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  • ClankkOG
    15 posts

    @zeldafanjtl1 @EvM5_ when it's been almost half a year and they haven't fixed anything, people have their right to be upset with Ubisoft. Is it the employees on the forum that are responsible for fixing it? Probably not, but this is the only active channel to communicate with Ubisoft.

    5 whole months and nothing has been fixed. The continue to sell the game marketing the co-op as a selling point. People are buying this game to play with friends, only to open in and find it doesn't even work and voided their opportunity for a refund.

    Don't tell people how to feel. Just because you don't mind getting ripped off doesn't mean everyone else has to accept it.

  • EvM5_
    5 posts

    Please read what both of us said. Nobody told you how to feel, and BOTH me and the other person expressed that we are in the same boat as you, frustrated that this is broken for so many months. I very much do mind getting ripped off. We simply discouraged turning that against the community people who are not directly responsible for this discomfort, and instead are trying to at least do their best at telling us this is still on the radar.

    You and everyone else here definitely has a right to be upset, very rightfully so. But don't berate people who don't deserve it.

  • Ldsjonboy
    3 posts
    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for your updates that issues are still present.

    These have been raised to the team who are continuing to investigate these connectivity issues.

    As we have done, we'll continue to keep you in the loop with any information we receive and apologise for the inconvenience.

    In case it helps...
    I believe it is NOT a connectivity issue, since the contact list in "My Contacts" isn't even populating. meaning its not the matchmaking system per se, rather it may be the social network program.
    I don't know if this has been pointed out or is the same for everyone else.
    I'm on Xbox, if that matters...

    Thank you

  • zilog180
    12 posts

    @evm5_ Working as the customer liaison for a company that doesn't care to fix a problem is tough.

  • nadirnadir77
    1 posts

    Hello ubisoft i have a problem with my Assasins creed unity i can’t play online because game writing me error of connection and 0x70000006 please help me
    and thanks if you respond me
    and my nickname is Nadii77130

  • VexdViper
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    Just thought I'd throw this out there for anyone who's just looking to get online to finish the last two achievements/trophies.

    I'm on PS4, and was getting error messages similar to the ones posted in this thread when I tried to join a co-op/heist mission through the progress tracker menu, but if you physically walk up to the mission's location in Paris/Franciade, then select "play in public" from there, you can sometimes find lobbies when you expand the search. I think part of the issue may genuinely be that so few people are currently online playing missions because the only way to join lobbies seems to be this method, with the progress tracker currently broken.

    Obviously not ideal for those who want to enjoy the online experience properly or play specific missions, but if it's just sync kills/revives you want to tick off then this method worked for me. Hope this helps someone with similar issues.

  • MauriceLePen
    3 posts

    @ubi-theberry I tried! My console is in a DMZ . A message said that I'm connected but I can't find my friends online in the game. When I tried to join or invite them a message appeared saying "connection failed".

    We are all trying to play on Xbox. In my case is a Xbox Series X.

  • DaRicO69
    4 posts

    @vexdviper I've tried this method on Xbox and sadly doesn't work.
    More than 40min in amplified search and the game can't find any mission or lobby to join.

  • FyreInsyde
    7 posts

    @darico69 Correct, the method described above does not work on Xbox platforms.

  • AltairDorian420
    2 posts

    @ubi-mushy should just tell them to fix it already

  • monkeyman232333
    13 posts

    Is it really hard to ask just for an amazing co op experience ive heard great thing bout the co op. Unity is by far my favorite assassin creed game and its sad to see after half a year just for it to not be working.. sad

    205 posts


    Agreed, if it was a major code bug like the long ago faceless eyes and teeth bug, that would be one thing as that needs a patch, but how hard is it to fix the proper servers to get them working again?

  • FluxB0x
    7 posts

    Hello Ubi,

    We are still unable to play in co-op.
    Do you care about your AC fan base ?

    Best regards

  • Bi9ode
    4 posts

    @hidden1ne I advise everyone to start filing complaints against Ubisoft Entertainment in the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website, until they provide a fix or at least an ETA for that. 

    Black Ops 3 had an unobtainable achievement for 3 years and this made Activision fix it.

    Here's the link https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/san-francisco/profile/computer-hardware/ubisoft-entertainment-inc-1116-13891: (https://bbb.org/us/ca/san-francisco/profile/computer-hardware/ubisoft-entertainment-inc-1116-13891)

    You can upload screenshots of the game and inform what do you want to be the resolution, and since the game has no servers anymore making it impossible to complete 100% it should've been delisted from digital stores, so I would ask this: "Either a fix for the issue or the removal of the game from stores, and the immediate suspension of sales while the problem persists". Just choose "other" when asked what you want as resolution an add that.

  • Trough20
    2 posts

    I just feel like the people getting these reports and saying there looking into it are really probably just putting it to the side and haven't probably even looked at em yet because they low key want people to stop playing it all together so they'll just breakdown and get the newest assassin's creed game though that's just my opinion

  • Niksobil
    7 posts

    Guys from Ubisoft. Just please make it happen, fix this little issue already. Why people need to suffer for such long period of waiting?

  • PainPotato77
    4 posts

    Still can’t play. Still can’t get all the achievements. Still won’t fix. What’s the deal? Could you, for once in your careers, give us an honest answer? The response so far should be given in training videos of what NOT to do when under the scope of your community. Do better, you’re only a AAA game development company. It must be so difficult finding a problem in a game that’s been launched over 8 years now.

  • SuperVito018
    17 posts

    Tomorrow, there will be a Celebration Livestream on the YouTube channel. Maybe they announce them that they have solved the problem ahahahah xD

  • jin497
    3 posts

    Online works and can connect to servers however matchmaking will never connect you with a player no matter how long you wait in a queue. Even if I know for a fact I have multiple people also queued waiting for it. And if you try to send invites it'll say connection failed. I think ever since Uplay was changed to Ubisoft connect it broke the matchmaking. You used to be able to receive in an game notification for an invitation however now it just sends as an Xbox notification and it no longer works. Really unfortunate because it's the only online coop AC game and still has a rather large following. Even more unfortunate that it is still being sold to new players as a co-op game and people purchase it with the intent to play co-op and it doesn't work.

  • jin497
    3 posts

    Also if you open a support ticket you get this response "My apologies for any inconvenience but we do not have reports of issues with connecting in Assassin's Creed Unity." So even those in support are unaware of issues despite multiple officials in the forum saying that it's being looked into and they're aware. This is honestly quite upsetting.

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