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  • Virtual-Chris
    805 posts

    @mattjib Either it needs to fixed or we all just go invisible. “I wonder why there’s no one else in the DZ?” 😛 it’s a new DZ exclusive talent!

  • John_Wick117
    8 posts

    The guy shown in the video is also constantly linking that "boost" page so people can pay to get the eagle bearer and iron horse regulus and ravenous, so just in general walking the line and claiming it is to make the bugs known so something will be done about them....

  • xPVExBOTx
    1 posts

    The fact they banned people for the PVE (mostly) glitch and changed the TOS to do so gave the impression they would actively ban players who glitch in the game.
    How wrong we all are, they have been reported to, shown how to do the glitches and had footage of full clans laughing whilst showing them off in PVP - yet not 1 person from massive/ubi has done a thing.

    Double standards seem to be the way these work, although they dont care about PVP so thats probably why.

  • Daniel_11021
    3 posts

    yes things do need fixing im currently in dz south right now on xbox and we got a manhunt running invis and god mode glitches or hacks its just stupid

  • Sock_Monkey
    534 posts

    The DZ is so irreparably broken none of these issues would make even the slightest difference even if they were fixed.

    Although I like the concept of the DZ (PvE/PvP in one place) and I'm not the whiner type, I have to admit I agree with the folks who say the PvP element should be completely removed from the game.

    I personally haven't encountered many of the glitches you list, but literally 9 out of 10 players who "face tank" me have inferior builds, with lower DPS and lower armor, yet melt me literally in less than a second, while I barely take a couple bars off of them.

    No chicken dancing or outmaneuvering taking place, so how can anyone in their right mind explain it any way other than rampant cheating - most likely headshot aimbots?

    The stuff you are listing is just the most in-your-face cheats, but I think use-wise it represents a tiny minority of cheaters in the game.

    I confess it's getting old enough that I am ready to give up on the game at this point...

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