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  • swc1992
    19 posts

    @EvM5_ you are right it is just a game but this issue is beyond its like paying to see a football game and no players turning up. People have paid money to play this game and it's not working. As far as I can see from this thread nobody is being rude they are stating facts, which are either ubisoft don't care about a legacy product not working or the ubi contractors/ employees in this tread responding all the time with "no update as of yet" are not reporting these issue up the chain. You can't go 7 months with no official statement on why it isn't working other than what I have said.

  • EvM5_
    5 posts

    There's a reason I posted my message, I believe I can just leave it at that. We're all here for the slight chance ubi goes back to do something about this after all this time, might as well respect each other, is all I'm saying.

  • SonofS
    10 posts

    Please consider reporting the co-op problem using the new „Report a Problem“ app on Xbox. There you can record a clip or upload a screenshot showing that you can’t connect. Maybe this will help as well if enough people report it.

  • Voland-
    26 posts

    remember there were big server problems with ACB, ACR and AC3 servers? they fixed it, and few weeks later announced that they disc. servers for this games in september

    that being said, i think companies cant just turn off feature that they selling without further warning. meaning before they can put down AC Unity servers down for good, they need to actually fix this problem.

    i still dont understand why only xbox servers affected, though...

  • JannisBuechs
    2 posts

    Recently I've experienced some connectivity issues when it comes to playing Assassins Creed Unity online on ps4. When I go to the options or any other place where I should be able to go online, a pop up comes up with the text: Sorry, the required Ubisoft services are currently unreachable. Please try again later. For more information, visit assassinscreed.com/help. [0x70000006]
    I tried it again and again for a week by now. I tried visiting the link but nothing solves the problem.

  • Wretch_Like_Me
    2 posts

    Is there seriously still no update to actually resolve this issue? I have been having this issue for around 5 months now. Why is nothing being done to resolve this?

  • Wretch_Like_Me
    2 posts

    @Voland It isn't just xbox, its playstation too.

  • Lux-xi
    3 posts

    Sorry for the late response, I don't use this site very much
    No VPN is in use.
    Error code 0x70000006.

    To give more information, I'm able to walk up to the NPC that gives online missions and start a co-op mission, however nothing from any of the menus work, such as using the map to start a mission, same with any online feature in "Play Together" or "My Brotherhood" when a mission is started it does work as it normally would and would bring up this same error. In short it tells me that I am offline even though I'm still able to walk about the map and start an online mission... I waste a load of time running about the map to get to certain co-op missions. A fix would be very appreciated.

  • Scovolino77
    14 posts

    Hello @Ubi-MrM and @Ubi-Mushy !

    Can you please push harder and let the devs know about this xbox issue of broken servers/completely unable to connect to mp and play co-op that is going on from January?
    Much appreciated

  • streeterbs24
    6 posts

    It has been over half a year.

    I am running out of food and water.

    Will anyone from Ubisoft come to the rescue and save me from this bug?

    I am not hopeful...

  • BuddhaSource
    1 posts

    100 percent this is what’s gonna happen.

    They will continue the same cookie cutter response. Claiming they are investigating like they have the past 7 months. Then come the announcement in September of the next game they will also say they are no longer supporting assassins creed unity multiplayer. Thus not having to worry about it anymore.

    Mark my words! This is exactly what will happen.Stop getting your hopes up. If they actually cared they would have fixed it back in January.

  • swc1992
    19 posts

    @BuddhaSource Completely agree with you on this.

  • oxHARMONxo
    18 posts

    @BuddhaSource Hate to say it, but this issue is trending in that direction. With the issues legacy titles have been experiencing lately, it’s not the forgone conclusion.

    My thread for Just Dance 2021 XSX was recently locked and it was confirmed they will not fix it. It was implied Legacy games don’t typically get fixed, but maintenanced. In Just Dance’s case, the games got delisted. I suspect this will also happen with Unity and likely Black Flag very very soon.

    I really want this fix, but let’s face it, Ubisoft has really dropped the ball on support and this case proves it. It’ll take more than a few vocal people to light this match.

  • Ray_demon
    1 posts

    Me, who bought the Game 2 days ago and simply looked for the error code because i couldn't use any online functions whatsoever:
    Well, F***

    Honestly, just reading all the people sharing the problem and Ubisoft team answering with all this cooperate hoopla sh** makes me wish you could sue companies for this [censored]. Honestly I paid Money for a full game which I won't get because they fool around with the support and don't give a f about their servers. There was a Time I greatly loved Ubisoft for all the love and detail put into their games. I neither know nor believe if any CEO or similar is going to read this but please for the love of god could you for one second stop thinking about how to increase your income and how to best milk fans of your franchise, look back at who even made you all this money and maybe invest a bit more money into actually making your games playable. You earn more than enough.

  • swc1992
    19 posts

    @Ray_demon I did the same thing, bought the game about 10 days ago now and can't play coop which is why I bought it in the beginning as I have recently picked back up the assassin's creed series. I have been on with the support team almost everyday since trying just to get them to recognise there is an issue but they run me through trouble shooting everytime. Now after about 7/8 days of trying everything they have asked me to do they have started again from the beginning making me check my Nat connection.

  • IcaroLS
    5 posts
    Hope the fix until this end of the year. 🙏
  • Scovolino77
    14 posts

    Hello again @Ubi-Mushy and  @Ubi-MrM !!!!

    Can you please let the devs know about this xbox issue of broken servers/completely unable to connect to mp and play co-op that is going on from January?
    Much appreciated

  • Spartan1234x
    1 posts

    I am having the same issue. I didn’t contact Ubisoft due to this forum and have lost hope. I will be checking this page occasionally to see if they resolved the Xbox one coop online issue. But I am having my friends return the game and will be leaving a bad review on steam and google. Truly a heart breaking experience as I have always enjoyed the games.

  • Hetraet
    2 posts

    So I took my chances by replying every day to ac account on Twitter to fix the servers on Xbox and the support team replied they're still looking into it. It's not much but thought it would be worth mentioning here. Hopefully the devs will issue some sort of statement so we at least know if they're going to fix it or not

  • Wanderer_.
    2 posts

    Can we get a fix for the Unity Coop servers? They were working fine until one day then just completely stopped working. Unity coop is one of the best things in AC and it would be a shame if it never worked again.

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