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  • Rodnaz
    52 posts

    @metal_greg Some game mechanics have changed. Balcony railing, player height etc has had some CS adjustments. Its easy to blow myself up with a grenade launcher, if I'm near a railing it won't clear. Either my player shrunk or the railings got taller. Then because of a glitch I needed to kill myself but the same launcher point blank into a wall did nothing. Personally I think they do this crap just to annoy players. Either way nothing will change at this point

  • Noxious81
    176 posts
    I don't agree the only one it effects is the user and the enemy - its like real life you mess up your dead I throw grenades on myself all the time accidentally. Look at it this way you'll be more accurate in the future. If it was effecting all players on the team I would agree with you but you can't blind or burn another player - its realistic.

    That's basically how I see it, too. As long as we are talking about completely removing self-inflicted damage from PvE. Agents need to be careful with such gadgets, thus it's totally fine for me that there is a penalty for improper or careless use.

    But maybe it could indeed be toned down a tad – as it should be punishing, yes, but maybe it is not necessary to instantly kill an agent. While on the other side if an agent is running a skill at Skill Tier 6, the skill will be very powerful and thus logically might be able to oneshot its operator on inattentive handling.

  • dagrommit
    351 posts

    No, let's not introduce additional complications into the damage calculations. That will just add another path for bugs.

  • WrecK3rr
    16 posts

    @noxious81 I agree. Complete removal isn't needed but yeah insta-kill mechanic needs to be toned down a bit.

  • the_Kettle
    91 posts

    I think it would be better if they just adjusted that health-gating thing that stops you getting one-shot to work with all sources of damage (DoTs, self-inflicted, etc) - just have a second or two of complete damage immunity when you suddenly take massive damage, to give you a chance to dive out of the acid cloud or whatever.
    That said, you'd then need a new suicide method introduced for when a mission bugs out and you want to reset the stage or whatever, given how fast health & armour regenerate out of combat.

  • DutchLMB4ever
    57 posts

    @metal_greg Nope just aim better, don't spam the chem, especially while in cover.

    Sometimes it's good to have self damage.
    1. when someone can't fast travel to the group in the IH raid because everyone is in combat without one enemy being there. (All kill themselfs)
    2. when you just completed a section (too fast) and the next door can't be opened. (All kill themselfs)
    3. Boss(es) don't come out. (All kill themselfs)

    All 3 shouldn't happen anyway but when it happens it's good to have self damage.

  • Orel....
    9 posts

    Say thanks, I use artillery turret build and I always accidently shot myself cause some dev thought it's a good idea to make the target ui on the ground to be interrupted by objects so.. yeah. I 1 tap myself every time. Self damage needs to be removed.

  • BT3241
    79 posts

    Not necessary to kill yourself in most situation the group leader simply goes back to the map and restarts the mission does the same thing. Why do you need to kill yourself?

  • DutchLMB4ever
    57 posts

    @bt3241 it's for the raids only, in heroic there's no point in killing yourself indeed.
    And kill yourself so you get 1 loading screen.
    Instead of the reset loading screen and fast travel loading screen.
    That's why 😉

  • WrecK3rr
    16 posts

    @dutchlmb4ever Another Superman spotted who clearly missed the point of this thread.

    As for your "self-damage" theory, I think a grenade is more than capable of doing that.
    Especially, in your case as you seem very fond of killing yourself.

  • DutchLMB4ever
    57 posts

    Superman lol, then I guess people like you are Coyote...
    Just don't aim it at the cover that your in and you don't get hit by your own skill damage. 🙂

    Grenade is what we do yes but without self damage that's not possible is it??

    Anyway goodluck catching the roadrunner.
    Greetings Superman 😉

  • DutchLMB4ever
    57 posts

    @wreck3rr Aim better or put self infront of your name buddy 😉

  • RichardOshea
    167 posts

    Not all of the skills can kill their user but for the ones that can it makes sense that they can. It's frustrating when a player runs in front of you as there's not much you can do about unfortunate timing, but it's possible to avoid most of the causes of a skill self-kill so I have no problems with them staying the way they are.

  • T.H.U.D.D.
    29 posts

    I absolutely love, LOVE, when I fire my technician specialization rocket launcher that is clearly up on my shoulder above the cover I am behind, and it proceeds to fire directly into the cover that the launcher is clearly above and unobstructed by, despite being locked on to the down-range enemy I was targeting. Now I have to stand straight up in a firefight (sometimes even side-strafe to ensure I am clear of the cover) and fire it to ensure that I don't kill myself, thereby receiving unnecessary damage and sometimes death from other enemies.

    I think an arcing flight path instead of a spiraling path would solve this issue, but I don't see them changing it now.

  • WrecK3rr
    16 posts

    @dutchlmb4ever Continue making a fool out of yourself. Its entertaining.

  • WrecK3rr
    16 posts

    @t-h-u-d-d Yep! I agree. But be ready for a "Aim Better" idiot coming through. 😁

  • WrecK3rr
    16 posts

    @dutchlmb4ever I definitely ruffled some feathers here. Lovin it. 😁

  • DutchLMB4ever
    57 posts

    @wreck3rr Alright i make a fool out of myself while The "Wrecker" ista kills himself with fire chem.
    I'm laughing at you here buddy boy 😉

  • WrecK3rr
    16 posts

    @dutchlmb4ever Prove where exactly did I say that. I'll wait hon.

  • DutchLMB4ever
    57 posts

    @wreck3rr right here, this is experience talk.
    I mean I never had it so I don't mention it.
    I guess I'm an idiot that aims better.

    Ps: Did you already caught the roadrunner or did you install kill yourself again?? 😞

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