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  • bartmilewski
    2 posts

    @niik19 Now imagine taking a day off work to play the new festival. Nope. I guess I gotta wait for the next patch

  • bielik01
    823 posts

    I noticed when they released Infinite Sleep loop - Hotfix LIVE, information about Sigrblot Festival disappeared from here

    @Ubi-Woofer, can you look into it?

    Anyway, here's the update @Niik19:

  • Niik19
    Original poster 5 posts

    @bielik01 Thanks bud. Ubisoft should have made that info much easier to find

  • bielik01
    823 posts

    @niik19 I just received new quest Sigrblot Festival

  • lemmie88
    184 posts

    Is it fun? Or is it Yule/Ostara rerun? Wondering if I should bother picking this up again with 20gig update... 😧

  • bielik01
    823 posts

    @lemmie88 it's completely different, it's worth those 20 GB 😄

  • lemmie88
    184 posts

    @bielik01 okay, you sold me, I started my download. 😆 much appreciated!

    But if I hear that minigame lady spout the same 3 lines critiquing my archery 100x again, I'm gonna be [censored]. (j/k!)

  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1061 posts

    Hey all,

    The Sigrblot Festival has now started in-game, so you all should be able to access it and take part so long as the game is fully updated.

    If any of you are still having issues with accessing the new content, please let me know! I'll be happy to report this forward to the development team for them to look into. Let me know: @Niik19, @bartmilewski, @lemmie88

    @bielik01 - Just to confirm, the issue you are reporting is that the information about the festival itself is no longer displayed for you in the in-game menu? Does this persist no matter how many times you restart the game itself? I can report this forward if there are other players not seeing any information presented if it was there before, and check if it's intended behaviour for that notification to now not appear.

    Official Response
  • bielik01
    823 posts

    @ubi-woofer yeah, the information about the festival was displayed before the hotfix. I can normally participate in the festival (except for getting Foreign Supplies - for now).

  • Ubi-WheelyDuck
    Ubisoft Support Staff 358 posts

    Hey there,

    Thank you for your update and clarity!

    If you have any further trouble just let us know as we are happy to help

    Official Response

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