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  • Virtual-Chris
    Original poster 800 posts

    @txdieselkid I need to find a Hollow Man mask... sounds interesting!

  • dagrommit
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    @virtual-chris FYI, Hollow Man is a DZ "exclusive" item, though the vendors occasionally sell it, and it can also drop from named item caches.

  • Adze.
    12 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Adze.
    12 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Adze.
    12 posts

    Hell no, I don't use Glass Cannon. Why would I want 30 percent extra DPS for 60 percent extra incoming damage when I can have 60 percent extra damage for a small movement penalty instead?

    I only play Legendary so GC would not be sensible because there is no way I could play as aggressively as I do with GC equipped and I do a LOT more damage without it!

  • LateNiteDelight
    1040 posts

    @adze because Focus/Crusader/Rifle is boring. Sure, it works, but oof. I am biased though, in that I don't think the Crusader Shield should allow for precision aiming [hipfire STB/ACC with reload penalty].

    I'd much rather MMR, personally.

  • Adze.
    12 posts

    @latenitedelight Yeah, I need to give MMR a proper chance.

  • InDigital
    26 posts

    Using Kinetic momentum instead of Glass Cannon in Rigger build.
    Using Capacitor to shoot targets for skill damage increase so i can't take damage myself.
    50% is to much i would insta-die.

  • N3mB0t
    899 posts


    you can just use perfect in sinc and just spit some bullets over the cover without exposing yourself then , you loose 20% from the capacitor but you gain more on the chest with glass cannonn because damage is amplified/ multiplied instead of the additive of the kinetic.

  • TxDieselKid
    322 posts


    It's hard to find in this state, but not impossible:

  • Virtual-Chris
    Original poster 800 posts

    So I’ve spent the last several days on the Guardian Event with a Hunter Fury run and gun build with perfectly unbreakable and a shield, and man, it is brutal going back to a PGC build after that. They require very diffrrrny play styles. The transition is brutally hard to make.

    2 posts

    @virtual-chris Glass Cannon all day. Armor in this game is useless. So why would I not go all damage. Burst them faster then they shred my armor. I do play with Armor on kill though. I actually tested this out. I made a all armor build. As much as the game would allow me to have. 2 piece foundry bullwark, 1 piece Gila guard, 2 piece badger tuff. All rolled to armor and I even rolled health on everything. All maxed out with armor and health. I knew I would do no damage. Just curious how the armor would hold up on heroic and Legendary. USELESS as I thought. I ate maybe 1 or two extra bullets.

  • N3mB0t
    899 posts


    one or two extra bullets? you dont know what you are talking about.

  • Adrian-11
    896 posts


    I have a 4-pieces Foundry Bulwark build (no chest and backpack) with 4 blue cores and nothing else blue, and it feels like no one can bother me too much.
    Perhaps you are talking PVP, that's different story.

  • ArcherIXI
    8 posts

    I'm almost exclusively a raid player at this point, most of which (95%) is Dark Hours speed-running.

    I think I have Perfect Glass Cannon or Glass Cannon on nearly every single build that I run for the raids, apart from a few special support builds that buff group damage.

    The reason being that 25% (or 30% for PGC) AMPLIFIED damage is a massive boost, and its on 100% of the time for every damage source you put out.

    Bullets? Amplified
    Oxys? Amplified
    Negotiators? Amplified

    You get the idea.

    After an extended time of using GC on builds, its now like normal play to me. I don't feel squishy and my play has evolved to simply avoid taking damage while still being able to be mobile.

    Granted, I don't play things like Legendary content where it is an issue, mostly because I've done them once and don't really get any more value from running them over and over again.

  • WalkinTarget1
    37 posts

    An update on this thread, as I posted about my 100+ builds with not a single one using GC. I took one of my 'Squad of 3' builds (usually a 1/0/5) and changed it up a bit - I ended up with a 0/2/4 (5 with Technician) and an Empress vest with GC - part of the usual 3pc Empress, 1pc Wyvern and 2pc Belstone. To offset the fact that I am so soft, I went with Bloodsucker on the Belstone bag to give me plenty of armor coming back. To say I was stunned at how effective the build is is an understatement, as I am finding that I have yet to go down, I just do less shooting to trigger In Sync on my Police M4 or my Capacitor.

    The 2 blues and Belstone do a very good job of negating any damage incoming, and while Bloodsucker isn't doing me any favors for damage, its making it feel like I am not taking in 50% more dmg from the enemy. I typically run Heroic, and so far I am glad I gave it a try, but I have a LOT of hours into this game and I know how to position myself well.

  • Oatiecrumble
    600 posts


    Give the following a try:

    3 x Empress
    1 x Wyvern
    1 x Hana-U
    1 x Wave Form

    Perfect Combined Arms
    Glass Cannon
    Perfectly in Sync

    One piece of gear rolled with Armor due to Technician

    It's dps will go through the roof 💪

  • Milenko27
    3 posts

    I use perfect gc in my Pestilence build.
    2x Providence, chest and backpack, perfect glass cannon and vigilance.
    1 Petrov
    1 Walker Harris
    Deathgrips gloves for survivability
    Sawyers kneepads (exotic) 1.1 mill armour.
    Pestilence as Main weapon striker drone and reviver hive, gives Pestilence tiks up to 1.2 mill.
    Now and then i switch the deathgrips for Constructor gloves and add a second walker and Harris, 900 k armour, Pestilence tiks up too 1.45 mill
    This is the build i have been heving fun with lately, play on heroic solo

  • WalkinTarget1
    37 posts


    Since I just tossed the build together yesterday, I was just getting comfy with it as it was. I have both a Waveform and a Hana-U PCA bag with good rolls, so I will give it a try. That's one of the benefits of having so many chars in the game - I can farm for hours and spread out the max roll gear to other chars and loadouts. And I also rotate amongst my accounts to get 6 exotic caches just for donating to the weekly project.

    I know I will miss the extra blue and Bloodsucker combo, but the damage output will undoubtedly be higher. The issue I have with dropping a blue is you are left wide open to a roaming patrol that can easily expose you at a moments notice, and then that GC vest will do you no favors at all.

  • Virtual-Chris
    Original poster 800 posts
    The issue I have with dropping a blue is you are left wide open to a roaming patrol that can easily expose you at a moments notice, and then that GC vest will do you no favors at all.

    Who needs blue?! There’s infinite armor everywhere (aka cover). Equipping it on your character is a waste. 😄

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