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  • BT3241
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    When the game first started you had to make your way through the invasion zone without fast travel to the mission sites. You had to battle just to get to the missions then a bunch of people complained that they wanted to fast travel and did not want to battle to get to the missions so it was removed. I always liked it but some felt it did not belong. It makes sense if you think about it - its an invasion. But it was made easier.

  • N3mB0t
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    hi , sorry for hijacking you from this thread but since mods this days are a rare appearance i wanted to take the chance to ask...can you please also forward this 2 threads to them:



    a lot of people would love the team to do something about this , or at least hear their take on why it works as it does, thanks.

    and when i say a lot of people im refering not only to the universe of this 2 posts but the amount of them i saw to this day where 99% of the opinions are the same " why does it reset? it makes no sense!"

  • N3mB0t
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    having options is not a bad thing , you just want to do the mission ? FT to it!

    you want o experience the invasion while going to the mission ? go ahead and do it!

    i dont see any harm done either way , only players can harm themselves with their choices but that is their own fault.

  • Ubi-tobbee
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    of course, I will forward this as well, thank you for providing me the links. I will check out what information I can get about this topic.

    Ubi Tobbee

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  • N3mB0t
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    thank you! much apreciated!

  • BT3241
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    @n3mb0t Its not an opinion its fact its how it was and its why it was changed just as I explained.

  • ink3pointoh
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    @honestlyok1986 when we were introduced tot he settlements, I thought we have something just like that, a semi-horde mode where you had to defend and maybe repair sections to prevent from being overrun.
    It's a shame that on a map this large and detailed, we are stuck in a relatively small number of locations. Not many rooftop engagements and not many engagements in close corridors inside buildings.

  • RaciaIAdhesive-
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    @noxious81 It would've been cool to see the open world as a live, dynamic fight over D.C. After completing WONY, agents are given the option to go rouge or remain SHD.

    The open world would be a PvE area with X players a sever.

    Rogue agents would have a Base of Operations, similar to the white house, thieves dens (safe houses) and the map is a constant fight for control between rogues, SHD and other NPC factions. Keeping the DZ in mind, players are locked as SHD or rouge agents when entering a DZ. Agents extracting equipment from the DZs (if not kept for themselves) is stored in a stockpile in respect to the side they're on, keeping the NPCs on their side armed. The more equipment agents extract, the better the NPCs are equip to defend control points and fight in the open world.

    Open world activities are fought over. (control points, propaganda broadcasts, territory control etc.

    I.e propaganda broadcasts. If SHD agents control propaganda broadcasts in a district, would equate to an increase in NPC activity joining and fighting for that side.
    Control of resource nodes. Agents must secure and deliver resources to keep NPCs nourished. The more nourished NPCs are, the better their combat effectiveness would be.
    Essentially, for a faction to control a district, players must control all of the control points. With resource nodes, propaganda broadcasts, territory control all impacting the strength of a district. The more supplied a district is, the more difficult it would become for the other faction to take control. Once a district is secured by a faction, the other faction loses the option the respawn in that area.

    Servers are averaged out to give an overall view of who has majority control over D.C. and weapon stockpile. Ubi has had mechanics like this in EndWar.
    Essentially, agent actions contribute to the fight for control of D.C

    There's an indie game I recently gotten into on PC that has thousands of people per server fighting over territory on a absolutely massive map, so It could've been possible. A cool concept.

    I've put a lot of thought into this open world PvE concept over the past few months. There's a lot of other detail to add to this post, but that's a general gist. This would require a complete game re-work, don't see this ever happening, but would've been cool if it's how the game was with the release of WONY with map expansions along the way. Allowing the players to shape the fight over D.C

  • RaciaIAdhesive-
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    Bounty Locations
    Agreed. Wouldn't mind bounty locations being completely randomized and could spawn anywhere in a district and not just in static locations.
    Would be cool to have DZ bounties added. AI rogue agent bounties could be selected in a DZ from the bounty board. When selected, other players in the server are aware of the bounty and can interfere.

    There's hours of un-released music produced by Ola that's not in the game's rotation or plays very rarely. Would like to see more music in rotation throughout the open world (Control points, activities, combat music). The music in Summit is intense and would translate very well into the game's open world. Music can completely change the atmosphere of a game. Ola did a fantastic job with the music for both Division games, but more of the tracks should playing throughout the game.

    NY Invaded.
    Would be cool to have invaded districts in NY.

    Map Expansion
    The Division 2 is the only game that I've been itching for DLC. Would love to have D.C expanded at towards the north, not only expanding the open world, but also DZ West and East. Would pay for a NY expansion too, even the original NY map in a summer setting.

    Open World - Heroic
    When grouped in the open world on Heroic, respawning should be disabled. The group can only respawn once all agents have been wiped and killed.

    Multi-Part Activities
    Agreed. Would be fun to have these activities re-introduced.

    Project Tiers
    Having projects have tiers.
    i.e the DZ projects are usually fairly easy to complete. Instead of just having a set of tasks, have tiers.
    For example, Tier 1 of a daily DZ task:
    Extract contaminated supplies 0/1
    Eliminate agents in any Dark Zone 0/5
    Clear Landmarks in any DZ 0/5

    Tier 2
    Extract contaminated supplies 0/5
    Eliminate agents in any Dark Zone 0/10
    Clear Landmarks in any DZ 0/10

    and so on . .

    Cross Platform
    The Division 2 should allow for cross platform play between PC and next gen-consoles.
    I play on PC with a controller and do just fine against other's in the DZ.
    Anyone who doesn't want cross play can still have the option to disable it.

    Player Rogues
    Similar to the AI rogues that can come into a players game, adding the option for other players to join a match as rogue agents to interfere with SHD agents missions/activities.

    DZ Control
    In non-invaded DZ's, allowing agents to secure SHD panels or hack them. If X panels are secured, (i.e 8/8 panels) the DZ is essentially 100% secured by SHD agents. Players who want to go rogue, hack the active panels, taking the panel offline from SHD. A king of the hill type addition allowing players to fight over control of the DZ. Not all panels have to be secure/hacked by SHD/rogue agents for example 5/8 panels can be secured by SHD agents leaving the DZ about 62% in SHD control. It's an always active event, leaving the decisions to secure or hack panels up to agents.

  • dagrommit
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    Similar to the AI rogues that can come into a players game, adding the option for other players to join a match as rogue agents to interfere with SHD agents missions/activities.

    If people want PvP, they should go to the DZ or play Conflict. Providing a way for people to troll others in missions is a terrible idea. Especially given that people using hacks plague the game.

  • GnarlyAtol1793
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    Hi, I very much appreciate your proposals. Fits exactly my views. Well, people have different preferences in gaming and therefore for the new content as well. I am hoping for a new dlc with a new map like WoNY as well and hoping for some approvements of the existent map(s). I do not care about an additional raid or a different mode, what ever that will be. If I want to play survival style then I simply play TD1 and I absolutely do not care of further gear pieces, attributes, talents, perks, skills, skill trees, exotics because all this crap massively contribute to unrealistic gameplay in a realistic, beautiful, rich, detailed map and atmosphere at least in TD1 which is completely missing in TD2 due to cartoonish elements and blurry lighting effects (Xbox one x). I am on SHD 2300 level now, played TD1 campaign 3 times and will do a 4th and 5th time, half year TD1 darkzone and TD2 campaign 2 times.
    My unrealistic dreams: skip the loot functionality, attributes, talents, skill trees, optimization, recalibration and so on and provide few fixed realistic gear sets supporting different fight styles as in reality and include TD1 map in TD2 😊.
    Realistic dream 1: provide a dlc with new map (would pay 50 EUR for it, even 100 when we’ll done).
    Realistic dream 2: improve existing game by making better use of the stuff which is already there, eg. making more use of the existing map in endgame, realistic projects like small side missions (not simply go somewhere and shoot), make use of the 3 darkzone maps, conflict maps, raid maps, Kenlley college map, contaminated buildings, locations from the campaign side missions, assignment missions (from year 1 pass) and multiple not used but existing locations for small missions/projects in endgame. Improve the maps of the existing main mission maps for use in endgame by making them less linear. Eg I was flashed when Camp White Oak and Pentagon mission came but why making all the missions so linear, even more then CoD missions? Transform the existing main mission maps a bit in a kind of small open world maps like the beautiful conflict maps to enable a bit varied ways to fullfill a mission. The main mission sites can also be used for small projects. So much wasted potential in this game.

  • GnarlyAtol1793
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    Dear Ubi/Massive, to add to my previous post: I have a small and very realistic dream😊. After having played TD1 3 times because of the great looks and atmosphere and being very disappointed from TD2 looks and non-existing atmosphere right from the start of the game and till now despite being at shd 2300 now, I was flashed from the great beginning/the first mission in WoNY in the City Hall which is a control point in endgame. For me that entry mission was very atmospheric and the great views at City Hall Park with the look at the beautiful old Woolworth skyscraper. In this mission we had to go in a very beutiful designed underground area with a tube station and following rooms and corridors. Why is this great area blocked in endgame? My dream: could you please open the door? 😊 I would like to see that again without having to replay whole DC campaign again.
    Furthermore: Why is the area with the Tweed Courthouse not accessible? Why is the Brooklyn bridge blocked with a blockade? So many unnessesary restrictions reducing the open world feeling. There are more locations which are not accessible in endgame anymore. Eg, there was an old bunker at Navy Hill used in one of the hidden sidemissions. Why these restrictions.

  • dagrommit
    Original poster 894 posts
    In this mission we had to go in a very beutiful designed underground area with a tube station and following rooms and corridors. Why is this great area blocked in endgame?

    As you noted, that building is now a control point, so it's understandable that they don't use that underground area for anything else.

    There are definitely other areas that could be opened up for use as bounty locations though.

  • GnarlyAtol1793
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    hm, not sure why this is an argument 😊. It does not matter that this is a control point now. They put such an effort in designing this great area. It’s a pity that this is only used one time in the game and locked now as in a lot other sites. A control point could have more rooms than simply one. Open the door and than it’s done😊. Well you can also put some caches in 🤪

  • dagrommit
    Original poster 894 posts
    hm, not sure why this is an argument .

    Because there's little point in opening up an area if it can't be used for an activity. Sure, they could open it and put some caches down there, but most people won't bother after the novelty wears off.

    Similarly, they could add an NPC down there to hand out the proposed multi-part activities, but it would be annoying to have to run all the way down there simply to pick up an assignment.

    To be clear, I'd be happy to see it opened up, but the development effort to convert it from being a side-mission location to an extension of a CP (assuming they are different map instances) might be better off spent elsewhere - e.g. opening up the police station roof as another bounty location.

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