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  • InDigital
    Original poster 26 posts

    So it means it is better change CHC attribute for CHD in some gear?
    60% is a maximum for total everything? It means if i am at top 60 in gear i can't get CHC bonuses more than 60% from sets and weapons?
    I am understood right?

  • Noxious81
    1257 posts

    Correct. The number shown in those stats is the number which you reach via attributes from your gear or gear mods (each with 6% max), attributes from your weapons, from weapon mods (in most cases 5% each), from Brand Set bonuses (for example 10% from 1x Ceska), and your SHD watch (which can fully maxed out give additional 10%).

    If you for example have a maxed out SHD watch with 10% CHC, three weapon mods with 5% each attached to your AR, one pieces of the Ceska Brand Set, 4 red minor attributes rolled to 6% CHC each, and two additional gear mods with 6% CHC – you theoretically would have 71% CHC. But the cap would only let you have 60%. So everytime you exactly hit 60% with your CHC or go beyond 60% with the aforementioned sources of CHC, this stat will always just tell you 60%. Thus from this stat you cannot tell how far above 60% you currently are.

    And bonuses that need to be activated – like the ones from the Coyote Mask – will never show in that stat. So when playing with an AR (at an effective range of 10 to 15m) it would be a good idea to do not invest more into CHC than 50%, because the mask can give you the additional 10% to reach the cap.

    Instead using mods or attributes to invest in CHD or Weapon Handling is the way to go!

  • InDigital
    Original poster 26 posts

    Thanks man!
    It changes everything!!! 🙂

  • chrisonamission
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    Oldie here 😉 I agree with @deltium I use an Empress build when doing solo CPs and missions on Heroic. Or Legendaries in a decent team. Just takes a bit of patience and some skill in positioning the turret and directing the drone where needed most. Happy to team up!

    I also have a neat Aces sniper build and it’s super fun but much harder to use bc of the stacking (first a red then a gold 🙂

    Still working on shield and dps builds

  • BT3241
    200 posts

    There are some players that are not good with the firearms or the use of status effect. It your not good with weapons its best not to use a riffle but to start with a AR that is very stable. A lot of players make the mistake of sitting behind their turret place it and move to a different spot they will be shooting the turret. The drone can save your life with that guy rushing you and dig out the hard ones. I don't think a shooter build is right for this guy he said he can't even stick his head up. Grenades are there full of status effect that can stun burn blind bleed and foam use them.

  • Adrian-11
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    @noxious81 @InDigital

    From and old-ish player as well...
    Agreed with all Noxious said.
    Regarding Chameleon... it's a SMG with AR stats (weak damage per bullet but high RoF, short range, accuracy is not very good). While you can use it in a AR typical build, in combat you would have to ignore the fact that is labeled AR and use it as a SMG, meaning you have to close in and do CQB. A full red build would probably work in missions, but in the open world in CQB you will find yourself taking fire from several directions - with no blue, you won't last long enough to recover.
    If you choose to stay all red, you need a true AR that gives you longer range, maybe even add mods for range and/or accuracy...

    This is a very good resource to look at weapons and gear: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nrPBmOrtpkEW1j5fbcRT7L-AXgsGOqMqxXoVtopsiGM/edit#gid=1380412817: (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nrPBmOrtpkEW1j5fbcRT7L-AXgsGOqMqxXoVtopsiGM/edit#gid=1380412817)

  • echolecter
    368 posts

    Personally I think that you just need to learn how to play this game. Using a specific build can help in situations where you want to play in a certain style or activity but I use many different ones and don't have issues on any difficulty. To get acquainted at first it might be useful to stack some armer repair mods into your gear, that way you can just sit in cover for awhile when you've taken to much damage.

    Since TD1 I always use the same style of playing and that is to move around 'all the time', hardly ever sitting in cover for long. AI wants a fix on your position and find spots to open fire. But when moving around it will also make AI move around much more. Thus not firing at you or spam drones and what not. Another thing you need to consider on higher difficulties is your escape plan, as said when armor is gone you need to have a place to recover (preferably inside buildings). And it's the same when the game decides to spawn in another wave of NPCs, and it particularly favors at your back when roaming the city, or even that manhole cover right in front of you.

    As for guns I've always used AR (sometimes SMG) as primary and depending on style/activity paired with shotgun or riffle. On Heroic any shotgun comes in handy when AI decides to get closer, and the 'Bakers Dozen' is great for AI at larger distances (also saves ammo as missed shots aren't consuming any). But as said it doesn't really matter what you pick as long as you're comfortable using it. Also some skill builds can be a lot of fun to use and are very powerful when setup properly. Huge fan of optimal range mod, so you at least shoot and hit where you're aiming at when distance to AI increases.

    Age doesn't matter, only play style and overall tactics (against not that smart AI) used do.

  • BT3241
    200 posts

    Tactics come into play - I join teams and their tactic is to take cover and wait for the enemy usually battles are long and draw out and the enemy gets into position. Other teams take it to the enemy using everything in the arsenal. The aggressive tactic works very well because the enemy never gets set and is in basic confusion during the entire battle. It how I learned to play in division 1 and it is my style.I actually leave when on a team who chooses to wait for the enemy. There are certain spots where care is required like the bank going upstairs to try to take black tusk out as they come out the doors or taking the jammers out in that mission. You have to play it right. There is always one player who will jump down and push the button before the jammers are down bring the hoard in. If you wait you can ambush them all on the second rush. So I see alot of that - there's a button better push it without thinking about whats going to happen.Some players just don't seem to have any tactical knowledge at all in the game or able to retain it.

  • greymouseUK
    5 posts

    @merpYou are not two old I am 67.5 and have been gaming since it all started. Carry on old timer!!

  • Virtual-Chris
    812 posts


    Very good points on the use of the Chameleon. It's really just an SMG without wasting a stat on CHC - which can be useful if your build is based on CHC/CHD. I've found a great use for the Chameleon... it's my secondary on my LMG build. When a rusher gets close or I'm in a small space, it's ideal and shreds enemies quickly. I guess it can also be a secondary compliment to a marksman or rifle build. The only problem with running it as a secondary is it's hard to build up its stacks if you're not using it regularly - so you're not getting the full benefit of the talent most of the time.

  • Oatiecrumble
    943 posts


    Although some have said not to go by people posting builds as that might not be the root of the problem i do believe build and skills is everything.

    Judging by your piccys i would say:

    • Get all specialization points on all specs done asap.
    • Mods on skill slots is very important.
    • Mods on gear is very important.
    • Having the right spec is very important.

    I will post some builds that makes doing Heroic easy & tough, yes the jump to heroic can seem daunting and there will be deaths, tbh if there was no deaths than it would be very boring, deaths is what makes you better.

    Some will say Dps is king, well my motto is dead players do no Dps, it's why i don't like Glass Cannon on heroic/legendary, yes it's a nice talent but survivability is also very nice, there is a flip side to Glass Cannon vs Unbreakable:

    Glass Cannon: You cannot take a bashing so less Dps in the long run.
    Unbreakable: You can withstand a longer bashing so more Dps in the long run.

    So they kinda outweigh each other.......note: This is based on mainly solo play where all enemies are aiming at you, Glass Cannon can be very effective in group play but still risky.

    This also applies to having all reds, depending on build/setup/playstyle having blues can make all the difference:

    • Up in their face it's best to have some blues.
    • Distance killing does not really require blues, just requires better judgement where you fight.
    • Skill build does not really require blues, just requires better judgement where you fight.

    It's all a judgement on playstyle, you can't have the best of both worlds, play risky with high dps or play safe with armor and lower dps........best thing to do is find a balance that suits your playstyle.

    Playstyle is everything.

    Here is some builds that can change playstyles (Ignore that max stats, they pretty much do the same thing wether maxed or not)

    Distance Build:

    AFK Build, well can be but way more effective if you shoot aswell (Recommended)

    In your face build:

    All of the above builds gets me through Heroic, do i die?.....yes but very rare, again find that playstyle and all things will fall into place.

    Most of all.....Have fun!!!!

  • Merphee
    117 posts

    @greymouseuk Oh, no I am half the age of most players here. I was only relaying what I've read in the past. 😁

  • Sock_Monkey
    586 posts

    @indigital Like merphee said below: I have 20 years on you, so you are far from "too old." Are you a new player? Maybe not used to the play style?

    When I first started Div 1 back in March of 2016 I was beyond horrible, but I had never played this type of game before, so I was struggling with the mechanics, the idea of crafting, combining talents, etc. Now I am pretty decent at it and can play PvE very well.

    One thing I am definitely "too old" for: PvP in the DZ. I just can maneuver like these little kids that spend all day playing do - the old fingers don't work that fast. It's a given I lose more often than I win, but I just take it as the "half glass full" approach: the occasions I do win it's a major victory for me. 🙂

    If only in those cases the kids new the guy at the other end was a grayhair. (lol)

  • Sock_Monkey
    586 posts

    @rodnaz This - totally.

    I can do Heroic even solo, but it gets so dang monotonous it's just not enjoyable any more.

    I find Challenging with a lot of Directives still poses a good challenge with having to kill and kill and kill and kill....

  • Draevik
    6 posts


    My favorite build so far is

    Quick view
    High survivability with good constant CC, damage is fairly high considering you are nearly all armor based.

    Firewall Spec
    5 blue, 2 red, 1 yellow (all pieces changed to armor except for 1 DPS piece)
    Around 1.6-1.7 mill armor, with Belstone/Memento 70k armor regen, Plus max stack fixer drone 30K HPS = 100k healing per second
    Fully stacked CHD with talents: 190 to 200%, Max CHC 60%

    Rifle - Lightweight M4 all stability mods, CHC scope, with Strained (yes strained, slow fire rate leaves most of the magazine with max stacked damage), Hits for 1mill+ bodyshots. I also like the Police Mk17, strained talent as well. This allows more burst damage which is suitable for hit and run firing from cover or taking pot shots under heavy fire to thin enemies.
    Shotgun - Scorpio for CC or The Mop with preservation for more survivability
    Kard 45 with Finisher

    Tip of the Spear 4 piece (running chest piece)
    Memento Backpack
    Belstone 1pc with armor regen and an offensive stat or Repair skills
    Fox's Prayer for DPS
    All mods CHD or CHC up to 30% (do not go high above 30% because finisher will keep you maxed)

    Striker Shield and Fixer Drone

    Pretty simple playstyle, start every fight with the flamethrower, then immediately finish that enemy with the handgun. Switch to shotgun or primary. Rinse repeat. Dance between shield and cover to allow your passive regen to fix your shield and armor. For heavies, shield enemies or robotics use your flamethrower to just circumvent their defense, and alternate between setting burning status to Scorpio stacks to perpetually CC enemies.

    I may upload a video later on demonstrating this build. Nothing uber or meta, but it is very fun.

  • Draevik
    6 posts

    @indigital Here is a video of the firewall build I was talking about. There are tons of builds out there that can allow you to do pretty much any content.

    Ignore the terrible aim, I use an Xbox controller on PC, I used to be a diehard K/M but carpal tunnel syndrome was creeping up lol

    Grand Washington Hotel - Solo Heroic - Firewall - Tip of the Spear

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