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  • Noxious81
    466 posts

    Just to quickly sum up the way to receiving Ridgeway's Pride as I recall it:

    Step 1:
    Acquire all the five pieces that drop from Summit Caches (the first pieces from floors 1 to 20, the second piece from floors 21 to 40, and so on). I think they changed the names of all five pieces to show in what set of floors they drop. The five pieces are a Body Armor, Shoulder Pads, a Hunting Knife, a Flag Patch, and Dog Tags.

    Step 2:
    Complete an ascent to receive the Ridgeway's Pride project.

    Step 3:
    Donate an exotic component, a Zero Fs vest, and a weapon with the talent Sadist.

    Step 4:
    Kill named enemies from each faction and donate faction keys (I really can't remember how many).
    Kill two Rogue Agents (PvE, not PvP) and two Hunters (used to be three but that got changed quite some months ago).

    Step 5:
    Be awarded with the blueprint and a Zero Fs as you will need to craft the Ridgeway's Pride at the Crafting Bench.

    Is that still correct?

    If yes, you can check in your inventory, in the Resources tab, what pieces you already own. In case all five are yours, completing the next ascent will reward you with the project.

    Rodnaz, you already seem to be at step 4, so killing two Hunters with the character that has the project activated should complete this step (if the project is only missing those two kills). The Hunters in the open world also worked for this. I don't know whether Schaeffer's Hunter also counts towards this progress, but it sounds like a good idea. Just give it a try on normal or hard and check the project...

  • Rodnaz
    Original poster 70 posts

    @noxious81 Thanks for that list. I am pretty sure I have everything on your list & is checked off plus 5 vest pieces are in resources. All I need is two legit hunters & I killed them with the wrong player.😖 Oh well I'll get em, this has taken far longer than expected.

  • Noxious81
    466 posts
    (...) All I need is two legit hunters (...)

    Kill them! Give 'em good. Let them feel your wrath! And in case you're not planning to do so on floor 100 of The Summit, I'd really give Schaeffer's final manhunt mission a try. Good luck, agent!

  • Virtual-Chris
    756 posts

    In my case, I’m now at floor 70. I missed the first two pieces of the vest on the lowest levels. I have the middle two pieces.

    I’m guessing the path of least resistance is to go back and start over at floor 1 to get the first two pieces. Then continue from there.

    Im guessing I cannot go do the first 20 floors again to get the missing pieces and then skip back to 70? Or can I do that?

  • xcel30
    404 posts

    @virtual-chris By yourself? nope, but you could resetting and using matchmaking to go back up faster or keep your 70 floor progress and matchmake and hope for someone in the low levels. Game will save the highest floor you were, so if you matchmake and actually go lower, then you won't lose your floor 70 progress

  • Adrian-11
    798 posts

    @xcel30 @Virtual-Chris

    But if you matchmake at floor 100 (or higher than 70), your progress will boost to that level. And if you complete 100, you are back to floor 1.
    I learned the hard way.

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