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  • Rodnaz
    69 posts

    @virtual-chris I put little effort into this game anymore. I'm at 750+ SHD with 4 Toons & only a tiny fraction of drops are a decent roll. I just went 70 floors in the summit playing for gear rolls only & I got one CHC that is @ 4.8%. Wow now it only takes 8 shots to kill instead of 12. Basically I just play when motivated & donate for weekly SHD points. If I did not have 4 players my SHD would easily be less than half.

    Massive/UBI plans of boring us to death has worked to some degree. Some have been buying other games while waiting for TD 3 or a fall update. Others including me not so much. No rush, the future could be a dead end.

  • Virtual-Chris
    Original poster 621 posts


    Yeah… it’s like standing in a long line for something and the lines not moving. Eventually, you say F’ this… it’s not worth it.

    I mean, let’s say that they doubled the SHD optimization resources available… it would still be painful. Even if you got one SHD optimization resource for each watch level (5x current), that would still make it the most constrained resource by a big margin.

    There’s got to be some visible progress to make any grind feel like it’s not a waste of time. In this case, they went too far with the grind vs reward.

    When you need to start farming with multiple characters, it’s just ridiculous.

  • SuspiciousPixel
    71 posts

    Remember a time before optimization? Now you can't have your cake and eat it too now that you have it. Most of your problems will be solved playing in a group or joining a clan and having people share their items. But if your response is that you prefer to play solo then that is the path you've chosen and may the RNG Gods be in your favour. If you're on PC and ever need a hand then I can help with farming and I'm sure that there are others here willing to do the same.

  • DutchLMB4ever
    128 posts

    @virtual-chris Wauw... 1 SHD point from a summit cache.
    So it's even worse lol

  • BT3241
    83 posts

    If you want fast SHD points start another Character what ever level of SHD your current character has will automaticly be awarded to your new character. So if your current Character has 3000 SHD points your new character will be given 3000 points when he gets his or hers watch. My 4th character has over 4 thousand points to use and I think i got 2000 a character on the other 3. No you don't have to play them just get them to getting their watches.Having 4 characters will give you 4X the points.

  • DutchLMB4ever
    128 posts

    @bt3241 true but I have a new account lvl 500.
    So my points will be 100 per agent that lvl up to 40.
    For now I have 3 lvl 30 characters as stash slaves.
    And from the first 1000 lvls you get 250 SHD.
    The other 750 goes to weapon dmg, crit chance, skill dmg, armor etc.
    But besides that your right indeed.

  • LateNiteDelight
    447 posts

    @dutchlmb4ever Optimization is targeted at end game players with an SHD>1000 and having all the blueprints. That's what it's tuned for and that's why VC is frustrated - because he's not there yet. Plus, you need to think in timescales versus farming for that better drop - how long would it take to get that better piece without Optimization?

    When every watch point is an SHD point, and you can craft SHD from a quick resource run - it's more manageable [and using alt toons makes it much more bearable]. Also, this game has always been frustrating for Looter people - same with every looter shooter. It is always the number one complaint on forums, only fixed by not caring as much about loot.

  • BT3241
    83 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • BT3241
    83 posts

    OK if you say so its a complete waste of time everything I said was not true so don't do it. I'm rolling in points I have so many i don't know what to do with them.

  • Virtual-Chris
    Original poster 621 posts


    Thats a good strategy… Smart. My point was, that you shouldn’t have to resort to this.

  • Virtual-Chris
    Original poster 621 posts


    You’re right but IMHO, optimization shouldn’t even be necessary. Max rolled items should drop a lot more often than they do, and then recalibration would be enough. And you shouldn’t have to get to level 1000 (do you realize how preposterous that sounds?) to get to a point where you can maximize your gear. It’s all rather ridiculous if you step back and think about the time invested and ROI on that.

  • YodaMan3D
    0 posts

    @virtual-chris The fear Massive and Ubi have is that everyone reaches the same point you are feeling you are at now. If they don't find a way to drag the hunt out, players get board or tired of playing too soon. Then you got to ask yourself what happens to those players before Massive or Ubi releases a their next big thing. I understand where you are at. I have always felt RNG is broken when it takes forever to get any gear worth having. Yet others complain that they have gotten everything they wanted in no time. Find ways to enjoy the game on your level.

  • LateNiteDelight
    447 posts

    @virtual-chris the problem is, you've got folks willing to put in 1000+ hours. I don't envy needing to balance between the more casual and more dedicated player. You see a marked drop off of engagement once someone maxes out their loadouts - the carrot is gone, and then they need more content - but the suits at Ubi were too focused on Star Wars & Avatar $$$ to authorize it.

    You don't need max gear to complete legendary content - it's an inward ocd issue they exploit, that I'm sure everyone here has been sucked into [or still are]. I'm just as guilty as the rest - which is why I started doing Heroic & Legendary, even though I got annoyed by the sponge [I'd prefer harder AI, with better timing, accuracy and flanking]. Optimization meant I could just play Challenging + Directives and gear up just as fast, without the annoying sponge.

    "The RNG sucks" is the refrain you hear in every. single. looter-shooter. It is impossible to please nearly anyone with RNG - but they have plenty of data that shows where to put the line between - and they all have a similar point, because people will moan and whine, but still keep grinding. I had plenty of "RNG sucks" stretches myself - then I eventually stopped caring [once I had my main builds to 95% perfect]

  • DutchLMB4ever
    128 posts

    @latenitedelight @latenitedelight
    Maybe it is for lvl 1000 players but you can optimize at lvl 40 maybe even 30 (never looked)
    Anyway, all blueprints or not, you should be able to farm SHD points for the moment you find good pieces you want to optimize.

    Compared to D-tech from Div1,
    SHD points are annoyingly rare and they are the same thing.
    And 5 SHD points for 500 electronics and 500 of the 2 other materials isn't a quick run imo.
    15 shd points and all your stuff is gone lol
    That's 4500 materials for 1 upgrade of 0.5%.
    Way too much.

    Same with that trash cap of 1500 materials
    That force players to farm after 3 crafts.
    We need a way higher cap so we can spend a game session to craft/recalibrate/optimize stuff. (If you would want to do that)

    Or only getting black tusk tactical assessments in legendary modes.
    For players like me, that only do legendary stuff it's annoying asf.
    Forced to do lower difficulties and therefore get lower rewards to be able to optimize stuff.

    That 😆

  • LateNiteDelight
    447 posts

    If you really want to juice your SHD, try playing with directives on. Challenging + 4 or 5 directives dramatically sped up my SHD/hr. Heroic gives more XP, but I can clear Challenging fast enough that it offsets the difference.

    I was gaining about 250 SHD per season without [I didn't play much outside Season events/challenges], then in season 4 when I started doing that, I gained about 350.

  • LateNiteDelight
    447 posts

    @dutchlmb4ever the cap on materials is very annoying - I've asked many times for it to be raised.

    I've also suggested adding SHD to more rewards.. don't disagree with anyone asking for more SHD, I just don't think Massive will change it further than they already did.

  • Virtual-Chris
    Original poster 621 posts

    So I put all my gear into a spreadsheet to tabulate exactly what I need to optimize and the cost for the next optimization - which may not fully optimize some items. A couple of things are not worthy of optimization - I need to find a better piece of gear to work with. But here's what I found...

    • I have 32 pieces of gear in 5 builds (some items are used in multiple builds)
    • Some gear like my Eclipse set will never need optimization - just recalibration
    • I have 6 god rolled items
    • I have 25 attributes across all of these items that could benefit from one or more optimizations
    • To do one optimization to each of these 25 items would require 553 Faction Recon Data and 209 SHD Calibration
    • I currently have 112 Field Calibration and 7 SHD - LOL

    So I need roughly 200 SHD. That's another 1000 watch levels LOL. Or if I do 350 levels on my current character (which is level 350) and then boost another character to level 700 that would get me my 200 SHD.

    But that won't max out my gear, that will just be one optimization roll for each item that needs it.

    Finally, I still need another 400 Field Calibration Data. LOL.

    Keep in mind I've been playing now for 405 hours. I have 6 god rolled items! That's just ludicrous.

  • Oatiecrumble
    299 posts

    @Virtual-Chris you need to stop with the counting of optimization costs, it will drive you mad at the end, and also stop with how many god rolled items that have dropped in the hours you have played, that will also drive you mad.

    Over the time i have played (2,680h) i have kept around 5% of the god rolled items....go figure......i just take it on the chin or i too will go mad.

    I am at the moment optimizing a MPX with the worst rolls ever as i have never had a good rolled one drop and the way i am optimizing it is by just playing the game normally and having fun, now and again i optimize it but i don't go out of my way to do so.

    Looking at numbers will drive you insane 😛

  • Rodnaz
    69 posts

    @dutchlmb4ever I'm missing part of the equation I think. I had two players before WoNY. I took each player through & got watches. A while back I boosted two players & they both have watches. As it stands every player is at 770 SHD. I never had or received any extra points. I think one did but that was split up amongst all 4. I don't recall any player having extra points for extra optimization.

    Once I get to 1000 SHD it sounds like extra SHD will come a lot faster because every player will have reached max level?
    I think I'll need to retire from retirement just to do the math. Outside of that could I create 5th lvl 30 player for a 40 stash?
    I play challenging but gear near max rolls have been poor for me. If I do get a good roll it doesn't fit. I probably would not have played the Division if I was working. Hats off to all that do!

  • DutchLMB4ever
    128 posts

    I'm not sure if I understand you correctly but:
    Every agent you make lvl40 has the same points as your main character.
    You can re-spent:
    All the weapon damage points. (200)
    All the skill points. (200)
    All the weapon handling points. (200)
    All the armor points. (200)
    You also get the (200) SHD points again.
    (You don't get extra but the same)
    If you are watch lvl 2000.
    You get 200 points from the first 1000 levels.
    And 1 point for every lvl after lvl 1000.
    In this case 1200.

    So if you delete 1 of your 4 characters.
    Make a new character to lvl40.
    You get 1200 free/extra SHD points.
    Spent the SHD points.
    Delete the character.

    Spent your points on the new character.
    Then buy shared materials blueprint.
    This way if you have 1500 electronics on your main agent.
    You get the 1500 electronics from the new agent on top of it.
    Shows 3000 electronics in red color.

    This is 1200 points per 5 hour farm.

    PS: Yes you can put your lvl40 items on a lvl 30 character but only in the backpack.
    You can't equip them.

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