) will be not cheap, but not overpriced. Other things, like "skins", weapons or "decoration" will be there and it will cost more. But you are not forced to buy one item, pack, or even all items. (... a lot of don't need, but they will. Why not?! 🙂 )

    So, these were my words to this rumored aspect without rating something that isn't existing. 😉

    5th: The chance to add new games/ game parts into Assassin's Creed Infinity/ the Assassin's Creed Infinity 'Hub' is a chance also to add smaller - maybe also more experimental or also more classic (stealth gameplay (!)) titles/ game parts. Which is a good thing, or not?

    6th: I just have the whish: Plan a start and plan an end for the Game/ Game Hub, Ubisoft.
    Even if the title is just for the new console generation: Technology and the society (customers) change fast. (I think you know better than I do.)
    ==> And: The chances to deliver a game to someone who never played an Assassin's Creed game decline as longer as Assassin's Creed Infinty is out.
    E. g.: In the 4th year of Assassin's Creed Infinity the super cool SpinOff that is now aviable in/for Assassin's Creed Infinity wouldn't reach people who don't use Assassin's Creed Infinity but would like and buy that new super cool SpinOff.
    >> Why should they buy (even if it is for free) or join the Assassin's Creed Infinity 'Hub'? It is big, it looks complicated ... and they don't have other games of that franchise, they don't know the lore and and and ... << Many people like it simple, even if they themselves are complicated. (low-threshold access)
    --> The range of a (for example) SpinOff is limited to more "core fans/customers" and this might create untapped chances to get new people/player/customers into the franchise.
    It would be an "in"- and "out"side of Assassin's Creed Infinity. And: Why should people come "in" after 3, 4, 5 or even 6 years? (After the big hype is gone?)

    So, Ubisoft: No pressure, no stress, everything nicely relaxing ... but do not disappoint us (!). 😜

  • katzenkrimis71
    233 posts

    Quebec will take charge of the franchise.


    Well, that's bad news right there.

    But, as far as the live service goes, I spent many years playing live service games. It sounds like they are trying to revive the old days of Lotro, or copy the GTA model, since that game made more money than any video game or movie ever. GTA is crap and it still sold more than 20 million copies in 2020, which is the most since its launch in 2013.

    Complete insanity.

    Developers only go where the money is, so I'm not surprised that they want us to fork out cash every couple of months. Problem is, gamers that have already experienced scams like these won't be interested, no matter the title. You'll get your typical Elder Scrolls Online type of gamers, but it'll end there.

    I'm not going to be interested in a servitude game. I don't even think the younger generation will be interested. Considering mobiles make more money than both PC and console, it sounds like Ubisoft is barking up the wrong tree. Valhalla made big money. They should just stick with what is working and not stir the pot. Otherwise, they'll end up with a s--- stew.

  • pesto.
    Original poster 366 posts

    For a GTA online it’s all about the foundation. GTA V is a very good game to build from, lots of mechanics, open world with repeatable content and subgames, semi-complex mission structure elements with heists and a full cast of interesting characters.

    Really AC Odyssey would have been the best preexisting option to build an AC online out of IMO, but I guess it would require a complete rebuild to get it working in an online situation and why go and retread the past for that sort of investment?

    There’s nothing really to go on yet. Though if they do go through with many maps I really hope that they can keep the quality up on each and not be like the sub and DLC maps of the games thus far which don’t feel very alive.

  • EyesOfFate
    190 posts

    I think it is also because of safety from hacking and cheating. When you are cheating in online service game, you are simple banned... So I think there will be more strictly rules against cheating. And players will not be allowed to use cheat engine for example. I do not have problem with that, but Ubisoft could make smarter shoping from Helix store in online service game. Because, in others AC when I just stop playing, I uninstalled the game, the Helix item does not have meaning more for me, so at least we could be able to sell Helix items which we do not need any more to another players for Helix credits or for some resource like opals or orichalcum ore, we should be able to have choice for that (Helix credit or rare material)... It would be better, like when I stop play the game, I would be able to sell my Helix item to another player which maybe just buy the game, it would be an awesome...

  • PhilyG213
    86 posts

    @pesto sounds cool actually

  • Jakeypoo12345
    29 posts

    @pesto Idk... gta 5 online has become stale over time, nobody wants to play on the same game engine forever thats my biggest problem in spite of the updates, which i do play only because my friend plays with me and we have nothing better to do. Trust me its not because we think gta 5 is the greatest game ever its because we wanna see if rockstar is giving us something worth our time, instead of repainted reskinned crap. The only real way for this to work is if u can fundementally change the way the game plays for each new game experience or u give us something that feels authentic. for example i was told there was no way to add the mercenary/crime system into ac valhalla because it would be completely change the game engine and coding or whatever, but if implimented to give us something to do. (yes i liked odyssey) This is a fear for ac infinity because what if it does suck?? Nobody wants to be stuck with an assassins creed game that missed the mark with no hope that a better ac game will come out and be better, No i dont believe ac infinity is a wise move unless ubisoft is planning on adding additional titles along side updates.

  • xrayspex_73
    170 posts

    This completely kills the franchise for me. I hate always online live service games. You will just be renting the game until they decide to kill off the servers. I really hate Ubisoft right now.

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