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  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1416 posts

    @lukinator75 Thanks for the video. Can you also confirm if you experience this issue with any other weapons?

    Have you also only experienced this since the latest update 1.3.0? And are you using default or custom controls?

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  • Mirmidonas74
    27 posts

    @lukinator75 Totally agree. I have experienced it also during the new SIGRBLOT FESTIVAL

  • Lukinator75
    Original poster 16 posts

    @ubi-keo Not before this update was also the same. I am using the default key controls. Only if it is possible to change a strong attack, for example the middle mouse button, it enters normally. But I don't want to change the controls.

  • UbiStorm
    Ubisoft Support Staff 262 posts

    @Lukinator75 Thanks for providing those answers for us! Just to confirm, you did temporarily change buttons to custom and it works?

    @Mirmidonas74 Do you also experience this with other weapons, and do you use custom controls?

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  • Lukinator75
    Original poster 16 posts

    Once I changed the custom button to the middle mouse button and it worked normally. No problem with other weapons, just shields. Currently I have default settings and strong shield attacks don't work or rarely come on.

  • Ubi-Litten
    Ubisoft Support Staff 178 posts

    No problem, we appreciate you taking your time to provide us with this additional feedback. We will certainly make sure this is forwarded for you but in the meantime, if you have any additional queries or would like to provide any further feedback, please feel free to let us know.

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  • Lukinator75
    Original poster 16 posts

    @ubi-litten Did you reduce the amount of nickel and tungsten ingots needed to upgrade weapons and armor from traders? Previously, you could buy 3, now only 1. Not a smart move on your part. And how am I supposed to collect these better bars now, since I have all the maps stripped of these bars? What should I weaken forged weapons and armor at the blacksmith? Tough decision.

  • bielik01
    803 posts

    @lukinator75 there's plenty of tungsten ingots IN Glowecestre, hunt them down with Synin (yellow glowing dots). Also you could try looking for some farming tutorials on YouTube.

  • Lukinator75
    Original poster 16 posts

    @bielik01 Thank you.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3529 posts

    Thanks for sharing that tip, @bielik01! I've personally a fair amount of tungsten farming around and in Glowecestre myself, so I can confirm that this is a good way to collect additional bars to upgrade your gear/weapons with. Using Synin is incredibly helpful in finding the guards who are carrying them!

    Hope that helps you out, @Lukinator75! 😄

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