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  • cgcg1984
    2 posts

    Anyone knows when are they going to fix the campaing? It has been broken since the launching of the latest DLC.

  • Nicholas_Steel
    73 posts

    @sgtfauli Yes, I can confirm that generating a new game with Fog of War enabled allows the Schanpps quest to progress as intended. For those running in to other quests that have broken, was your game originally generated with Fog of War disabled?

  • BenDefo
    24 posts

    on the second attempt, the solution to the problem with disabling the explored map in the difficulty settings of the game worked, this was enough for the quest to work, transferring the port as well as leaving it in the original one did not affect the quest. Thank you to everyone who found this solution, and I would like it to be short-lived (translation)

  • tylosion77
    3 posts

    For me there was an update today, and after updating i saw my version was 11.1.101647. Did it go back to a previous version? Created a new campaign on the exact same options (full map revealed), and it works. But the map looks abit different, from what I remembered... 🤔

  • Nicholas_Steel
    73 posts

    @tylosion77 Being downgraded to v11 is a separate issue and is presumably caused by this Free Weekend promotion. v12 introduced the bug mentioned in this topic and I believe it affects new games as well as existing games (save files) of games where Fog of War was disabled when the game was first generated (if you're loading a save file you made after Family Bonds quest you'll encounter a different quest that's bugged).

  • kzuber88
    1 posts

    Still broken for me. Reinstalled game and verified the files. Only thing that works is to enable fog of war, which I don't want. Going to wait for fix before playing.

  • PurpleI0n
    1 posts

    started two days ago after restarting the game noticed after each new campaign start - would have well over 4 schapps in storage but no AI acknowledgement - love the game and wanted to start over with sandbox knowledge - but this bug is forcing me to go on break till after the free weekend is over? whats the issue as it's been discussed since 2019

  • FoxtrotF
    2 posts

    +1, Same for me, Edward quest, 4 schnapps, I have more than 4, seems AI don't see them, nothing helps, unable to progress further in campaign.Never had such issues in more than 100 hrs.

  • DasCapitolin
    4 posts

    @ubi-nacho This issue is far from fixed. I downloaded and installed the game on 9/3/21, and here I am on my third attempt to complete the quest 'Family Bonds'. I have removed and reinstalled the game. I have verified files. I even started a new campaign. Yet, here I am, along with so many others. The game seemed fun for the limited trial, but after so many bugged quests I won't need to play anymore - or consider buying it.

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