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  • Joselfie
    3 posts

    @ubiwan I know I'm not the original poster, but I just came across this issue and wanted to respond with the information you asked for. I had switched my key bindings for Aim/Ranged Abilities, originally right-click, and Left Hand Action, originally Q. Those were the only changes I had made to my key bindings. I was able to fish properly after switching the controls back to the defaults, but I was not able to use Q to fish while I was using my preferred key bindings..

  • horatiu.c
    3 posts

    @Ubi-Baron How comes this issue is of such low priority for the team? From the game's launch date... and it still occurs today, after update 1.1.1.
    Every time before fishing I have to go and change my Left Hand Action from Right Mouse Button to something else, then I can fish, then I have to go to controls and change it back to RMB. This can't possibly be too hard to fix... 🙄

  • JobuuRumdrinker
    17 posts
  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 448 posts

    @jobuurumdrinker Hello there! My apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused. Are you able to provide screenshots of your controller settings showing what fishing, attack, and block are mapped to? I'd like to include this in my report. Thank you!

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  • Spider_VL
    8 posts

    @ubiwan - exactly the same - as soon you rebind your left hand action to right mouse button - you can not fish. All the time and tons of forum entries about that (myself posted that on first week after release). If you rebind back you can fish fine, but that means 2 x rebind each time you stop to catch a fish "on your way". I have not completed a single fishing task due to this annoyance and some mysteries offerings as well were deserted as they required fish!
    Cant we just "finally" get a new bind option for "fishing rod AIM" key at least? im sure its probably easier for every one to use 10th mouse button or "?" key than rebinding right mouse key each time they want to fish.

  • JobuuRumdrinker
    17 posts


    All I did was swap LT and LB (block and bow). Pressing LT now just blocks with lure equipped. Pressing LB does nothing.


  • UbiKoality
    Community Manager 448 posts

    @jobuurumdrinker Thank you so much for these images! I just reported this to the team using the information you've provided thus far. I genuinely appreciate your help here! Moving forward, I'm not able to speculate on when this will definitively be addressed as I do not have control over updates or patches. However, I would strongly suggest keeping an eye on our Reported Issue Megathread and our Known Issues List for new information about this issue as it becomes available. Thank you so much for your continued patience in the meantime!

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  • RayMcGirk100
    19 posts

    I appreciate the new river raids content. Now if Ubi could add new game + and fix the fishing, this game would be on point. I'd be content waiting for the DLC.

  • rob061295
    1 posts

    In the customize controls options, changing the AIM button doesnt change the AIM whilst fishing. this causes an issue now whenever I try to aim while fishing I end up just pulling out my shield and blocking. so if ever I want to fish I need to set the aim control back to default cause thats the only way it recognizes AIM while fishing. Whatever I set my bow AIM button to be should automatically translate to my fishing aim button.

    Please fix as I'm sure many people like myself prefer to have right click for blocking and their extra mouse button for aiming.

  • JobuuRumdrinker
    17 posts

    @raymcgirk100 I did a lot of fishing yesterday and didn't see any issues

  • simonmtl
    1 posts

    When I try to fish, it tells me to right click to aim, but if I right click it pulls up my shield (which is what I have equipped in my left hand). If I try to use Mouse Button 4 which is bound to aim, it doesn't do anything. It seems that as long I want to rebind the aim key, I am not able to fish.

  • YazX_
    185 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • SanjianUK
    3 posts

    i have seen on the forum this has been mentioned and in november it was replyed with a passing it on to the developers, 5 months ago.

    even after patch 1.1.2 this STILL hasent been fixed and as a PC user using custom keybinds it is IMPOSSIBLE to do the fishing activity.

    Can we get some information on when this pretty annoying bug will be addressed?

    EDIT: its really easy to reproduce, rebind your righ mouse key to ANY other action and then try fishing

    2nd EDIT: this issue isnt listed in EITHER the megathread or the known issues.

  • SanjianUK
    3 posts

    BUMP - 10 character limit

  • horatiu.c
    3 posts

    @jobuurumdrinker It's a key binding issue. I have my left hand action set to the same mouse button as aim line (RMB), and instead of aiming the fishing line I keep doing the left hand action. If I rebind it to something else, then I can fish.
    aaaand yes, the issue still wasn't fixed. It still occurs in v1.2.0 😞

  • SanjianUK
    3 posts

    still nothing on this fishing BREAKING bug

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3668 posts

    @sanjianuk Apologies for the late response.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are still experiencing this issue, it is showing as fixed with update 1.1.2.

    Can you please ensure you have the latest update installed. If you do could you provide a screenshot of your custom controls and I will pass this feedback onto the dev team to investigate further.

    Official Response
  • IronSoul27
    6 posts

    Okay, posted this in the last boards. Made a report and sent it in...yet here we go again. Attack key is bound to right mouse button, block to left. So of course every time I select the fishing line and aim or cast it automatically attacks/blocks. Is there a way short of buying a controller (only fix I've found so far) to actually do this? The only way I can fish is to shoot everything with an arrow and hopefully be able to retrieve it. Even then it doesn't help with the side quests that require you to fish (cleaned out the pond for the little girl shooting EVERY fish with an arrow) and still can't complete it. I can't be the only one who's having this issue.

  • Garbo3
    778 posts

    @ironsoul27 I had an issue with fishing every time I went fishing my controller went nuts and Eivor did Jump of the valkiries. Researching on Internet found out that one button of the controller was overriding the rest. Bought new controller..Fixed.
    After buying new controller I shook and hit the faulty one against the bed few times and is back to normal. Logic told me must be the X button as you smash it a lot when fishing specially big fishes.
    Now I am using again old one as new one is too sensitive and was used to previous. I even been fishing a lot since update and not problem.
    Maybe you got a button stuck.
    Search on Internet there's a way to find out if this is the case if you have a pc . I don't have so I guessed it was the X cause everytime went fishing as soon as pressed x to recover fish lost control of eivor and finally couldn't event start the game or select stuff on netflix. It works out of applications or games if a button is stuck but it doesn't ingame.
    So after buying the new one I used the second solution they suggest to fix a stuck button with the faulty one..Brutal force. 1st solution is opening controller and do it manually but am not skilled to do such a thing.


  • Jedlosson
    5 posts

    Many people still have the same issue.
    No, this bus is NOT fixed.
    No, it has never been fixed in the past.
    Yes, the bug still persists.

    It has been reported so many times...
    https://devtrackers.gg/ac-valhalla/p/439bf4ca-ac-valhalla-fishing-doesn-t-work-when-rebinding-keyboard-mouse-controls: (https://devtrackers.gg/ac-valhalla/p/439bf4ca-ac-valhalla-fishing-doesn-t-work-when-rebinding-keyboard-mouse-controls)

    If player uses custom keymapping, the controls for fishing gets bugged.
    Instead of casting or aiming the fishing line, the player character swings weapons or blocks.

    This bug persists since game launch and still has not been fixed.
    This bug breaks many world quests.

    Game: AC Valhalla
    Platform: PC
    Occurrence/repeatability of the bug: 100%

    Best regards,

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