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  • Umichama
    1 posts

    I've got the same issue, fishing line is always unavailable. I was able to fish with Tarben, but that was before I built the fishing hut.

  • Kylacasper
    4 posts

    It seems like the only "fix" to the unable to fish solution is to start a new playthrough, and when you get to the point where you can unlock the fishing hut, UNLOCK IT IMMEDIATELY. Before building the bakery, barracks, or pursuing Tarben, unlock the fishing hut.

    Thing is people have already invested 60+ hours into their game, reached higher than level 100 and made a lot of progress, so starting a new game so Eivor can fish makes ZERO sense. We shouldn't have to do that.

  • princeromeo2012
    9 posts

    Have started a new game a while ago (create a new save file for this playthrough).

    The fishing works on this game save!

    When reaching Eivor's new home and after some first raiding..

    Avoid speaking to Tarben and not building his hut.

    • Building the blacksmith's home first;
    • Building the shop at the settlement second;
    • manual save just in case;
    • Talked to the kid at the fishing store before upgrading the fishing hut;
    • Raided a second monastery afterwards for more supplies;
    • manual save before upgrading the fishing hut;
    • Build the fishing hut!;

    The fishing line works! 😊

    Note: Did some side missions and gathering wealth around Ravensthorpe while on the way getting to the monasteries for the building materials.

    Enjoying the game for a second time.. 😴

    Happy Valhalling @ Everyone

  • wojciechg90
    13 posts

    I thought so it's connected in some way with Tarben.

    But after 130+ hours in game I'm not interested to start game again from the very beggining 😞 Too much time invested in this.
    It should be fixed by some patch.

  • shelby0116
    1 posts

    I am having the same issue. No matter where I try to fish, it doesn't work. I am trying to do the fishing lesson world event and can't even do it. I have 66+ hours in this game and if there's a main quest that involves fishing, I won't be able to get past it if it doesn't work. This was reported a long time ago. There's no reason it shouldn't be fixed by now. I play on PC, so it seems to be an issue on all platforms. Definitely not restarting my game at this point, so I guess no point in buying dawn of ragnarok if I can't even do any fishing in missions.

  • tonyli0329
    3 posts

    Same issue for me. I was able to do the fishing quest with Tarben before I built the fishing hut, and after building the hut, I am not able the fish. The Fishing Line option shows " Not currently available".

  • judostar25
    5 posts

    Can confirm that this is still an issue. I had no idea that talking to Tarben and doing his personal fishing quest would cause this issue. I tried to do a workaround of starting a relationship with him and doing fishing again after building the fishing hut and that just caused more issues. Your action wheel becomes unavailable making it so that you can't fish with him. The issue is that the game then locks you into fishing with him forever since you need to catch some fish and you can't just simply walk away. Luckily, I saved before trying what I theorized as a workaround and just reloaded after it didn't work. I'm not huge on fishing in games but it is annoying that there is a fishing world event in Oxenfordshire that you can't complete because it requires you to fish. It's also slightly annoying just seeing that my fishing line is "Not Currently Available" despite me being right next to water.

    My guess for what's causing the bug is that the game might be stuck in a loop. The Tarben quest gives you a fishing line and the option to cast it in the quick action menu if you don't have the fishing hut. Then it takes all that away from you after you finish his personal quest. Then, when building the fishing hut, it gives you back the quick action menu option and the fishing line. This is probably when the game starts getting stuck in a loop. The game is giving you the option back but might still think that you don't have access to fishing yet. If it's not that, then my other guess would be that doing the Tarben personal quest and then building the fishing hut gives you duplicates which causes the game to get confused since you're only supposed to have one fishing line. The only way I'd know that for sure is if I had some sort of inventory editor that would show me how many I have of each item.

    Anyway, it's a bug that I'm just going to have to deal with until they fix it. There's no way that I'm going to lose a ton of progress by reloading a save from 10 hours before (I still don't understand only being able to have 20 saves) or restarting my game after I've invested over 50 hours into it.

  • Ubi-Mushy
    Ubisoft Support Staff 814 posts

    Hi all, apologies for the wait with this issue. I completely understand your frustration, but I can confirm the team is looking into the matter.

    I've gone ahead and compiled the information shared in this thread and reached out to the team for an update. Please do keep an eye on this forum for news on a fix.

    Official Response
  • judostar25
    5 posts

    @ubi-mushy Thank you

  • azullFR
    2235 posts

    the worst thing is that there is great chances you won't be able to progress in the main story because of this bug (at a moment you will have to use your fishing line during a main quest ... it as already been reported by several players monts ago ... ) 😞

  • Fix-thefishin
    1 posts
    the worst thing is that there is great chances you won't be able to progress in the main story because of this bug (at a moment you will have to use your fishing line during a main quest ... it as already been reported by several players monts ago ... ) 😞

    The thing though, this has been an issue theyve been told about since the beginning of last year, multiple complaints about this fishing line and all they can give you is "sorry...fix it yourself maybe?" "Save manually so you have a backup when our game [censored] you over"
    Its sad that i cant 100% this game ive enjoyed up till this point, would you flipping fix your game ubisoft?! im not reseting my save and starting again you can jog right on.

  • judostar25
    5 posts

    @azullfr Which quests require you to use a fishing line? The only main quest that I know that involves fishing is Coelbert's and you can just shoot the eels with a bow and arrow.

    EDIT: I messed up the name. It's Coelbert not Oswald

  • azullFR
    2235 posts


    From what I remember it's a quest (that I still haven't done, for me it's far later in the game, I don't remember the quest name I saw in a post) :

  • judostar25
    5 posts

    @azullfr my mistake, it's Ceolbert that you catch eels with. I managed to finish it by shooting them with a bow and arrow. It would have been easier with a fishing line but its still do-able with a bow.

  • azullFR
    2235 posts

    well, it's a good thing that the fishing line is not needed (unlike it was told in the post I saw, maybe Ubi made a change about this requirement or maybe some people didn't knew that) 👍

  • amelmuzz
    4 posts

    Well I can confirm that I went fishing with Tarben before I built the fishing hut and I believe that is where the problem lies within the code of the game that is effecting all platforms.
    There's definitely parts of the story where fishing is required and others have said a better solution is for ubisoft to fix the glitch than people who have invested a lot of gameplay time restart their games avoiding Tarbens fishing time and building the fishing hut first. Surely there would be a way of fixing it even if I could buy a fishing rod or line in the game to bypass said glitch would help
    Looking across the Internet it seems to be effecting a lot of players
    My game saves are in the cloud if you can help ubisoft?

  • DareYo87
    10 posts

    Apparently issues still persist.

    I’m in my 72 hours gameplay and the fishing line is still unavailable. Whenever I try to use it it says fishing line currently unavailable.

    And the fishing hat was actually the last one that I built. And previously I was able to fish with Torbin during the mission.

    I wasn’t actually using fishing line, until the mission where I need to for Fishing Poem, and it’s frustrating when you’re compulsive collector.

    Guys add the fishing line that can be purchased later in the game.


  • EvanstonWitnes
    1 posts

    @thedaka I've got the same issue too

  • AnimusAntonius
    1 posts

    Hello, I've achieved

    93% completion progress and
    logged over 200 hours of gameplay

    (I use this game to escape from stress, and I'm very stressed) and

    I still cannot use the fishing line.

    What does 93% completion mean? I have collected all of the artifacts, wealth, gear, and completed pretty much every mystery/world event in every region listed in the Atlas.
    I'm going to come back here at 99% completion and check if I can finally complete the world event at the pond in Oxenfordscire with a working fishing line command. I've made it through 93% of this game killing fish with a bow & arrow. It'd be pretty disappointing if the only workaround to this fatal coding error involves me reverting to an old save file just so that I can 100% this game, but that's just the way it is.

    AT THE VERY LEAST, you could give us an ironic 99% completion tattoo, or a nuclear fishing rod as a legendary weapon.

  • wojciechg90
    13 posts

    @AnimusAntonius haha 😄 don't be so stressed.

    I'm in similar situation. I have 170+h in game and 10 orlog players left to beat to have same situation as you 🙂

    Happily Siege of Paris and Wrath of the Druids do not demand fishing line to achive 100% 🙂

    Idea with ironic 99% completion tattoo, or a nuclear fishing rod as a legendary weapon is great 😄

    I will buy Dawn of Ragnarok only when fishing line will be fixed.

    EDIT: Done, what I can. 😞

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