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  • B00MSIE
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    The first festival ended for half the players after 1 day. They also never fixed that for them. Just gave the stuff for free to everybody some time later.

  • ubi-smash
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1616 posts

    Hey folks! Our team is currently taking a look into this moving forward. While we do not have further information at this moment, please keep a lookout on our public channels our news and announcements page for further updates. We thank you for bearing with us in the meantime.

    Official Response
  • PhilyG213
    72 posts

    I have the same problem

  • Matey57
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    The War Efforts quest where you have to raid to get Foreign Supplies (River Raid) is bugged. When I loot the chest in Small Camps or Fortifications I get only Leather and Iron Ore. And Ive seen a lot of people having the same issue. So you cannot progress with the quest. Please let me know about a workaround or a Hotfix, thanks.

  • luigispcrew
    96 posts

    @ubi-smash I cannot complete the same mission but I bought everything from Norvid

  • JDL2025
    21 posts

    Does not allow them to be awarded from any monastery's either, nor does it add any to inventory been stuck with 620 foreign supplies and no increase despite my raiding all rivers. So i will give up. its the usual bugs for these events and after It isn't that big can you not beta test it before release doesn't take much effort.

  • DarkRhi
    3 posts

    PC here. I have the same problem. Foreign Supplies have stopped dropping for me Tuesday before the weekly reset. After reading it here I checked and indeed when going to Vagn to start a raid it says "foreign supplies exhausted". I hope they fix this before the festival ends. Or before the upcoming raid content releases. Meh.

  • mattbamford
    16 posts

    Same here! Is really surprising though?

  • DarkRhi
    3 posts
    Hello there,

    Thank you for sharing your additional reports. I have received an update from the development team regarding this issue, and it has been marked as working as intended.

    Once the number of foreign supplies has been depleted to "Exhausted" on Vagn's map, you will no longer receive foreign supplies when river raiding. You will instead be given resources, such as iron and leather, when looting large chests.

    You should have been able to collect enough foreign supplies at this point to purchase all items from Vagn's shop, as well as any ship/settlement upgrades.

    If you have plentiful supplies on Vagn's map and haven't received foreign supplies from the large chests, please don't hesitate to reach out so we can investigate further.

    Thanks! 😊

    @Ubi-Borealis This is nonsense.

    If this was the case then it would be the same values for everyone. Yet I got all the river raids rewards and now I'm "suddenly" stuck at 600 foreign supply with the supply "exhausted", while other players who have bought all rewards have 5000+ foreign supplies and are still capable of dropping more? (joraptor for example as seen in today's stream he did for the festival)

    Now it is possible joraptor plays on multiple accounts and the account he was streaming earlier today was one that wasn't "maxed out" on foreign supply, in which case I'm wrong but I still think the whole thing is nonsense, but if not then yeah. This is ridiculous. So I'm just going to not be able to finish the festival quests because no one thought of this. Amazing.

    47 posts

    @ashelsu Exactly. If they were going to do that they should have released new river raid maps with this update. Now no one who has completed river raids previously will be able to complete the festival quest line unless they fix it.

  • thesaurus2012
    11 posts

    @ubi-borealis I’ve the same problem, i cannot complete the festival mission because i am stuck on 600 foreign goods and the game does not allow me to go on telling myself “out of goods” on the vagn map. Has anyone ever thought that someone would start farming?

  • Enkidu98
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    Just adding my voice to this.

    If you had already completed all the raids and updated everything available to you prior to the festival then the 'Foreign Supplies' are exhausted and you are no longer able to collect them. This means you are unable to complete the Sigrblot Festival.

    This is disappointing and was bad quest design and bad testing.

    You have to know that with a game that has been out as long as Valhalla many of your players will have completed everything so putting in a quest gated behind not having completed it is quite an oversight.

  • Enkidu98
    47 posts


    Looks like if you have already 'Exhausted' the river raids, then there is no way to get additional foreign supplies. This means Sigrblot is uncompletable.

  • JDL2025
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    Oh also its not registering any river raids in the weekly challenge for me either rivers raided 0 according to it, rivers actually raided whilst wasting my time not getting supplies, all 3😕

  • Kormac67
    1070 posts

    Same here, only leather and ore from the big chests with the barrel icon.
    Raid did register for the challenge though.

  • JamesLogan491
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    I play on PS4. When River Raids released I did a whole lot of them, considering the non-existent end-game content of this game and the false promise of the development team that River Raids were a replayable and rewarding end-game activity. I raided enough to accumulate 24000 foreign supplies (I just wanted to be a Viking and raid even though River Raids were a definitely not what was promised).

    Now for the first time in many, many months I went back to those raids considering what this festival is supposed to represent and the "War Effort" quest only to find out the development team was moronic enough to cap the foreign supplies instead of giving us a proper Vagn's Shop which means the festival quest is impossible to complete without some update from that incompetent post-launch dev team and that they had given up on ever updating Vagn with a shop to make River Raids a proper end-game gameplay loop.

    How hard is it to have Vagn exchange foreign supplies for silver, titanium, iron, leather and perhaps a weekly Opal deal, something like 20 Opals for 500-600 foreign supplies once a week. If that was done, there would be more incentive to replay River Raids and there would be no cap on Foreign Supplies which is now obviously conflicting with the festival quest. The dev team is so short-sighted it is almost like they are sabotaging the game as a player retention experiment to see how lacking the post-launch support can be while keeping players on false apologies and promises of better content to come.

  • bielik01
    Original poster 1746 posts

    @jameslogan491 those are actually great ideas 👏

  • Kormac67
    1070 posts

    Great design.
    I have done many river raids and never ever got iron/leather from the chests.
    Now that it is a quest item for the festival it is suddenly capped? [censored]?!?

  • nerex33
    12 posts

    Same here, no foreign supplies left in game, apparently.

  • lemmie88
    289 posts

    Boooooo. Same. Now I remember why I stopped playing. It wouldn't be a UbiFestival without some neglectful oversight! 😂 😭

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