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    At this point it’s just “Valhalla” to have designed a quest with a potentially conflicting requirement forcing most players at a stalemate. 🙄


    We’ve seen your explanation as to what/sorta why the dev team did this, but considering this is very time limited, can the team perhaps produce the same sort of hotfix they just did for ireland? I’d say this is as necessary as the ostara crashing bug the team hotfixed last festival, as well as maybe extensions to the festival to ensure this?

  • RJEB94
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    - I am sure a bunch of other players are having this problem so please merge with whatever mega thread there is for this problem -

    There is a quest during the Sigrblot Festival called War Efforts requiring players to "Loot Foreign supplies from a river raid"

    Players who have completed River Raids and have purchased everything possible using Foreign Supplies will be unable to loot any further foreign supplies from river raids. The river raid map will be labeled as "EXHAUSTED" leaving players to be unable to complete the quest required for Sigrblot festival.

  • Imferael
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    @hugoferis Same problem! I opened Foreign Chest and got only iron ore and leather, but not Foreign supplies. I can't complete the festival mission!

  • kevthekraken
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    I have the same problem 😕 (Series X)

  • dorinash1
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    Same problem here. PS4. Plus the Egghead community challenge. No bow of course

  • Hawke0325
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    @dorinash1 same for both and in the PS4 they really need to test their stuff

  • Hawke0325
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    Yea I can't complete the war effort festival mission because I can't get foreign supplies why couldnt the devs just do a river raid not loot from it

  • SpirantCrayon22
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    Um . . . what about the 4750 Foreign Supplies I already have? Why don't they count? When does the map stop being "exhausted" anyway?

  • Sevianz
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    Yea, I have this issue too. Purchased everything from Vagn and have 800 Foreign Supplies left. I'm not getting any Foreign Supplies from Raids anymore and can't progress further in the Sigrblot Festival.

  • NeOVoltron
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    I too, cannot complete War Efforts for Sigrblot and I’m flabbergasted by their “working as intended” response. It obviously is NOT if they’ve designed a quest around this particular requirement that cannot be achieved by so many people.

    I haven’t been getting Foreign Supplies from River Raids for some time so how am I supposed to get any more to complete the War Efforts quest for this festival? Hello? 👋🏼 Wake up dev team. 👏🏼🤷🏻♂️ Explain it to me.

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    @spirantcrayon22 It never stops being exhausted but in theory the next river raid map will come before the end of the festival assuming they release with siege of paris

  • F0D0K
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    Yeah i have the same problem here ( PC)

  • Mike-gr
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    @Ubi-Borealis, i think you misunderstood because some people need the supplies to complete the Festival quest called "war effort" not because they want to purchase what vagn has to offer. So please note to the team when you are able that some people can't get the supplies needed for the quest as written above and it doesn't have to do with vagn.

  • Scar_6_6_6
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    I am unable to complete the "War Efforts" quest part of the new Sigrblot festival as well. I am required to get foreign supplies from a river raid, but I have already completed the river raids and I am at the "Exhausted" level of foreign supplies and therefore cannot obtain any foreign supplies, I only get ore and leather, in order to complete the Sigrblot festival quest "War Efforts".

    Thus I am unable to prepare for Paris...

  • Hawke0325
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    @wermwood I don't think it will release that soon maybe september

  • jrlmusic
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    @ubi-smash Same two issues here: all Foreign Supplies already collected AND I already bought everything from Norvid... so those two conditions are currently both un-completable.

  • BlachSheep-
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    Same here, playing on PC

  • VasilyZaitsev42
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    Same problem on PC. Sent a ticket and they said the usual driver update, restart crap

  • JDL2025
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    Noticed that as well as taking part in the river raids not registering as completed in weekly challenge, river raid kills don't either, only kills on normal map, trust me i left no one alive in my raids yesterday on all 3 rivers,other than monks n civilians.

  • JDL2025
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    @luigispcrew thats has to do with tokens you earn in the festival not the river raid supplies unless i m missing something with your post

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