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  • DaviddeBuur
    8 posts

    @ubi-woofer Hey there! I had all of my main story completed (Norway ending, Ravensthorpe and the Order endings), but I didn´t have all the achievements, I was around 75 % I guess (can´t look now since I´m at work).

    Edit: I guess that I should also add that I played the old PS4 saves on the PS5 for a while to check if the trophies will pop in before deciding that they might not ever pop and starting a new game.

  • Ubi-MrM
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2909 posts

    Thanks for the swift response and for letting me know that you did use your transferred save at first, @daviddebuur.

    When trying to pop the trophies, did you follow the instructions posted previously with regard to repeatable actions needed, as well as non-repeatable actions unlocked through completing a new quest, contract from Reda or world event?

    Here's the information again, as shared above by @Ubi-Nacho, just in case you're unsure what I'm referring to:

    • If your trophy was unlocked using an non-repeatable action (such as completing a story arc, creating your Jomsviking, or completing side quests), you will need to complete another main/side quest to trigger the trophy to unlock again on PS5. Many players have found that completing Petra's side quests, selecting a romance option with her or completing quests as part of the Wrath of the Druids expansion (if able to) have caused more trophies to unlock.
    • If your trophy was unlocked using a repeatable action (such as collecting certain weapons, being thrown 30m by a Housecarl, or completing a raid), you will need to perform this action again in-game to trigger the trophy to unlock. For instance, for "Worthy" you will need to re-equip Mjolnir.

    If, when home, you could try these steps and see if they work if you didn't already, that would be great. Thanks! 🙂

    Official Response
  • nice808
    2 posts

    @Ubi-Keo Hi, I have Platinum on PS4 and all trophies popped on PS5 except for:

    Rampage, Skadi‘s Hobby, Row Rage, Not the Norse You‘re Looking For, Flying Eivor, Caladfwlch.

    Especially Caladfwlch takes time, any workaround how to trigger the trophies?

  • NaxynPL
    1 posts

    Im was trying to transfer my save from PS4 to PS5 to get double platinum, but this game is still glitched.
    unfortunately I only got 3 trophies:
    Silent Viking

    I finished the game in 100% on PS4. Does anyone have an idea how to fix?

  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2973 posts

    Hey @naxynpl

    For these trophies to unlock on PS5, you should just need to:

    Kill an NPC,
    Equip Excalibur
    Equip Mjolnir

    Have you tried doing these actions again on PS5?

    Official Response
  • Ubi-TheBerry
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3961 posts

    Thanks for getting in touch @nice808 !

    Have you already re-tried meeting the requirements of these trophies to re-trigger them?

    If so, are you able to capture any clip examples so we can take a look?

    Thank you!

    Official Response
  • nice808
    2 posts

    @Ubi-TheBerry Hi, thanks for the reply. I actually forgot one trophy, "Eunique Attack" did not pop on PS5 as well. I have re-done it already, as it is an easy trophy, so this is possible. I have also re-done "Skadi's Hobby" today and uploaded a clip for your reference:

    Unfortunately, you can't see the trophy popping in the video, but I have a screenshot available:

    It's no problem to repeat those easy trophies but repeating "Caladfwlch" is not an option and I would appreciate your help. Any workaround available?

  • Soul_Slayer98
    24 posts

    I can’t believe it. The problem has been known for a year. Personally, I've had the problem for half a year. But you still doesn't fix the problem…how incompetent can a company be? Now I just think it's ridiculous. Companies half the size can fix bugs 10x faster 😒😅

  • CloudStrifeNL
    26 posts

    Another update, another disappointment. Sad to see that this is so hard to fix apparently. 😞 Even though other companies have done this easy breezy with al games. Just Ubisoft seeming to have a problem. Might have something to so with multiple platforms but at least PS4 to PS5 and vice versa should work. Hope this gets fixed eventually.

  • Hypnotive
    28 posts

    The Achievement for Mastery Challenge is not unlocking…

  • violence1337
    19 posts

    @cloudstrifenl and yet another update and no fix...

  • Ryusennin
    167 posts

    Following up on my retroactive trophy-hunting from PC to PS4...

    Siege of Paris:

    • For some reason, killing any enemy unlocked We Noble Three (the Frankish nobles).
    • Completing a Rebel Mission unlocked the related trophies (Lèse-Majesté, Vive la Résistance) but also Do What Is Right (campaign) and Future Past (discovering the Assassin bureau).
    • Vendange (wearing scythe + reaper set) and Pat the Cats had to be done again. Easy enough. For the latter, I only needed to pat just one cat in Evreux to unlock the trophy.
    • Bad Bull (the auroch fight) and Know What Is Right (complete 100% territories) remain LOCKED.

    Wrath of the Druids:

    • Nothing works, all trophies remain LOCKED, even after doing a Royal Demand or a local Reda mission.
    • King's Maker doesn't unlock, even after completing a new series of 10 Royal Demands.
    • Double Trouble (equipping dual sickles) and Decked Out (equipping the Dublin set) needed to be done again to be unlocked.

    Mastery Challenges:

    • All That Glitters doesn't unlock, even after upgrading a bronze medal to gold.
    • A True Master: can't tell yet, I'm not good enough to earn all gold medals 👑

    Tombs of the Fallen:

    • Funny thing is, both trophies (Spelunker and Crypt-ologist) auto-unlocked in Ireland after completing a Royal Demand.
  • Soul_Slayer98
    24 posts

    @ubi-nacho is there any update on this?

  • AcIvI
    1 posts

    @Ubi-Borealis Any news?
    Patch 1.4.0 did not solve the issue for me.
    Still a bunch of trophies locked after moving from PS4 to PS5.
    New trophies unlock, but some of the already unlocked on PS4 are still stuck.

  • Chief_NL
    4 posts


    Good evening,

    I just completed most of the Siege of Paris DLC, but several achievements did not complete as they should. These are: 
    - Do what is right
    - Vive la resistance
    - Lese-majeste

    Other achievements completed as intended or I did not do or find. 

    From what I read in several forums this is an issue that happens more often. I tried deleted the DLC and reinstalling, also tried uninstalling the entire game and reinstalling but these both didn’t help. 

    If you could assist I’d appreciate it. Posted this in another thread as well but noticed it needed posting here.

  • Ryusennin
    167 posts


    Did you try completing a Rebel Mission in the Paris DLC?

  • LeviMahone
    1 posts

    Just finished the Wrath of the Druid DLC and Double Trouble, Ireland Deliverance, and Dawn of the Druids didn't pop even though I met the requirements. Went to go and kill an Alpha Animal to see if the progression was tracked and it wasn't. Any ideas or leads on a fix?

  • violence1337
    19 posts

    There's 2 things that Ubisoft needs to fix in the next update, when playing Valhalla the RETROACTIVE TROPHIES BETWEEN PS4 AND PS5 AND THE OTHER WAY AROUND. If you have a trophy either on ps5 or ps4 it should unlock. My ps4 now is missing trophies for the Fallen Tombes and my ps5 has all trophies except stuck on 95% main game which is platinum on ps4 Ireland is pretty much a big fat zero. Also the songs on the boat still don't work on ps4 or ps5.


    I have well over 350 hours in this game.

  • sinders
    3 posts
    • What is the name of the/ achievement(s) - completionist all the way
    • What is the platform where the trophy(ies) / achievement(s) are not unlocking? - Xbox One S
    • Have you unlocked the trophy(ies) / acheivement(s) previously on another platform? - No

  • CloudStrifeNL
    26 posts

    @ubi-woofer The last update in this topic was by you on October 20th. 1,5 months have passed since that update and we still have no word on a fix, a workaround of whatever. We have new content, new restructured game (complete new download for future content) but still no fix for an issue that seems easy to fix, seeing other developers doing the exact same thing and having no problems whatsoever.

    It's a shame and quite frankly terrible customer support on the Ubisoft end. It should've been fixed seeing this problem was there as soon as the update was announced (a year ago), there has been no real update since that time, the problem was only placed on the board after update 1.3.0 while it has been there for much much longer.

    An update on this would be the least you guys at Ubisoft could do. Maybe even fix this issue before releasing new content? Especially if you want us to pay for it thorugh another seaon pass (which I am happy to do, the game itself is great now that most major bugs have been patched).

    Tldr: Could you guys please update us on the progress of this issue. It's taking too long and you've been silent for too long. Hope to see a reply very soon.


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