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  • D-Y-N-4-M-O
    27 posts

    @xcel30 Yep, full damage builds like glass cannon or focus can run riot and tier 6 decoy on a CC/healer/damage-buff build is even more of a spam magnet. If the 3 damage players can prioritise enemy threats and target the engineers first, enemy weak points like chungas backpacks and ammo chains etc the whole thing becomes a walk in the park.

  • N7.Lemon
    14 posts

    @noxious81 as far as the classic assault turret + drone build, I can agree that it can be laissez faire to run, however I feel the damage output is proportionally lower compared to, what a skll build is truly capable of. Also yeah the fact that these players are not able to cover their sector when rushed is darwin at his best.

    As for Eclipse, I can agree as well that in its current state it is almost broken. Being able to EMP pulse almost an entire room to death with a vile/ eclipse build is legendary summit on easy mode certainly.

  • CorTeZ667
    13 posts

    @zombiattack The builds are only part of it, positioning is everything in Legendary. Since you don't mention that, I'm guessing you guys were taking up the wrong positions. I'd focus on that rather then build videos. Even better, find someone who knows what thier doing and have them walk you through them, area-by-area (I was lucky enough to have a jedi master randomly drop in to the group the first time I tried Legendary; went smoother then some Heroic missions). If your on X-box, I'd be happy to take you guys through them. Their really not that bad, once your standing in the right place.

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