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  • d-warrior
    13 posts

    The appearances of newer items (armor from the Paris dlc and more recent store items) are not available when changing gear appearance at the blacksmith.

  • UbiStorm
    Ubisoft Support Staff 377 posts

    Hello @d-warrior ! Just to clarify this a bit, is this only applying to new pants? Or is it all new gear? Would you also be able to send me a screenshot of this as well?

    Official Response
  • Jamzhw
    1 posts

    I can't see the Vinland armor at all in the Change Appearance tab.
    I had it a few weeks back but now all the items are just gone, even went back to Vinland to see if I still had them there, and I did.

    Any info on this?

  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 459 posts


    Hey there.

    The development team is aware that the Vinland armour is one of a few sets affected by this issue. If possible could you provide a video showing that it's missing for you and also ensure your latest save is on the cloud please? Once I've got these from you I'll submit those to the team. Thanks!

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  • deaserex
    9 posts

    @ubistorm This applies to everything, all gear helix, all gear DLC, all gear armors, weapons, tattos, animals. They have to increase the size to hold more stuff as it happened in odyssey. there is a size limit shown in the blacksmith and that is the error and it also happens in the other places. if you go to the blacksmith and downgrade an armor to the lowest level some aesthetic things start appearing

  • Girlwithyellow
    9 posts

    Missing Paladin Chainmail - Torso (the rest from the set is there) as transmog option at the blacksmith (I checked blacksmith in my Settlement, Paris and Ireland too, missing everywhere).
    Also the Galloglach Armor (torso) icon in the Blacksmith menu is actually Merchant Blouse, while Merchant Blouse is missing as a option.

    At this point I'm not sure is there something more missing, but I'll report again if I notice.

    A video link for Blacksmith menu:

    Here is a picture of Galloglach Armor with Merchant Blouse icon (you can also see this in the video too):

    Here is a picture of Paladin Chainmail torso from my inventory (just to make it clear that I do have this item)

  • Haggy51
    40 posts

    Not sure if this the right place, but ever since the last TU (and maybe a bit before) none of the blacksmiths have the leg armour items available for upgrade (or transmog). I've tried going to different areas from the atlas (since sometimes that fixes things) but no luck. I busted my butt to get the Lugh armour set in the recent river raids but I'm stuck with bottom tier bottoms!

    Playing on PS4, all latest updates installed.

  • Girlwithyellow
    9 posts

    Hey @haggy51

    That issue is currently targeted to be addressed in a future update:
    •  Blacksmiths in all locations do not have the option to Enhance Gear for Pants. 
    • Workaround: Equip the pants you want to upgrade

  • Haggy51
    40 posts

    @girlwithyellow Thanks ... *doh* Of course that work-around didn't even occur to me. 👍

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