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  • Noxious81
    487 posts
    (...) don't remind me of getting stuck in that mission for more than 4 and a half hours, (...) and this was on the first week where the medic boxes were invincible pretty much (...)

    Legendary strongholds had some.... issues back then. True. And they were even harder than they are now. Plus with the Scorpio, the Memento, and the AFK-skill-builds legendary content nowadays got opened up for a much wider range of also rather unexperienced or less skilled players. It's definitely not such a special accomplishment anymore as it was in the early days of legendary strongholds.

  • N7.Lemon
    14 posts

    @zombiattack legendary mode is the saving grace of this game. Use an EMP and take your time to learn the AI. Skill builds are almost necessary, unfortunately, especially when starting out.

  • Noxious81
    487 posts
    (...) Skill builds are almost necessary, unfortunately, especially when starting out.

    They totally aren't. Maybe for beginners, for players who on purpose want to punch above their weight before having soaked up enough experience to be actually ready for this game mode.

    Skill builds are the reason why people don't bother to learn anything about the game's mechanics, about enemy archetypes and their behavior, about creating builds on their own, about playing and functioning as a team with certain roles, or how to adapt to certain situations.

  • Adrian-11
    799 posts

    Well, what do you know... The same day I said Legendary is not for me, I completed the DUA on Legendary.

    Just one of those coincidences. I responded to a call for backup and found myself in the heat of the battle at the DUA street entrance. First thought was "55hit! I need to get out of here", but then I do hate when other people do that to me and decided to stay and do my best.
    So, to my surprise, we managed to clear the area, and two more players joined. My SHD level was the lowest (no crazy numbers on the others tho). I let the group know that I have very little experience on Legendary, and advice is welcome. The advice was "don't rush forward, don't let them corner you, stay with the group".
    And from there on, we had great fun. I was quite lucky to run into these guys, totally random group.
    One thing that I want to highlight is the difference in thinking and attitude re. group play. There was a sketchy moment when a bunch of very aggressive chungas charged surprisingly fast and cornered us, three of us went down. We all ran into players that mash the signal for help button, or rage-quit the mission. This experience was the opposite! The lead (one of the downed) reaction directed at the still alive player was "Run bro, run!". And run he did! Chungas retreated to their usual area after a while and we were revived after a bit of wait. Nobody quit and there was no signal for help.
    All three other players ran with DPS/Skill hybrid builds, I was all DPS. If the missions stats are to be believed, I ended up with most damage and most kills, but I do owe the completion of the mission (about one hour) to the skills of the others, able to counter and block White Tusk toys and charges. I've also been offered a pile of god-rolled items and a bunch of exotics (sadly, none of the ones that I miss) that dropped for the other guys.
    To the ones still doubting random group play, yes, there is the risk you might run in some a55hats, but there are also good chances to encounter good groups, risk and reward.

  • HonestlyOK1986
    100 posts

    Some people just arent good enough for legendary, at least you can recognise that and move on 👍

  • N7.Lemon
    14 posts

    @noxious81 I disagree that builds that rely on electronics (skills) make a player's ability in play obsolete, as with proper technique, an operator running in tandem with a dummy ai companion skill (such as turrets, drone, utility via pulse) can leave the firearm obsolete in certain scenarios, allowing for the combat to take place managing the more advanced mechanics like AI behavior leaving the ai competitively overwhelmed as you maintain aggro between your bot and you. Also: trying to stretch to a build's full potential is always present, as you plan ahead.

    currently running sniper turret on a new hardcore build

  • Imagine_Brata
    236 posts

    Training is the key to success in Legendary

  • PT_Frizzer
    11 posts

    The problem is that many players don't have the patience to progress the game and want to just go to the limit. without decent builds and knowledge. I do a lot of legendaries (almost I just do these kind of missions) almost everyday and I do matchmake and the most of the time I join teams of very low level players with no decent builds and worst with directives activated. Crazy. We know what happens next. All dead at the begining. I don't care to carry one low level player, but 3!!! No, thanks. I'm there for the fun, I like to help but not with no skilled players who go rush the Npcs and don't know how to play and and want to know (some of them)

  • echolecter
    117 posts

    @pt_frizzer That happens when the only way to get some decent to maxed out gear within reasonable time is by doing these missions. And the false believe that using directives actually alters the drop ratios, which isn't the case because you only have a slightly higher chance but still the end result can be 0%. Main reason for me not doing any of them is that it simply takes to long to complete them, and I will most like get fed up when half way ... I'd rather go faster and onto the next.

  • echolecter
    117 posts


    When you are using a properly setup skill build, the player doesn't have to do much other then select the targets. Been using one in summit last week and just sitting in the back with turret placed at the right spot, and drone flying around. You could really see when my skills started hitting NPCs and the speed in which they were taken out. Even elites went down in an instant as opposed to when other players that used their weapons and exposing themselves with risk to go down. There are certain talents (combos) that apply so much extra damage to skills it is kind of ridiculous and as a player you don't even have to move or peek when using cover.

    Cudos when you're doing Legendary missions with your hardcore character.

  • RichardOshea
    167 posts

    @noxious81 I tend to agree with your point about players reliance on a build without understanding its peculiarities or playstyle. One example would be the turret/drone build (which is only AFK if you want to run it in the least efficient manner), another would be M1A/Focus/Shield. The number of times I've watched players complaining about a bullet sponge in a video while I'm staring at a fully exposed yet fully intact weakpoint is enough to know that the player's problem isn't the AI or the build but themselves and their lack of knowledge vis-a-vis enemy architypes, abilities, strategies and tactics etc etc.

    Know your enemy.

  • Metal_Greg
    89 posts

    @richardoshea exactly.

  • WrecK3rr
    80 posts

    @zombiattack Yes it is a Joke! but I mean it in the opposite way.
    With the right build and Squad, it is a Joke Indeed.
    Won't specify which builds though, don't wanna trigger any nerfs. 😬

  • N3mB0t
    370 posts


    legendary summit is not even a joke , with a few tricks its like there are no enemies ☺

    dont wanna trigger any nerfs too so ill just say no more 😂

  • apsingh1
    34 posts

    I can say that Today specifically, Legendary with 4 directives was unplayable because of poor connection to server, normally my ping is 60-70 but today it was ~226. I think you are having trouble because of that. And to Ubisoft::: Fix your fkd servers. If you want proofs, I can give you link of my streamed video!!

  • Metal_Greg
    89 posts

    @wreck3rr yup, even heroic is way too easy, especially solo, mostly reds with very few enemies in each encounter. I remember the first time I solo'd a heroic back when there was plenty of elites and loads of enemies, I really felt like I accomplished something.

    i do feel like the drones and airburst in legendary could be toned down a bit tho.

  • tcarlisle2012
    147 posts

    Legendary is not a joke.... jokes are fun, and legendary is not.

  • Noxious81
    487 posts
    (...) I disagree that builds that rely on electronics (skills) make a player's ability in play obsolete, (...)

    currently running sniper turret on a new hardcore build

    Sorry, I was a away for a while but I still wanted to reply to you:

    I totally agree with you as long as the skill actually requires the player to interact with it, to actively use it in order to be efficient. In fact I am only referring to the skill builds using the Assault Turret and the Striker Drone. While I do think that they are rather on par with for example a full red damage build (concerning the damage output of both skills sans Capacitor), this kind of build does too much on its own. While a DPS player has to aim and shoot and actively hit or chase a target, pick and switch targets, avoid aggro and deal with threats etc. etc., a drone/turret player can basically deploy both skills and then sit back and relax. I've seen players doing exactly that and only that in heroic missions, legendary content, and the discovery raid. They couldn't handle a single rusher, didn't know what to do with explosive drones or couldn't dodge a single grenade. Often they even don't even know how to safely revive a mate, because they're just not used to actively handle a situation.

    The same is kind of true for any well built Eclipse build with the Firestartet Chem Launcher: it does way too much on it's own. You at least have to set an enemy on fire by yourself, but as soon as the fire starts to spread it clears rooms even more effectively than the a AFK-drone/turret-build.

    The Sniper Turret for example is another story, because it kind of only is an additional gun for your agent. You still have to pick a target and actively shoot, the turret will not clean a room for you on its own.

  • D-Y-N-4-M-O
    28 posts

    The decoy is a great way to deal with the endless spamming. I'm surprised it gets slept on.

    I made a healer build with a tier 6 decoy and hive. It basically buffs team damage up to 30%, heals your team and protects them from spam. The decoy has a 90% threat level (tier 6). It carries all levels of players through legendary.

    Alps chest - Empathic Resolve
    4 x Future Initiative.
    BTSU gloves for hive haste and overcharge.

    Skill haste and repair skills on everything. Survivalist Spec.

  • xcel30
    414 posts

    @rimbo-[censored] Yeah it's pretty danm great, it's the main skill i use whenever i'm using Glass Cannon since i won't have to bother with the extra damage i will recieve if they don't shoot me, gives me enough time to drop a few of them and be safe in cover

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