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  • Scythesabre
    11 posts

    I have Uploaded a cloud save. May I suggest to the developers to add a check to spawn the hurler near the tree in the middle that carries the key. If key not in inventory, spawn hurler with key. My running theory is for everyone that doesn't have the key, they've cleared the camp previously and something has gone wrong where the unit has never spawned or when they did spawn there was no key or it did not successfully get added to the player inventory. Very frustrating to have spent this long in the game and a bug is preventing me from finishing the platinum trophy.

  • Ubi-Oxavo
    804 posts

    Hello @Scythesabre , thank you for getting back to us with the screenshot and your feedback.

    I can confirm now that I forwarded your feedback and your saves to the development team.

    Thank you for your understanding while the team continue to look into this! Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

  • Orleanth
    3 posts

    @ubi-milky Can I get a solution to this anytime soon ?

  • Ubi-Viral
    2366 posts

    @orleanth Hi, thank you for your reply.

    At the moment this issue is still under investigation and there is not a solution at this time.

    Thank you.

    2 posts

    Good Morning,
    i have exactly the same issue. The latest patch is on my Xbox installed. Hope the Developer Staff will fix it in the next Patch. Stay tuned 🙂


  • Ubi-Auron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 257 posts

    Hi @der_cl4usen and thanks for the report!

    I've just checked the status of the investigation and it's still ongoing. We'll post info on forums, once we know more! 😊

    Official Response
    2 posts

    Still ongoing?

  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3421 posts

    I'm afraid so @der_cl4usen , with no further information available as of yet.

    When anything new comes through, we'll let you know!

    Thank you for your continued patience!

    Official Response
  • PresidentZidane
    2 posts

    Hi Ubisoft team. I've just finished AC Valhalla (main story) and have started roaming on the map to finish all the side quests. 
    As users on this thread, I have eliminated all enemies and have there were no key collected. 
    I've reloaded from another territory, have reloaded the game and finally have shut down/restarted PS5, and though the enemies were back in the bandit camp, still no key to be seen.


  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2778 posts

    Hey @presidentzidane

    I'm sorry to hear you are also affected by this. As you've probably seen, this is something we've reported already to the dev team to look into, but we don't have any news of a fix for this just yet I'm afraid. Please keep an eye on patch notes we post in the News and Announcements section whenever one releases to see if it should address this.

    Official Response
  • Riario77
    1 posts

    Hello, I have the same issue. Can you please try and fix this Ubisoft for us so we can get the platinum trophy. It's so annoying because even in Cyberpunk I could finish the game with 100% but not AC Valhalla because of this glitch. Just please try and spawn 2-3 keys if you can to that area so we can take that wealth. This bug makes me reconsider buying a game from Ubisoft next time. Have a nice day.

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