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  • POP_King_Delica
    14 posts

    I don't even know where to start. As mentioned above I have to log in repeatedly every time I come to the forum. I need to refresh the page EVERY time I click on a different link to get the List view to work .... EVERY time . The Navigation is horrendously cluttered and confusing. There is no really direction or flow as to where threads or responses are. There is soooooo much white space for no apparent reason. The forum reloads itself 3 or 4 times whenever I open it.

    The navigation "tiles" at the top are beyond terrible. Why hide primary links off screen or behind "click here" arrows. The new forum is so cumbersome and unwieldy to use. At least with the old one the navigation made sense and the layout was readable. Beyond that it is just plain hard to workout what I am looking at 90% of the time.

    I would suggest aligning the presentation and layout closer to the old forum.

  • LateNiteDelight
    31 posts

    @xcel30 I get this most of the time: "horrible to type in mobile as the keyboard covers the whole text"

    Sometimes it works correctly, but rarely 😑 Android Chrome [Pixel 3]

  • dagrommit
    101 posts

    Additional Suggestion - remove Suggested topics from the bottom of threads. They add no value as they are often from a completely different game. This may also help with performance as there won't be a need to generate the suggested list every time a thread is loaded.

  • xcel30
    52 posts

    @dagrommit Pretty sure since it's using AC valhalla as a base it ends up connecting to that forum by mistake, unless there's some secret "Odin" armor set here in division 2 that i haven't heard about

  • DopeScopeNova
    1 posts

    @ubi-lucipus Hi, I have a great suggestion today.. Not only was it hard enough actually getting to this forum to suggest this probably to no avail, but it's even harder to find a match with players that actually pull their weight in the game. This "Skill-based matchmaking" either doesn't exist or is broken, badly. I'm either in a game with players who are so good that I can go AFK without worrying about dying or I'm in a game with players who run around corners without even aiming down their sights, and die virtually immediately when rushed, leaving me at a 1v5. Anyhow, back to the original point, this is coming from a player who's been loyal to the game since the release.. you guys butchered my boy Tachanka and you need to fix the skill-based matchmaking and servers. Kind Regards, have a great night/day.

  • xcel30
    52 posts

    Man these forums are really confusing if someone wanting to complain about siege ended up here in the new forums

  • dagrommit
    101 posts

    @xcel30 for me, it seems to pull a mix of threads from both Valhalla and Division forums. Right now, there are two from Valhalla, and one from Div 2 attached to this thread, but it varies. I suspect whatever plugin they're using doesn't/cannot filter on a specific game. The lost soul from the Siege section is further evidence of this.

  • POP_King_Delica
    14 posts

    @xcel30 ... I get that weirdness too ... AC Valhalla appears in between link clicks and page refreshes. It flashes up briefly then disappears. Occasionally the landing page for Division 2 forum will be AC Valhalla for me as well.

  • dagrommit
    101 posts
    Bug: Need to login daily

    I had an active login on the old forums that seemed to work when the forum switch happened. However, I've had to login again every day since. Simply visiting the old forum removed the need to do this, though I would occasionally (less than once a week) be shown a prompt to confirm I am dagrommit.

    I have since cleared all ubisoft cookies and logged in again. We'll see if it sticks this time.

    To follow up on this, I had to login again this morning, so the old cookies were not the problem.

  • Sgt-Clubba
    4 posts

    The URL for this forum doesn't exist on main website, when I click on >Help>Forums I get taken to the old forums selection page and when I select Div2 I get taken to the old forum where I have to click another link to get here. Thankfully I'm not on a metered connection but those that are will be wasting their allowance on 3 uneccessary page loads to get here.

    Also as mentioned above I feel the "suggested topics" block should be totally removed,
    1, it's a waste of resources.
    2, I am seeing suggestions from December 2020 and Feb 2021

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