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  • VampireKitty109
    1 posts

    I am also having this issue on PC. My settings are the same as the other player and I haven't heard any music yet and my request for songs from my crew is ignored. How rude!

    I have found reddit posts complaining of the same issue.

  • i7kX_HoeNiR
    3 posts

    @vampirekitty109 I'm playing on Xbox Series S and I have this problem where no music plays in game at all. Only menu music plays and that's it. As of right now I'm at aprox. 20h game (all after v1.0.4) and no more than 5 minutes of music even tho my settings in Music Frequency is at High... it's totally kills the vibe.

    Also, yes, Reddit has a post with 2600+ upvotes from a week ago (and others with the same subject but less interactions) bringing this issue up but it isn't even listed to the Known Issues thread in the forums.

  • CzarliONpl
    2 posts

    Hello Ubi! Any solution? Or you gonna leave us with this problem?

  • PlainBlack
    1 posts

    Had this problem on the Xbox Series X as well. Fixed it by changing the Graphics Mode to Quality. Not sure if that was the thing that did it, or just that the game fully reloaded when I changed the setting. I would try both if you’re experiencing this issue.

  • i7kX_HoeNiR
    3 posts

    I did try a lot of different things so I'm not sure what did the job, but I'm playing at Performance Mode with music on High and after "turning the game off and on again" ambient music now plays. I'm currently in England, maybe Norway is bugged and if you doesn't fully turn off the game - since Xbox has Quick Resume which keeps the game running on background when you turn the console off - it will keep silent.

  • jesusalfn
    3 posts

    @ubi-raziel I too have the same issue. Raida were fun with music. Just without it it is not as fun. Has there been a fix yet? Playing in xbox x series.

  • raVageZA
    3 posts

    I experience this issue as well.

    • Music will get stuck in a continuous loop - have to exit to the main menu to reset it
    • Fight scene music and other encounter specific music doesn't play anymore, the Zealot encounters is a good example
    • Content specific music is not loading in when it should

    It really detracts from the game. Music makes a big part of the encounters and gameplay immersion.

    A fix would be welcome Ubisoft! Such a great game in any case! 🙂 Really love it.

    6 posts

    @surgebinder same here no background music (I listened to the ost on Spotify and its great but in game I didn't hear 1 song).
    I have the game set on high for audio and still nothing.

  • Ubi-Raziel
    Ubisoft Support Staff 197 posts

    Hello again everyone!

    I'm very sorry for not returning to you sooner. Our discussions are very busy currently and we're working hard to reply to everyone.

    At first I thought this issue to be specific to Xbox, however it seems some of you are also on PS4 and PC.

    Our team has not experienced this at all in a testing environment therefore it's difficult to find the source of the issue. Would anyone be able to provide a short video showing both their in-game audio settings and the issue itself?

    Thank you very much!

    Official Response
  • thatwiseguy195
    3 posts

    What would the video require? Would it need the settings shown that have the setting for exploring on high and then showing no music? I’m not sure how to show the lack of music. It’s currently just silent through the out the whole game as if someone turned off the music other than combat. I appreciate you getting back to this thread was worrying it was going unnoticed.

    6 posts


    You can find the link to a short video with the audio settings and the lack of music below. In the menu and at the end in the loading screen the game has music but during gameplay it doesn't. I don't know if the game is designed to be like that but it feels empty without background music.
    I hope a fix will come soon for a better experience.


    6 posts


    Also find link with fight during quest with no background music. Same settings as in the previews video.


  • Kusna24
    3 posts

    Hello, I have the same problem, have you any solution? I´m playing on PC, just for record.

  • thatwiseguy195
    3 posts

    Hey guys so I think perhaps I may have found out what it could be? I recently started a whole new play through but more to take my time and enjoy the scenery and game overall. While doing this. I notice by not fast traveling the games music was MUCH more frequent as maybe it’s able to register going into a different region? I’m not sure it’s the only theory I could throw is maybe it’s fast travel bug. Or maybe my previous character had a corrupt save somewhere that altered the music?

  • Coldy1983
    1 posts

    Hi, has this issue been resolved with a fix? I'm on XSX and cannot get my crew to sing. Also wondering what other audio / music I'm missing out on??

  • jmalkin177
    28 posts

    @silvahound7 I'd also like to note a related bug, sometimes the track "The Guardian" will loop it's first part of form endlessly unless the game returns to title screen.

  • ftbscreamer
    3 posts

    Sometimes up to 45min can go buy without any exploration music. Music frequency is set to HIGH but makes no difference. Is this as intended?

    I'm on PC, Windows 10 2004 update. The only music I will hear is the combat music but as soon as that dies down mostly silence again. Even the music that use to ALWAYS play back at the settlement is gone most of the time.

  • CynicNerd
    1 posts

    Same problem on PS5. It just happened to me recently, maybe two days ago.

  • papboy2014
    4 posts

    @ubi-raziel when is the next patch/update due? Whilst AC is my favourite game series and I’m loving Valhalla; it is the buggiest game I’ve ever played - so frustrating. Needs so many fixes before can really enjoy
    it without getting annoyed by its clunkiness! Please let us know!

    6 posts
    This post is deleted!

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