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  • hydrogenmissle
    25 posts

    @c-pick really?? gta5s story was the worst in the whole franchise IMO.. online is where that game shines

  • hydrogenmissle
    25 posts

    @pesto IDK yet because i did have this crazy idea myself where a bunch of moders would take ac 4 and add rogues map and ac 3s map and unitys map and syndicates map fill in all of the gaps in between and add this super world to play in. Im thinking this is going to be differant, they mentioned it taking place in differant time periods... uhhh im confused as to what they mean or even how they plan on pulling it off and being good.

    sooooo idk we'll see..

    I do hope tho if they cant pull it off successfully that they go ahead and continue making their single player games as normal because that would be even better

  • inxcognito
    61 posts

    @pesto I'm super excited for Infinity and I really hope there will be multiplayer. Just imagine running around in a huge open world completing missions and assassinating targets with your friends or other random people that are on the server. Even having missions to assassinate eachother and fight eachother would be amazing! Really can't wait to see how it turns out! Kinda getting bored of the same single player experience ever since the first game came out, played all of them. But I do wish for one more single player game before Infinity, set in China

  • password1234xxx
    27 posts
    Live service online = no offline = DRM just for DRM's sake = Game will die when the servers one day go offline.

    No thank you.

    "Live service" does not necessarily mean that you have to be always online; nor does it mean that it is a synonym for MMO [ = massive multiplayer online [game]].
    Assassin's Creed Valhalla is partial already a live service online game already. (Like the festivals ... which I personally don't care and don't realy like. But also with the new items and DLCs, that are only accessible online.)

    In the last weeks I played AC I on my 360 ... the emulator on the XBSeriesX crashed all the time. Now I play AC II (Ezio's Collection).
    For me, I play mostly to calm down and relax. And as far as I know, it isn't just me.
    I guess, the most helix packs were sold to ppl like us ... single players who spend a lot of money into DLC.stuff which no one exept themselves will see 😛

    Every game resp. franchise but also each company has different target groups ... I am sure Ubisoft knows this and will take care about these aspects.

    ... well, if not: I am 100% with your post. 😉

  • B00MSIE
    402 posts

    My thoughts on Infinity:

    🤔 😩😢😭😡🤬

  • Jakeypoo12345
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    @longjohn119 ubisoft is ruined if they go through with this

  • dakxx877
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    I dont like it,they will turn it in like Division!Why,this was singleplayer game and one of the best!Why can you keep it like it was!When the servers are down you cant play,when i dont have internet i cant play,when you shut down servers i cant play!What is the point whit that!I dont want to buy cosmetics you put in store,dont want fo team up whit other to play the game,just leave it like it was before!Stop trying to milk players like EA is trying!Dont be soo greed!

  • JCar4327
    705 posts

    @inxcognito I really hope there is no multiplayer, or at least nothing that forces players into multiplayer. I'm not sure I would appreciate them turning the franchise into an MMO either. Now if they do something similar to Far Cry where you can do two player co-op if you want to would be fine, but anything over that would suck IMO. I, like several others I have seen post, prefer the single player aspect of AC.

    Otherwise, I am hoping what they put out is a game where the modern-day character uses the animus as a hub to hop in and out of multiple characters in the AC universe. I think it would be really cool to hop into Altair again for an adventure, then maybe into a new character in another time, and then maybe over to Ezio for a mission or two, and so on.

  • pesto.
    Original poster 366 posts

    Ubi will need to fix their very broken MP from Far Cry 6, it creates so many glitches there. Far cry being janky isn’t the end of the world as it fits the aesthetic, but AC needs to not be another Unity, MP must be silky smooth if they add it.

    They would also need to make it feel right, i.e. if one person alerts guards then they shouldn’t magically know where all players are, just the last location of the one that alerted them. Otherwise I can see that getting very old, you need to be able to work as a team maybe even having one person draw out enemies, or creating a distraction. And in that situation it has to go back to not having a cap on how many enemies will attack simultaneously, forcing mechanics back into the game, the player creating a distraction would have to book it and have a great chase while the others are trying to complete other parts or help them escape.

    I’d also want to see suitably swashbuckling finishers and takedowns in fights involving more than one player, tag teaming is an important piece of visual flair in all the reference movies.

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