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    @xjdkxzombie While more signature weapons taht are not directly tied to specializations could be fun way to experiment with weirder weapons (bows, nail guns, shotguns with custom ammo such as DB could work here), i do think that div 2 created a healthier system where gear sets and high end builds coexists way more than div1, where a lot of gear sets were bad and high ends way better with exotic armor being a joke, then completely flipped with classified gear sets turning everything else into a joke.

    For the weapons stuff... it won't fit a loot shooter the way you think because the did pretty much make a game like that, it's called ghost recon breakpoint and goddanm that loot system in the game is redundant and moronic, all weapons in share similar damage based on caliber (there's still a bit here and there due barrel lenght and other stuff) and attachments are purely about handling and not stats.... which makes the question of whats the point of actually having random loot? "Oh cool an blue rarity FAMAS, wait whats the difference between thsi and the green inferior FAMAS breakpoint?" "err... we added a number that says it's higher?"

    I'm not against these ideas being implemented into a game, i just think that no way this is going to work in division 2, i can't talk about how guns are going to work in heartland for example since all i know is that a lot of systems in there got a complete makeover, they have tried to make a loot shooter with realistic gunplay regarding weapon performance and they screwed up, don't see that as a strong argument for changing division 2.

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