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  • AORUS2017
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    We need an vote down button👎

  • DCAustin007
    21 posts

    When I click a thread title, it takes me to the bottom of the page, oldest reply. How is this the default setting and how do I change it?

    Note that I stumbled on this thread while browsing the Division 2 forum. I don't even know if it's supposed to be in here or if it's not actually here and the forum magically thinks I want to see it so it showed it to me.
    As I'm sure the community reps know by now this is one of if not the most confusing forum design I've seen in 20+ years of internet use. The only worse one might be the new nvidia forum, that one is really bad.

  • DutchLMB4ever
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    At the title of this post (forum specific feedback)
    There is an eye with an arrow down (on the right side)

    Above the eye there is an arrow down and stripes next to it.
    For you it might still be an arrow up with stripes.

    If you tab that you can see:
    Newest (choose this for newest first)
    Most posts
    Most votes

  • KraziAgent
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    "ways to increase stash/inv space."

     if we add the stats/gear mods to the stat library, it would save alot of space rather than hang one to all?

    got an Idea on the "FIX" for the need more stash issue they said Yannick need creative way s how about to add our skill mods to the bench where we add out weapons and gear stats/talents to the library then that free -
    ​up more slots and be more like re weapons mods where we craft just the gear mods we need or want instead and values go in the sats & talents library

  • TheMythical0ne
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    @ubi-lucipus so i got the kingbreaker and it looks different from the one in the season pass wasnt it suppose to be the same as the TKB-408 and not the AK-M that it is dropping at right now like the dare is dropping at with the stonner and not the GR9

  • Burn098
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    i leveled my expertise to 6
    I leveled my Scorpio and M1A to expertise 6 along with my entire build
    My primary DMG on Scorpio is 713.1k
    My Secondary DMG on M1A is 324.6k
    • if i switch the primary and secondary slots
    • if i change one piece of gear then go back to the original piece

    Scorpio damage is now saying 686k / M1A 312.3k

    In the shooting range the crit numbers also lowered with this change and sometimes the dmg lowered even more to 658k on scorpio ( i don't remember the number for the m1a here )

    Can someone report this somehow? i don't even wanna play the game because of this atm. ( it has nothing to do with the talents i have on btw already checked that ) is this getting patched? are you guys having these issues?

    P.S. a friend also mentioned bluescreen exotic and dread edict also having some visual issues like attachments not showing

  • DCAustin007
    21 posts

    I think people misunderstood this is a forum feedback thread. @Ubi-April

  • dhandrei
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    You're shooting yourself in the foot!
    How can you cast a high cost of game material?
    This will only scare away the players even more.
    You guys destroyed the shield in PVE, seriously, what's that for?
    Heartbreak is bugged on PS4, sometimes it triggers time not even shooting NPCs in the head.
    The power plant, how come the players didn't get the loot before extracting it? You have to clean the NPCs and get all the loot. And then don't take people out of the same group in the raid. That's it, whoever took it took whoever didn't take the loot, let them chip.
    Another thing, a high value of exotic components in the game to level up the pieces, but it doesn't increase the look of exotics in the game. Do you really believe that people will spend hours, and hours, and hours repeating something that is not even guaranteed to drop? Not to mention that most will get tired even before the season ends, the most assiduous will be able to repeat the same thing all the time.c
    You guys made a season where the final reward is redeemed in the pass. That this is ridiculous. It just shows that you're doing everything in a hurry.
    You guys need to review your concepts if you don't get the servers at the launch of The Day Before.
    Clean up like [censored] in the game, improve loot, increase the capacity of the chest and backpack, put the option to select items from the clock instead of pressing a button 200x. Learn from Horizon Zero Dawn.

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