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    @t-h-u-d-d Yep! I agree. But be ready for a "Aim Better" idiot coming through. 😁

  • WrecK3rr
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    @dutchlmb4ever I definitely ruffled some feathers here. Lovin it. 😁

  • DutchLMB4ever
    89 posts

    @wreck3rr Alright i make a fool out of myself while The "Wrecker" ista kills himself with fire chem.
    I'm laughing at you here buddy boy 😉

  • WrecK3rr
    23 posts

    @dutchlmb4ever Prove where exactly did I say that. I'll wait hon.

  • DutchLMB4ever
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    @wreck3rr right here, this is experience talk.
    I mean I never had it so I don't mention it.
    I guess I'm an idiot that aims better.

    Ps: Did you already caught the roadrunner or did you install kill yourself again?? 😞

  • WrecK3rr
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    @dutchlmb4ever Lemme get my popcorn. Cool. Please, continue. 😁

  • IgotNerfed
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    @metal_greg I think it should stay, i remember constantly using the chem launcher with the mask that spreads the effects around and clearing Grand Washington hotel without reloading, but because of that i got too sure of myself and had some really annoying deaths that turned out being funny once i had cooled down a bit.

    Grenades too, i've thrown a few and they've hit something and rolled back to me, so it's RUUUUNNNN time...sometimes i get away and other times it kills a dope head rusher which has me laughing and giving it the big "bring it on, you dumn bith" only for me to get downed because i'm too busy not concentrating. It brings a bit of fun, awareness, and skill to the game as well as annoyance.

  • Rodnaz
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    For the record I don't have a problem with self inflicted damage BUT it should be consistent. Not that it matters because at this point it isn't likely to change. Well lets make that highly improbable or better still no f'n way🙂 Another thing my player keeps getting shorter or the walls, railings etc. keep getting taller. This has been changing all along but they are not consistent. Anyway my original thought, I can kill myself with a grenade launcher shooting over a railing but I can not kill my self with said weapon directly into a wall. I can't kill my self by dropping grenades. I can only kill myself, my guess is, when I am trying to kill the enemy. lol

  • BT3241
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    When you out of battle it hard to kill yourself because the game is putting you back to full heath immediately. Status effect Fire Blind Bleed only effects the player using it - it does not effect teammates so throw a grenade at a team mate to help out when they are in trouble it will only hurt the enemy. Specialization weapons when used incorrectly can kill you but not your teammates. So its all self inflicted from misuse just like real life. The enemy kills or damages themselves also on a miss throw of the grenade seen it happen many times. They don't make mistakes when using a specialized weapon they either fire it or don't if you move in time.

  • echolecter
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    The main problem here isn't the possibility of self-inflicted damage, which I think should remain to make the game more interesting and as said is lots of fun at times. No, the biggest issue here is in the aiming part, much the same when using your guns when sitting behind cover. There are places where you can't shoot over it and hit the railing (or upper part of wall), turn around and you can shoot over it (strange but true). Then there are the windows, character doesn't really fit behind it yet it's impossible to shoot outside or need to stand up first. These are the main reasons why you damage yourself and those tier 6 skills truly are lethal.

  • Rodnaz
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    @echolecter Yep & it has consistently gotten worst. Shooting out out of cover has become the newest skill.

  • HonestlyOK1986
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    I reckon they should turn friendly fire on like the old occupied dz of old before it became "invaded", would help people learn squad spacing, pick your shots and moments, stop shield users just legging it in and blocking 90% of their teams shots etc. Wont happen but should.

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