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  • BuckTheLuck0085
    1 posts

    anyone know how to fix it i have tired many of things

    PC spects
    AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
    RTX 3060
    64 gb of ram
    Window 10

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1323 posts

    Hello @bucktheluck0085,

    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing graphical issues.

    Have you tried installing nVidia hotfix by any chance, as they resolved lots of graphical issues since the newest GPU drivers? Alternatively, have you tried downloading one of the previous PU drivers by any chance?

    PS: I merged your thread with our megathread for better visibility.

    Official Response
  • SuspiciousPixel
    30 posts

    @ubi-mark It occurs with the 477 branch. Only work around is to go to an earlier version like 466.79

  • UbiKoreanBBQ
    Ubisoft Support Staff 334 posts

    @suspiciouspixel Thanks for returning to update us. This issue has been reported to the team to be investigated. I appreciate your patience while they look into this!

    Official Response
  • Ravenstar1968
    6 posts

    @ubikoreanbbq Just to add to the thread. I've tried using the latest nVidia drivers and I still get the corruption.

    Downgrading to the 461.472 Drivers fixed the problem for me.

    Here's my system stats.

    NVIDIA System Information report created on: 07/25/2021 13:41:07
    System name: LAPTOP-927SS52N
    Operating System:	Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
    DirectX version:	12.0 
    GPU processor:		GeForce RTX 2070 with Max-Q Design
    Driver version:		461.72
    Driver Type:		DCH
    Direct3D feature level:	12_1
    CUDA Cores:		2304 
    Core clock:		1125 MHz 
    Memory data rate:	11.00 Gbps
    Memory interface:	256-bit 
    Memory bandwidth:	352.06 GB/s
    Total available graphics memory:	24493 MB
    Dedicated video memory:	8192 MB GDDR6
    System video memory:	0 MB
    Shared system memory:	16301 MB
    Video BIOS version:	90.06.5B.00.3A
    IRQ:			Not used
    Bus:			PCI Express x16 Gen3
    Device ID:		10DE 1F14 147D1025
    Part Number:		4914 0031
    nvui.dll		NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
    nvxdplcy.dll		NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
    nvxdbat.dll		NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
    nvxdapix.dll		NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
    NVCPL.DLL		NVIDIA User Experience Driver Component
    nvCplUIR.dll		8.1.940.0		NVIDIA Control Panel
    nvCplUI.exe		8.1.940.0		NVIDIA Control Panel
    nvWSSR.dll		NVIDIA Workstation Server
    nvWSS.dll		NVIDIA Workstation Server
    nvViTvSR.dll		NVIDIA Video Server
    nvViTvS.dll		NVIDIA Video Server
    nvLicensingS.dll		NVIDIA Licensing Server
    nvDevToolSR.dll		NVIDIA Licensing Server
    nvDevToolS.dll		NVIDIA 3D Settings Server
    nvDispSR.dll		NVIDIA Display Server
    nvDispS.dll		NVIDIA Display Server
    PhysX		09.19.0218		NVIDIA PhysX
    NVCUDA64.DLL		NVIDIA CUDA 11.2.152 driver
    nvGameSR.dll		NVIDIA 3D Settings Server
    nvGameS.dll		NVIDIA 3D Settings Server


  • Ubi-Mercury
    Ubisoft Support Staff 241 posts

    Hello, thanks for reaching out and providing this information @ravenstar1968! This graphics issue is currently under investigation. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Official Response
  • SuspiciousPixel
    30 posts

    @ubi-mercury Nvidia are also looking into it also but it would be nice if went through official channels

    as for now I am on 466.79 and not had any graphical issues

  • UbiSushiVamp
    Ubisoft Support Staff 262 posts

    @lo_th Thank you for the images! Would you be willing to try to install the hotfix update that was released to see if that makes a difference?

    Official Response
  • Coyote05Alpha
    1 posts
    @lo_th Thank you for the images! Would you be willing to try to install the hotfix update that was released to see if that makes a difference?

    I'm had the same issue, tried the hot fix and the glitch showed up immediately instead after a period of game play. Rolled my NVIDIA driver back to 466.77 and have no issues since. Turned off the automatic update download in NIVIDA as well.

  • UbiKoreanBBQ
    Ubisoft Support Staff 334 posts

    @coyote05alpha I appreciate this update! The team is still investigating a permanent solution. We're grateful for your patience in the meantime. 🙂

    Official Response
  • Kavarus
    5 posts

    first time playing. see this ((((

  • Mal-Kor
    1 posts

    I've had this issue for a little over a month. In the back of my mind I suspected it was an update to the nVidia drivers only because they (nVidia) update far more frequently compared to Div 2.

    Anyone know how to downgrade their nVidia drivers? I suspect I could find out if I went to nVidia support and spent 10 mins looking for it, but that sounds exhausting. ;-D
    I'm using GTX 1060 6GB, using GeForce Experience (I always update my drivers when GeForce Experience notifies me of a new driver update) and my drivers are currently at 471.41. I never use the HDMI audio of my video card so I can't comment on the audio experience. I use a headset connected to my motherboard audio chip (Realtek ALC887) No audio issues for me.

  • SuspiciousPixel
    30 posts

    @mal-kor Best to uninstall and then re-install older version.

    To uninstall use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller)

    Previous Nvidia Driver 466.79

    or just search for the driver that last worked for you

  • UbiStorm
    Ubisoft Support Staff 262 posts

    @SuspiciousPixel Thank you so much for posting those helpful links! While the team is still investigating this issue, would everyone let me know if uninstalling and reinstalling those drivers, even if it's to older drivers, appears to help with this?

    Official Response
  • SuspiciousPixel
    30 posts

    @ubistorm I had the same issue others have reported and installing older drivers fixed the issue for me.

  • Adze.
    10 posts

    I find the 460 drivers best for the 10x range of Nvidia cards. I'm at work at the moment but I think I'm using 460.79. Make sure to create a 3D profile for Division 2 and turn off NVIDIA sharpening and enable Prefer Maximum Performance.

    Recently, my NVIDIA 3D profile reset for Division 2 (or I failed to enable it) and consequently I was getting the occasional crash which went away once I disabled NVIDIA sharpening.

    It's not always wise to update to the latest driver unless you have problems with the one you are using or are using the latest cards with immature driver support.

    I'd probably DDU the current driver before installing an older one.

    Sometimes IT 'expert' advice is more dogma than common sense.

  • SuspiciousPixel
    30 posts
  • guardianla
    6 posts

    Does Ubisoft have any input or are we out of luck until Nvidia issues a fix?

    I'm not going to hold off updating drivers just for Div2.


  • guardianla
    6 posts

    @ubistorm I rolled back to 466.77 to fix the issue encountered starting with the 470.xx.

  • UbiStorm
    Ubisoft Support Staff 262 posts

    Thank you to everyone who confirmed that rolling back your drivers seemed to help! This issue is still being investigated, but I do have another workaround to try for you guys, especially those who haven't rolled back your drivers! Go ahead and try changing your Resolution Scale to 50% in your settings. This may help with this issue as we work to find a permanent solution.

    Official Response

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