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  • Oatiecrumble
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    @Virtual-Chris great place for resources is Solar Farm control point, theres loads in and around the edges of it 👍

  • Noxious81
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    (...) But at least I feel like I can actually acquire the stuff to optimize gear now. It felt hopeless before.

    It totally isn't! And always keep an eye open for the boxes and bags holding mats in the open world. In case you didn't already know: Solar Farm! Go there, take it, activate "Loot Vision"™ by donating resources to the CP officer and find a [censored]load of materials sprinkled across the CP and the area to the west. (Edit: whoops, didn't see Oatiecrumble's posting as it was on the next page... sorrrrrry...)

    Another thing I can really recommend is strictly only optimizing the items that are perfect for your loadouts – except from maybe one or two attributes sitting "only" at 90 or 95%. Farming gear (or even crafting) is always a better and faster solution than optimizing if your gear is not yet close to being perfect. I mentioned it earlier in another thread: a lot of less experienced agents who do not yet have enough experience to know when and how to correctly use Optimization fall for the trap of optimizing gear that only has two desired but one useless attribute. Or a useless / inactive talent. Or that has way too bad stats to be optimized. Sometimes upon inspecting I even see items which were optimized but not recalibrated. All of that is a waste of scarce resources.

  • Adrian-11
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    Here to sing praise @N3mB0t

    Finally got together for a farming session, and in less than one hour I got the Ridgeway chest! (via shortcut - N3mB0t generously sharing one with me).
    And and I can confirm, he is one VERY lucky farmer. Keep in mind we played together less than one hour and he shared with me three exotics and a bunch of other good stuff. While grouped I even got a Tardigrade when on floor #2 of the Summit... on Challenging!!! None of the exotics ever dropped so fast for me, by far!

    Also, he is a VERY experienced player. Short play time, but high octane! Thoroughly enjoyed.
    Thank you!

  • N3mB0t
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    it was a pleasure to help , looking forward to some more gaming !

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