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  • Moved Mastery Challenge should have difficulty level options. It's hard for the best players and impossible for average like me.

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    I will add my grain of salt 😉

    add to all of what has been told that :
    concerning the bow, platforms are far from equal =
    in AC Valhalla at max speed settings a PS4 controler (wich was fine for COD/Warzone) is far, far slower than a 500 dpi mouse on the same PS4 pro ...
    I'm not able to talk for Xbox users as I never tested this on any Xbox

    ( note : it's a mess to use a mouse and a controller at the same time in Valhalla = I do this only for the static archery challenge from Ostara Festival 😉 )

  • la.tempete
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    @sedkijez Omfg the new ones are just as bad if not worse. After finally getting all the gold medals for the first round, I put these new ones off for as long as I could and now, here I am, stuck in an endless loop of rage quit at Saint Guthlac's Bear. All the bugs are bad enough but Ubi managed to outdo themselves by sticking a 2 minute timer on a stupid pos challenge that requires Dive of the Valkyries bouncing your way through the whole [censored] thing like a kangaroo on meth. Everything about this Bear is the exact opposite of my playstyle. Pure hate. I wish this game would finally END.

  • m69216
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    Terrible challenges. They have nothing to do with Assassin's Creed. Forcing gamers to play the way you want them to play is awful. Those challenges should be more like complete this map before time runs out or complete this map without getting into a fight or without getting detected as a true Assassin who lurks in the shadows or better yet kill a target without alerting or killing anyone else. Make that target difficult to reach. Do that and everything will be up to the player however he/she chooses to get to the target.

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