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  • DixieDynamite
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    @ubi-borealis I can tell you that today the Duke of Burgundy showed up for both of us but were different missions and my wife was missing the hunting predators mission (April 13, 2022). I will keep logging. She was missing a mission on Monday as well. I'll check the level scaling as it is however the game comes and was never changed. Also, we are missing today's reward. Both of us have an empty spot with the time counting down and can't see what Reda's reward is for today. I'll attach the photo if I can.

  • DixieDynamite
    32 posts
  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4744 posts

    Hi @dixiedynamite apologies for the late response.

    Can you confirm if you are still experiencing this issue with Reda?

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6078 posts

    Hello there!

    Following the release of TU 1.5.1, we have seen an increase in reports for missing Daily Contracts from Reda. A new dedicated Megathread has been created to follow the investigation into this issue.

    The dedicated teams are looking into how level scaling is affecting Reda's quests, and are taking this into consideration when investigating other reported issues with Reda's Daily Contracts.

    To try and prevent further confusion, we will now be locking this thread. If there are any updates shared regarding Level Scaling specifically, we will re-open this thread to share this information with you.

    If you are encountering trouble with Reda's Daily Contracts, we first ask that you try the following workaround. This workaround has helped to resolve missing Daily Contracts for players within this thread previously:

    • Set your level scaling to "normal" via the in-game options menu.
    • Create a manual save and quit to the main menu.
    • Reload your new manual save and check Reda's Daily Contracts.

    If you are still missing Daily Contracts after trying the level scaling workaround, then please can you share your report within the dedicated Megathread for the specific issue you have encountered. You can learn more about these below:

    If Reda is only offering your one Daily Contract instead of the usual two, then we'd like you to share your report within this dedicated Megathread.

    If Reda has offered two Daily Contracts, but one of these was not added to your Quest Log after accepting the contract, then we'd like you to share your report within this dedicated Megathread.

    I have now moved some of the post shared within this thread since the release of TU 1.5.1 (April 19 2022) to the newly created Megathread for only one Daily Contract available. I apologise for any confusion or disrupted conversation that may have been caused by this move.

    @DixieDynamite - I've moved some of your most recent posts to our new Megathread for Reda only offering one Daily Contract. I'd recommend checking out that thread when you're next able to for further information. I would also recommend checking out our new dedicated Megathread for missing Daily Items from Reda as well.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response

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