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  • Oatiecrumble
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    @Adrian-11 the reason i don't like Federal Emergency Bunker is the amount of door opening, drives me mad and the last boss scene bores me, as for Space Administration HQ the part where you have to activate them 3 domes just does my head in, very boring.

  • Adrian-11
    878 posts


    Yep, I know there are a lot of doors, but it's a Bunker, so there will be doors. In a similar manner, there are a lot of ship type doors on the Tanker... comes with the setting.

    And yes, I avoid Space Admin HQ as much as I can because of the three antennas... too bad because the rest of the mission is quite okay.

  • RichardOshea
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    As time is what we're discussing then it should be noted that time is the only metric that ultimately matters in this game; everything stems from time: gear, experience, knowledge, stratagies and tactics all have time as a component somewhere. Limiting time imposes limitations elsewhere. A ten minute mission is ten minutes of a means to all of the above; it would limit what could be designed into a mission. It doesn't naturally follow that a short mission is a poorly designed one or an unexciting one but it certainly means it won't be able to pressure agents in multiple ways in a structured manner. I could design a mission of 10 minutes in length that throws the kitchen sink at you but that would feel like chaos in such a short time frame.

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