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  • Hazard.Headshot
    10 posts

    @dagrommit funny thing u mention KD because the only people scared of dying are the rogue police for if they werent they would just flag fight? but they dont, people legit get on this game and stand around for 10-30 mins with their shlong in their hand, imagine coming on a game just to stand around and wait for someone like me to flag up because they are terrified they might die, then imagine beig you trying to impose that IM the one who would be scared to die because of a silly ratio hahaahah, then imagine being dipping out of the convo because u cant handle the truth, just because ur a casual it doesnt mean that its not ok to not be.

    If you were good and had free time you would be a sweat like me. Other games dont have VoIP like this one does.

  • DadKev
    6 posts

    If they are running something that isn't going to get the job done, then I or others can suggest they change it. If they can't put on something that is doing at least 50 chc and 150 chd for the dps roles, then they will likely be a drag on everyone else and may cause wipes. I've seen plenty of ridiculous builds people try to use for raids.

  • RichardOshea
    167 posts

    DadKev wrote: "If they can't put on something that is doing at least 50 chc and 150 chd for the dps roles, then they will likely be a drag on everyone else and may cause wipes."

    100% BS.

  • SuicideHero793
    24 posts

    If you're grouped with others, you best not be running an underperforming build. I'll understand if you're trolling, but say so. No one wants to feel as if they're breaking their back to carry you. Pick up your weight.

  • Adrian-11
    897 posts


    I'm more than happy to carry anyone, if I can and if they are not jerks.
    I also share all gear if they are lower level.

  • RichardOshea
    167 posts

    @suicidehero793 Yeah, you can face roll heroic with gear in the 70% optimisation range. You ain't carrying anyone I'm afraid. If I asked you to define "Underperforming" could you?

  • Merphee
    107 posts

    Wasn't the ability to inspect agents helpful in spotting those who were using the damage glitch?

    Generally speaking, inspecting can be used when things don't seem to add up.

  • SuicideHero793
    24 posts

    Inspecting is all around a good thing. This person in your group just dominating? See what they got, and copy pasta or tweak it for your style/needs. Someone asking why their build isnt work? Inspect them and let them know. Damage Glitch? Already said. Wondering why a teammate is just well... you know. Well now you know. If you're getting gripe about your build, there may be a reason. Its helpful advice, not a slap on the wrist. Dont take it so hard.

  • RaciaIAdhesive-
    376 posts

    Agree 100%. Players should be able to hide / redact their loadout at least in the DZ. Too many times players will run up to me, look at my build and switch their build right in front of me to counter mine, then go rogue.

  • Merphee
    107 posts


    That's basically counter picking. In the realm of competitive games, especially fighting games, it's a common practice. Even in online Pokemon, a game whose target audience is the age of 10.

    The DZ / PVP is a competitive environment, so expect such behavior to happen.

  • HonestlyOK1986
    199 posts

    @sevennvd exactly this. It was massively called out from all corners of the player base in TD1 as you may play with a great pve player who was very effective and you'd like a sneak peak at what they were wearing, which is especially effective when the other person doesnt speak the same language so you couldnt ask.

    Both rogues and shd agents wanted to see each others builds to see what the crack was with the builds. Its not an issue in pvp in td2 having spent a lot of time in there and 23'000 player kills. Its good to see what people run and how you can see others in your team without mics what they are wearing so you can adjust your build to compliment.

    I cant see any cons to it, it has nothing but pros. Just ignore people if you dont want build help. If you're bothered about seeing peoples builds then do yourself a favour and dont go on youtube.

  • ModalThread611
    148 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • RaciaIAdhesive-
    376 posts

    @merphee Players should still have the option to hide their build from others.

  • OSeemzLegitO
    7 posts

    @burtmaclin-fbi why? I love getting pointers from better players. Nothing wrong with it at all. Seems you just dont like being told what to do.

  • KG37642021
    1 posts

    @oseemzlegito I know I don't like to be told what to do. I do the telling. Someone the presumes someone else is a better player without knowing them is probably someone that cannot play at all and likes to simp for the cool kids and does not realize how cringy and disgusting this looks. 😄 🙂

  • hiattfamily
    4 posts

    I think it's a great feature. I use it a lot on calls for help to equip myself in a way that actually helps them. If they have low health/armor I'll put on a healer setup. Low damage, I'll use DPS or status. They like to rush and die? Reviver hive.

  • apsingh1
    45 posts

    This is just a game. You are not going to die in real if someone cpopies your loudout. So concentrate on enjoying your game, otherwise move to MMO's for recognition.

  • RaciaIAdhesive-
    376 posts

    @apsingh1 Okay. First of all, it's not just a game, it's an _~-*experince*-~_

    Second, I understand players want to be able to look at other players builds, but I am suggesting there should be the option to hide/redact build info in the DZ if a player wishes to do so.

  • Skys01_
    8 posts
    This post is deleted!

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