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  • Honster_81
    2 posts

    Hi, I migrated from PS4 to PS5 and have 2 trophies that still to this day haven't unlocked. Two reach settlement level trophies i.e., "Builder" and "Home Sweet Home". I've tried all steps above which helped unlock some other missing trophies, but not these 2 on PS5. I would appreciate some help here. Thanks!

  • erinbear40
    2 posts

    I just updated Valhalla to the PS5 version, however, every single one of my trophies did not migrate along with it.
    I am at 0% on all of the above: The base game, Wrath of the Druids, Mastery Challenge, Siege of Paris, and Tombs of the Fallen. What can I do to get all of those trophies back, especially when some of these I am unable to do them twice?

  • Ubi-SpaceCats
    Ubisoft Support Staff 938 posts

    @erinbear40 Hey there, thank you so much for providing this information, and I apologize that your trophies haven't been unlocked on PS5. Can you please provide any images showing the requirements have been met, but that the trophies in question remain locked? I'd like to add your info to our team's ongoing investigation of this issue.

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  • Adonai-
    6 posts

    So my one is a less common issue, but there's likely some similaries others may have - also managed to unlock a few so I'll put what I did in case anyone finds it helpful.

    I platinumed AC:V on the PS4, then transferred my save to the PS5 - had to do some work, including a speedrun of a new game to get the platinum there, but all ended up without any really issue.

    Completed all Season 1 DLC on the PS5, getting all of the trophies, and then loaded that cloud save on my PS4. As a result, everything below are trophies that I had already unlocked on the PS5, but am not able to unlock (or successfully did) on the PS4:

    Wrath of the Druids
    Irish Legend - can't unlock (limited action)
    Like a Druid - can't unlock (limited action)
    Ireland's Deliverance - can't unlock (story)
    Dawn of the Druids - can't unlock (story/limited action)
    The Legend of St Patrick - can't unlock (limited action)
    All Roads Lead to Dublin - can't unlock (limited action - have tried fulfilling orders with Azar but nothing triggers the trophy)
    King's Maker - can't unlock (have done 10+ new Royal Demands but nothing triggers the trophy)
    Double Trouble - triggered when sickles were equipped
    Decked Out - triggered when armour was equipped

    Mastery Challenges
    All that Glitters
    A True Master - both triggered when I achieved gold (not sure if that is required) on a single Mastery challenge (the Wenlocan Wolf challenge is an easy one to do quickly)

    The Siege of Paris
    Know What is Right - can't unlock (limited action)
    Do What is Right - triggered after completing a Rebel mission
    We Nobles Three - triggered after killing an NPC (coincidentally, or not, while wearing the Reaper armour and using a Scythe)
    Vive la Résistance - triggered after killing an NPC, as above
    Future Past - triggered after completing a Rebel mission
    Bad Bull - triggered after killing an NPC, as above
    Vendange - triggered after killing an NPC, as above
    Pat the Cats - triggered after patting one cat in Evreux
    Lése-Majesté - triggered after completing a Rebel mission

    Tombs of the Fallen
    Crypt-ologist - both triggered after going into the tomb nearest Ravensthorpe, getting to the end of it (you can't interact with anything), leaving and then completing one of Reda's contracts. They triggered once the mission's objective was completed.

    Hopefully the ones I got help someone. The ones I couldn't get are all either to do with completing storylines, completing the map (I've attemped to get the small treasures from random NPCs but that doesn't do anything) or completing a list of limited tasks. I've tried things like completing Reda's contracts, Rebel missions and King's Favours, but there's no other quests available at all (I've already done the Isle of Skye, but haven't listed it as there were no trophies).

  • King_Sharingan
    2 posts

    I migrated my trophys from ps4 to ps5 and now I am not able to get the rampage trophy becouse I already did all the raids. I tried doing the raids again but since there are no chests for the second time it won’t say that the raid was successful or finished. As you can see I have the screenshot from my ps4 trophys and the trophy for defeating all the order members so that way you know for sure that I had to do the first raid..

  • erinbear40
    2 posts

    @ubi-spacecats The only evidence I can provide are the images of the one trophy I accidentally unlocked (Silent Viking), as well as the information on the Ubisoft app, stating the statistics of my progress. I don't have any other photos proving I did all of this work, since I didn't think I would need to do this. I'll provide those in replies.

  • King_Sharingan
    2 posts

    @king_sharingan response??

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff Original poster 6024 posts

    Hello there

    Thank you for continuing to update this thread with your reports about trophies / achievements not retroactively unlocking once you've migrated platforms. I've checked in on the investigation into this issue, and the dedicated teams are still looking into this issue further. Once any updates are made available, they will be posted within this thread.

    If you haven't already, then we would recommend that you first try the following steps if some of your trophies have not retroactively unlocked after migrating platform:

    • If your achievement/trophy was unlocked using an non-repeatable action (such as completing a story arc, creating your Jomsviking, or completing side quests), you will need to complete another main/side quest to trigger the trophy to unlock again on PS5. Many players have found that completing Petra's side quests, selecting a romance option with her or completing quests as part of the expansions (if you have access to these) have caused more trophies to unlock.
    • If your achievement/trophy was unlocked using a repeatable action (such as collecting certain weapons, being thrown 30m by a Housecarl, or completing a raid), you will need to perform this action again in-game to trigger the trophy to unlock. For instance, for "Worthy" you will need to re-equip Mjolnir. In some cases, defeating NPC enemies (human or animals) or opening chests in-game can also trigger these achievements / trophies to trigger again.

    If you are still missing some achievements / trophies after trying these steps, and haven't yet shared a report with us, then please can you provide us with the following information:

    • Which achievement / trophy hasn't unlocked for you?
    • Which platform did you migrate from, and which platform did you migrate to (such as PS4 to PS5)?

    @Boolego420 & @erinbear40 - Have you tried the steps provided above to see if this helps to trigger any more trophies to unlock for you? You may find that you need to repeat specific actions or complete a main/side quest to get the trophies to successfully trigger.

    @OPSDFGH, @panos_aliartos, @Honster_81 & @King_Sharingan - I'm sorry to hear that you've had some trouble retroactively unlocking some of your trophies (Builder, Home Sweet Home, Orlog Champion, Rampage). The dedicated teams are looking into what could potentially causing these trophies to remain locked after migrating platforms. Any updates, once available, will be posted within this thread, so please keep an eye out.

    Some players have reported that replaying the first raid in England allowed them to trigger "Rampage" to unlock again. I understand that this is not an ideal workaround, but it could be worth speed-running your way to England if you'd like to give this a try to unlock the trophy again.

    @Adonai - Thanks for sharing a detailed recount of your own experience when retroactively unlocking trophies between platforms. Thanks for also sharing what steps you took to unlock some of these trophies again. I'm sorry to hear that a number of trophies from the expansions are still locked for you. The dedicated teams are aware that trophies / achievements from the expansions, particularly story-based ones, have had some trouble retroactively unlocking, and they are looking into this further as part of the ongoing investigation into this issue.

    Once we have any updates to share from the investigation into retroactive trophies / achievements, they will be posted within this thread, so please check here regularly for the most up-to-date information.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • maitlandcricket
    1 posts

    My core achievements haven’t fully synced.

  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2863 posts

    Hey @maitlandcricket ,

    Thank you for reaching out, sorry to hear you're also having issues.

    Could you please refer to Ubi-Borealis' post below and confirm the trophy / achievement and platform(s) you're having issues with?

    Thank you.

    Official Response
  • moriatii
    50 posts

    I have been at this for two days attempting to unlock trophies I have already earned on the ps4, I understand that there is an issue with the migration of the trophies but nothing is triggering them, king maker 30+ missions (no trigger) reda missions (no trigger) currently i'm stuck at 10% (armor set) but nothing else appears to be unlocking these achievements.
    Unlike mastery challenge/ Siege of Paris/ tombs of the fallen all os these triggered after a few reda missions, so currently it's only the base game and the wrath of druids I cannot trigger.
    It's been a while and you still have not got a work around, so simple to add some coding to allow us to redo missions for wealth or even rations for all I care, I just want my trophies back.

  • guest-ttOq8XqV
    2 posts

    On ps4 unlock the following trophies:
    - All roads lead to Dublin
    - As a Druid
    - Dawn of the Druids
    - Liberation of Ireland
    - Irish Legend

    But on PS5 they were not unlocked

    Please help !!!

  • AlexSinnerman7
    17 posts

    @ubi-borealis How many more years to fix this? You do understand it is ridiculous, right? You send new content and sell more and more DLCs while the original problems are still there - this is extremely disrespectful towards who basically pays your salaries. Are you all incompetent or you just play dumb?

  • Soul_Slayer98
    20 posts


    I can't [censored] believe it. I have the problem for 10 months now, it has been known for even longer. Me and other players send screenshots and savegames. And still you don't fix it??? Take the developers of Horizon Forbidden West as an example: there is an update every week and a problem with a trophy was also fixed there. Why can they do it but you can't?????
    Instead of always saying that the development team will take care of it, just explain why it's taking so long!?

  • Soul_Slayer98
    20 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4029 posts

    Hi @guest-ttoq8xqv @AlexSinnerman7 @Soul_Slayer98

    @guest-ttoq8xqv thanks for providing the information requested. Can you also confirm if you have tried the steps provided by Ubi-Borealis to unlock the trophies?

    @AlexSinnerman7 @Soul_Slayer98 I can understand your frustration that the some of the trophies have not retroactively unlocked for you and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

    Unfortunately some issues are more complex than others, making them more difficult to reproduce and fix. Also attempting to apply a fix in some cases can cause further issues, therefore the development team need to investigate thoroughly before a fix can be applied.

    I can assure you that they are working hard to resolve all of the issues that are reported.

    Official Response
  • Th4rel
    1 posts

    Hi guys, I recently got back into Assasin and wanted to hit platinum, but the trophy Rampage won't go from PS4 to PS5 for me, and I can't execute again because I have to do my first raid in England, of which I already have everything completed. I have the same with the Wrath of the Druids DLC, I only have 2 trophies unlocked on PS5, the rest of which are unlocked on PS4 and I can't redo it because I also have everything 100% completed! Can someone help me, what should I do, because I don't want to start from the beginning just to unlock 9 trophies, the ones I already unlocked on PS4!

    If needed, I can take a picture of the trophies on the PS4 and PS5 profile to represent that this trophy has already been unlocked!

  • jaygriff2008
    1 posts


    I had Valhalla for PS4 abs completed a large amount before moving to PS5. A lot of trophies moved across to PS5 which is great, and a few that I could trigger using recommended steps, but Rampage is the last one that hasn’t synced yet, and I see no way to trigger, as I have completed all raids within England, tried to do them again to no avail,

    is there anything you guys can do for me on this one? Happy to share any info you need

  • panos_aliartos
    3 posts

    i reported my case one month ago(ticket 16240895)..did everything the support asked...asked for video and i sent you the video on 6th April and you inform me today 14th April that the video i sent via wetransfer has expired, which means that my case was not seen for 8 days. You were not even investigating the case.i have sent you a screenshot that i have the Rampage trophy on ps4 save. its the only trophy left to take the platinum on ps5.

  • AnimusLover
    280 posts

    @panos_aliartos You can get the 'rampage' trophy in about 3 to 5 hours if you make a new save file on the PS5.

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