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  • JasonStampt
    21 posts

    I found another solution when the update happens again. I just click my profile then choose offline and go back to online, the update just disappears.

    The best we can do, only 2 things:

    1. Delete Cache
    2. Go offline and back Online.

    These two things are the only way for me to avoid download updates.
    I do this like 30 times +++, and it works. But this still sucks and it's complicated, at least we don't need to get sick download again.
    I hope Ubisoft fixes this, don't be lazy.

  • Fat_Old_Fart
    3 posts

    @kmarkopl wow only 1 update yesturday this is 3 time when i get this over 25Gb update foer inside 7 days update is bigger than watch dogs 2 whole game with DLC:s and time what it take is over 4 hour/update

  • boxthunder
    8 posts

    Perhaps there is a corrupt download/install. There has not been an update since their hotfix last week.

  • Fat_Old_Fart
    3 posts

    @boxthunder Every time when open ubisoft connect get over 25Gb update download before can even try play game and then continuoe or download saved game freeze 0 net traffic in or out

  • Warfik.CZE
    2 posts

    @fat_old_fart also, it always downloads over 25GB, it annoys me

  • Lysvander
    146 posts

    Any update? Anybody found a way to play without d/l 25gig each time?

    Tried everything listed here, even deleting cache and reconnecting shows a download button to update the game.

    Just can't [censored] play a new game i bought without downloading 25gig. Not to mention i have a limited data plan so downloading every 5 minutes is no option.
    Even though i played the intro it shows 0 time played, and i have a few days left for an attempt at a refund - still, just looking for a way to play a newly purchased game. Help would be appreciated.

    Can't believe merging threads and saying "i passed it on" is al we get. Surely something like this would have people jumping to get it fixed.
    *shrug* probably just me.

  • Lysvander
    146 posts

    @lysvander Have to reply to my own post because somebody, somewhere, decided you can't edit after 10 minutes. what. the. actual. [censored].

    Requested a refund and got it within a few minutes. Cheers. Can shove WDL, at least for the the being, where the sun don't shine. Worst purchase and customer support ever.
    Edit: Getting my money back was good, obviously - but this problem not getting the attention is what i was getting at. Disappointed this gets treated as something ... deal with it ... or the likes.

  • Fluffy_Nox
    4 posts

    @lysvander it got fixed in the meantime , lol
    people always rush with refunds, no patience at all 😁 😁

  • Martelinho40K
    108 posts

    @fluffy_nox It's not about the people don't have patience, it's about a bad product delivered by Ubisoft and don't get enough attention from the Devs team to properly fix the problem. People like "oh, it's just a simple bug, i will still put my money without remorse", it's the reason why you currently industrie sucks a lot.

  • GhostAgent14
    163 posts

    I'm on Xbox One, and I am also getting the now infamous 25GB update as we speak. Hmmmmm

  • Kobi_Blade
    8 posts

    2021, Ubisoft still doesn't understand of meaning of delta updates: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delta_update), that have been an industry standard for over a decade.

  • ostfalen
    6 posts

    I am getting 25gb today on pc again.....what is wrong with you ubisoft? nothing cures the problem for me dont give me your usual...

  • Fluffy_Nox
    4 posts
  • ostfalen
    6 posts

    @fluffy_nox oh ok...now I understand but updates this big makes me sad. I cannot play now for a day because of my connection. They really do not care.

  • alexnder_007_DK
    2 posts

    Why do i have to update watch dogs legion every day just because i don't install it on my *** C drive???....... I don't want to spend an hour+ evryday that i decide to play it just to update a game that haven't even got a *** update...

  • ostfalen
    6 posts

    @alexnder_007_dk I was mistaken too. There is indeed an update. the size however is not nice

  • azzeruk
    2 posts

    Right, think I have sorted it, I checked my download folders in settings, for some reason, it had changed the folder path to a standard Ubisoft one on my C drive, so I changed the folder path to the correct location on my D drive, let the download finish for one last time after changing back to D drive location and now it seems to be okay.

    The folder location was 100% set to my D drive download location, so I don't know if it somehow changed the folder path to the standard C drive location after an Uplay update.

    So check your download location and check its downloading to the correct folder/drive location you have the game stored in.

  • AORUS2017
    255 posts

    There was a fix to the loop update bug but people don't read the support forum.

  • mikeklien
    1 posts

    "Files for local user not found, please reinstall your game".

    I can play various times throughout a day, but the following day and 24 hours later, it reverts back to

    "Files for local user not found, please re-install your game".

    Please fix this ASAP and give us a New Game Plus mode too.

    I've spent over $700 on 3 copies of this game (1 Ultimate for PC and 2 Gold Editions for Playstation and X-Box),

    plus all the clothing packs too.

    I expect nothing but the best.

    Thank you!

  • stelabentley
    1 posts

    It appears, just from looking at this thread, that the issue only occurs for those of us who installed Watch Dogs Legion to a different drive or folder from the default.

    For me Windows 10 is on my C drive while all of my games, including Watch Dogs Legion, is on my D drive,

    and I am experiencing the same issue of repeat 25GB downloads making it impossible for me to even launch the game.

    With my slow internet it takes me 12 hours to run that 25 GB download and my ISP charges me $5 for that amount of data,

    so re-downloading a bunch of times is not an option.

    Now that it seems to be the case that re-installing the game on C might resolve the issue (no guarantee but that seems to be the fix based upon the above posts),

    that is not a viable option for me because having to re-download the entire 70GB would take 35 hours and cost $15,

    and since I already completed the game and would only be playing it for a second time that's just not worth it to me.

    Hopefully Ubisoft fixes the issue for us to be able to play as it was installed,

    since that was working fine for months up until September 2.

    All of my other games, including Ubisoft games Immortals and AC Valhalla, run fine from D.
    Optics4Birding: (https://www.optics4birding.com/)

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