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  • ModalThread611
    98 posts

    @sock_monkey How would that be cheating though? Is this PC or something, since they do absolutely nothing about cheaters on pc. Well they really do nothing anywhere about people using exploits and glitches.

  • Sock_Monkey
    292 posts

    @modalthread611 Yes, it was PC (of course). My aging hands can never get the hang of console controllers, so I stick to slower games for PC, Xbox, etc.

  • Sock_Monkey
    292 posts


    LOL. Why do these cheaters bother though?

    I've said the same thing myself many, many times. I am clearly way too rational to comprehend the motive here.

    I mean, even if I am low on self-esteem, I can't see vaporizing everyone so easily boosting my ego because - I didn't actually do it ... the software did!

    So yeah, I don't have an answer, and I don't get it either.

  • Noxious81
    385 posts
    (...) I can't see vaporizing everyone so easily boosting my ego because - I didn't actually do it ... the software did! (...)

    This often is not about boosting the own ego. In such cases it's not about winning, it's about seeing the anger and frustration in other players. When they can [censored] of other players so heavily that they curse and swear via voice or text chat, that's what makes a cheater's day.

    "[censored] rolls downhill!" – and whatever [censored] they currently have to deal with will roll downhill a bit further for them, right to their cyber bully victims.

  • Sock_Monkey
    292 posts

    @noxious81 Interesting. You could be right, and if so, it only reaffirms my usual response: re-spawn and move either to another DZ, or to the other side of the same one.

  • XMdead
    89 posts

    TBH, issues like these is why I don't bother with PvP in many games including this one. I keep my PvP gor games that not only manage to control hackers but also have a very good gameplay balance instead of being skewed to making it easy for long-time players or P2W players to abuse those that have lesser gear.

    Having said that, I love the PvE aspects of The Division 1 dark zone. Unfortunately the redesign of the DZ in The Division 2 makes it too much of a flawed PvP place to be worth playing it.

  • Sock_Monkey
    292 posts

    @xmdead I've said the same thing. There were the exact same kinds of bad behavior in Div 1, but that DZ was designed infinitely better to deal with it. They didn't "announce" extraction calls to everyone in the DZ. It flashed on the map, but if you didn't look you wouldn't know the chopper was coming. But in Div 2 they wanted to be extra sure every ganker has "fair" opportunity to gang up and take your stuff. They even made the DZs extra small to ensure any rogues could run across the full width in the 150 seconds you have!

    I hemmed and hawed when Div 2 came out, uncertain I'd like it as much, but I can say with absolute certainty this will be my last game in the Division series.

    Besides, I don't use my full VR get-up nearly enough. Time to dust it off for this winter. 🙂

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