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  • monkeyman232333
    13 posts

    This has been taking so long the French Revolution is pretty much over 💀

  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3898 posts

    Hey there guys,

    No updates yet I'm afraid.

    We appreciate this is frustrating always being told the same thing, however we can only share what's available to us.

    At the moment, this is still being actively investigated so rest assured the team haven't forgotten about this!

    Hopefully we'll have something to share in the future.

    Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience while this ongoing.

    Official Response
  • TalkerTV
    1 posts

    @ubi-theberry I understand the Ubisoft team likely doesn't want to dedicate too many resources to maintaining a game this old but there is a considerable amount of players who genuinely still enjoy this game and want to continue playing together on Xbox. Reading through nine pages of "official responses" just saying "Sorry, no update. We are still working on it." just tells us that it's not being worked on at all.

  • guest-spu8p209
    1 posts

    This is ridiculous, how do you still not have anything to share after 5+ months? We have been waiting all this time for the CORE feature in Unity to be fixed, and we are getting the same sentence, reworded, week after week. You clearly don’t care about the issue, and I’m done with Ubisoft until they decide to speak to us about this for real, not just dumb corporate talk.

  • Creation142
    5 posts

    I'm just now realizing that you can't unlock most of the late-game cosmetics without club competitions which is an online feature and is stopping me from buying legendary cosmetics that would be helpful to my playthrough. There are even more reasons that this game is suffering due to a lack of multiplayer. This could be fixed if you guys just implemented a system where people could host their own servers so you can stop beating around the bush with this problem. Please fix this already Ubisoft.

  • Creation142
    5 posts

    @tonymezaxd Trust me, this issue is happening on all consoles, pc, and ps4 alike.

  • MTJ5-85
    1 posts

    @colten424 just for you to know, it's not working PS

  • WesillyM4ng0
    5 posts

    Came back to thread after a month , Just to see the same response : No updates but we are working on it.
    Ubisoft put the game on sale just for the standout feature of the game not to work , It is blatantly obvious that they have nobody working on this issue. If they did they would have updates around the state of the servers.
    Can't belive that I have to say this again , But ubisoft is letting down everyone who plays AC games lately , from just terrible games and server issues , Come on ubisoft.

  • zilog180
    12 posts

    User: Who is working on it?
    UBI: Um, ... top people...
    User: Who?
    UBI: TOP People...
    User:... But, who?
    UBI: TOP ... PEOPLE!!!
    (End scene, fade to black)

  • caseyscott12
    1 posts

    i can't even connect to the ac unity servers as well nor can a friend of mine connect to the servers too i think it may because of the fact that it was tied into uplay at one point soo that maybe why the servers are acting up but that's what i think maybe the issue here

  • IcaroLS
    5 posts

    Same problem here on series x. Also on one fat/series s of friends. We still can't play. Hope for a fix soon. 🙏

  • x_ShadoVV_x
    1 posts


    This post right here explains it perfectly. I may not do software, but I do work on products in aerospace. Being diligent and truthful with your customers (internal and external) is beneficial and maintains a certain level of trust and understanding.

  • Ubi-Thrupney
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2836 posts

    Hey everyone,

    Thank you for your continued posts in this thread. I'm sorry for the frustration over the lack of updates.

    It's worth noting that we tend to be pretty transparent when an old game has an issue that is unlikely to be fixed - you'll see other posts here on the forum where I've said exactly that. We've made no such announcements for this issue of coop play in Unity. As such, while we don't have any updates to share on the particulars, I'd like to once again assure everyone that this issue is indeed being looked at.

    As ever, please let us know if there are further thoughts or questions in the meantime.

    Official Response
  • SuperVito018
    17 posts

    @ubi-thrupney And it took six months to admit that this game probably will not fix?

    Did you make fun of us saying they were investigating? Is this the seriousness of Ubisoft? Thanks, congratulations.

  • SuperVito018
    17 posts

    @ubi-thrupney So, now, how do you want to proceed for those who need to unlock the last two achievements to complete it? Show that you care about your customers and ask us for our account names to unlock achievements.

  • DouguiNEW
    9 posts

    @ubi-thrupney This is so ridiculous, almost 6 months without being able to play, while the team says that "it's investigating", and then comes to say that the game probably won't receive an update or anything... it's not for nothing that everyone calls it Ubisoft from "BUGSOFT"...

  • DouguiNEW
    9 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Niksobil
    7 posts

    @ubi-thrupney, if you fixed Splinter Cell Blacklist a few years ago, you can fix it and AC Unity will be alive as well.

  • zilog180
    12 posts

    @ubi-thrupney T. O. P.... P. E. O. P. L. E 🙄

  • AcrossConcrete
    4 posts

    I have been wanting to start this game(but won't, sadly) and through reading all these posts the support team are just giving everybody the runaround. What a joke, I'm on far Cry 2 and those servers are down and the other AC 360 games always going out. They absolutely do not care, about older titles. Hell even Treyarch fixed a long discontinued achievement a couple years ago. Only reason they did that was because they were threatened with a lawsuit 👎

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