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  • assassinshorty
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    Contacted Ubisoft on chat. No solution give just said all I can do is keep playing missions and hope they unlock. I am playing the siege of paris and nothing has unlocked. Pretty poor effort for ubisoft having trophy/achievement issues. Been having it since day one with this game

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff Original poster 6075 posts

    Hello there @assassinshorty!

    I'm sorry to hear that a number of your trophies haven't unlocked after migrating to PS5. The dedicated teams are aware that several trophies / achievements aren't retroactively unlocking after changing platforms, and they're looking into this further. In particular, we're aware that a number of players have had trouble unlocking the expansion trophies from "Wrath of the Druids" and "Siege of Paris." Your report has now been forwarded to the dedicated teams to assist with this investigation.

    Just to check, have you been able to try either of the following steps to see if this causes any of your trophies to unlock?

    • If your achievement/trophy was unlocked using an non-repeatable action (such as completing a story arc, creating your Jomsviking, or completing side quests), you will need to complete another main/side quest to trigger the trophy to unlock again on PS5. Many players have found that completing Petra's side quests, selecting a romance option with her or completing quests as part of the expansions (if you have access to these) have caused more trophies to unlock.
    • If your achievement/trophy was unlocked using a repeatable action (such as collecting certain weapons, being thrown 30m by a Housecarl, or completing a raid), you will need to perform this action again in-game to trigger the trophy to unlock. For instance, for "Worthy" you will need to re-equip Mjolnir. In some cases, defeating NPC enemies (human or animals) or opening chests in-game can also trigger these achievements / trophies to trigger again.

    When I migrated from PS4 to PS5, I found that I was able to unlock all of my "repeatable" trophies (such as "Skadi's Hobby" and "Row Rage") by repeating the actions again in-game. You might be able to trigger some of your trophies by trying these steps.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • ALCATRAZ44178
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    Hi just wondering if there is any plan to fix the trophies not auto popping, i had quite a few trophies missing and i got most of them but i am also missing the 2 settlement ones and the orlog one. I have tried everything and i dont want to replay the whole game again.

  • Ubi-Auron
    Ubisoft Support Staff 554 posts

    Hi @alcatraz44178 - sorry to hear you're also experiencing this issue!

    I can confirm that our game team is still working on this. In the meantime, could you please provide some additional info about your missing achievements as well as screenshots that show them missing? It will help us in the investigation 😊

    Please answer the below questions:

    • What is the name of the trophy(ies) / achievement(s)?
    • What is the platform where the trophy(ies) / achievement(s) are not unlocking?
    • Have you unlocked the trophy(ies) / acheivement(s) previously on another platform?
    • If so, can you confirm the platform where the trophy(ies) / achievement(s) were originally unlocked?


    Official Response
  • JayFrenzal
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    I have a few trophies that will not sync. They are:

    Double Trouble (Wrath of the Druids)

    And because I’m unable to complete Rampage, Viking Legend hasn’t synced either. I had both Rampage and Viking Legend on PS4 before migrating to PS5.

    I have tried completing quests for Petra (I’m at the point where she just wants to date, no other dialogue).
    I have tried completing quests for Reda.
    I have gone back and forth between different maps.
    If it has been suggested on this forum, I have tried it.

    I hope there is a fix soon. I’m at 286 hours into the game and want to get the platinum trophy for this game.

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    Hi everyone,i am still in trouble since a very long time (one year and a half) with some trophies like colony level 3 and 6 and olrog which doesnt auto pop on ps5 after the migration.I precise that i got my platinum on ps4 on december 2020 and made transfert on january 2021.Some trophies finaly poped with updates others with repeated action poped also but for these ones (colony level and olrog) i have the feeling that i have to restart a full game 😢.

  • simo7121989
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    Salve a tutti, non ricevo il trofeo "doppia mietitura" nel DLC L'ira dei druidi, nonostante abbia una falce per mano.
    Ho anche acquistato un altra falce sul portale Ubisoft, indossata, ma nulla.

  • Ryusennin
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    I'm sorry to tell you that, at this point, I don't believe Ubisoft will ever fix the missing Settlement level 3 and 6 trophies, despite the empty promises which have been repeated for 18 months. I don't blame the moderators, I simply know that community support is all about damage control.

    Level 3 can be obtained after about 15 hours, by doing the two first regions in England (monastery raids included).

    Level 6 on the other end is a tedious grind, since you will basically need to finish the game. The monasteries are not enough to earn the needed resources, you also have to complete the regions which reward you with resources and settlement levelling. It will require you more than 50 hours.

  • AnimusLover
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    @ryusennin I said this a few pages ago and nobody listened.

    I mean, after a year and half you'd think some players would get the hint that Ubisoft are never going to fix it.
    Auto pop means exactly that - trophies that automatically pop without having to do the requirements again.
    If you're having to find workarounds just to get something to trigger and it's different for different players then you might as well just start again.
    I kept many manuals saves so for the grindy trophies I was able to just do one or two things to get it. Now I use the cross save feature for double trophy lists. I don't rely on this game to auto pop.
    For the first raid in England trophy I had to start the game again on PS5 which only took a few hours.
    It's not ideal but I think some are just gonna have to bite the bullet and get the trophies on a new game. Don't wait on Ubisoft.

  • standoffjosh
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    • What is the name of the trophy(ies) / achievement(s)? Full Master
    • What is the platform where the trophy(ies) / achievement(s) are not unlocking? Xbox One
    • Have you unlocked the trophy(ies) / acheivement(s) previously on another platform? No
    • If so, can you confirm the platform where the trophy(ies) / achievement(s) were originally unlocked? N/A

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    @animuslover i have hoping a patch from them but i will have to do a new game like watch dogs legion finally 😢 .

  • UbiSushiVamp
    Community Representative 1138 posts

    Hello @JayFrenzal, @OPSDFGH, @simo7121989, @Ryusennin, @AnimusLover! I do apologize for the frustration this has caused. I fully understand that trophies are an important part of playing and enjoying a game. As soon as we have more updates to share from the team we will let you all know here! I appreciate everyone's continued patience while this is being investigated.

    @standoffjosh Thank you for this information! I have gone ahead and forwarded it to the investigation.

    Official Response
  • MSF-Commander
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    Having the same problem with Rainbow Six Siege. Only (if I remember correctly) 21 trophies retroactively unlocked on the PS5 version of the game, and I got all of the trophies years ago on the PS4 version. I tried to find a solution to unlock the remaining ones and tried out what I could, without any luck. Since then, I was able to unlock a number of the trophies by just playing the game again.

    But now, I am really struggeling with getting five flawless victories in ranked match (needed for the "Perfectionist"-trophy). If you could just patch some alternate way to unlock this trophy into the game, like getting 3 stars on all situations (that was the requierement for the "Perfectionist"-trophy in the past before it was changed), that would be really nice. Or if you can tell me another solution to unlock it (besides playing), please feel free to do so.

    Like I said, I got all trophies on the PS4 version, so it should only be fair if I get them auto-unlocked on the PS5 version. Please help me, Ubisoft.

  • MSF-Commander
    3 posts

    I just learned from Ubisoft support (after asking for a solution for a problem regarding trophies tranferring from the PS4 to the PS5 version of Raibow Six Siege) that not all trophies do carry over. And that the missing trophies have to be unlocked again by playing the game and meeting the requirements. I am struggeling with the "Perfectionist"-Trophy now and I am really mad that I have to unlock it again despite getting it already back on PS4.

    The nice person from the support told me that I should post one of my suggestions for improvementhere, because the community managers and the developers of the game take a look at this forum. Said suggestion is: The developers should make the old requirement for getting the "Perfectionist"-trophy possible again, as an alternate way to unlock the trophy. That requirement was getting 3 stars on all the situations.

    Like I said, the person from the support was really nice. I suffer from autism and was treated very well. Please, Ubisoft, do something. And thank you.

  • UbiSushiVamp
    Community Representative 1138 posts

    @msf-commander Hi there! Thank you for this suggestion, I recommend posting it specifically on the Rainbow Six Siege page here for the proper teams to be able to take a look!

    Official Response
  • Honster_81
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    @ubi-borealis I agree and can only add my personal frustration here as well. Another two months have past since your latest "update" and nothing new has been shared since then. I've had the trophy unlocking issue for basically 1 year and 3 months at this point since I got the PS5 and I believe it exists even longer.

  • SiLvY199113
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    I have the same problem patch 1.5.2
    Turned ps5 on for the first time after getting most trophies on ps4 (including platinum) weirdly only Caladfwlch popped nothing else unsure what to do now..

  • SiLvY199113
    4 posts

    @Ubi-Borealis Update: I've been getting random trophies at various points but still missing a lot.

    Can I just confirm if I get a trophy on ps5 it will not unlock on my clean ps4 list anymore? I found this with the Ragnarok DLC unlocked first trophie on ps5 file but not the ps4 so I will never get those then I'm guessing?

  • AlexSinnerman7
    39 posts

    Any news here???? Anything before Christmas 2023 you think??? It has been almost 2 years of a supposed “investigation” but obviously without any results. Funny how you can release so many DLCs to make more money and just ignore this stupid issue. You know, this game is the only one where I didn’t invest any extra for DLCs as it is extremely frustrating to see how Ubisoft doesn’t give a crap about old customers, hence, you will not get any more of my money either. Thank you for not caring about anything but money and sending bs in return, bravo Ubisoft!

  • TheRealRyfar
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    I am still missing the Achieve Settlement level 6 and Oorlog trophies on PS5. I have tried romancing all possible people, playing more oorlog games, and completing available DLC story lines (Paris and Isle of Skye) but nothing is working. I contacted support back in October of last year and have had no update since.

    Any help would be appreciated

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