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  • BlueBibis
    1 posts

    Hi! since completing the game, I've been slowly making my way through the achievements I've missed, and up until a week or so ago, they were unlocking pretty quickly after I finished them. So far, I've finished but havent gotten the trophy for "completionist all the way", "home sweet home", and "caladfwlch". I've also been getting an error code when I try and access Reda's store. Please let me know if there's anything I need to do to get them to retrospectively unlock?

  • Quickey2014
    1 posts

    I have the platinum on ps5 and now wanted to go for the platinum on ps4

    the following trophies did not autopop

    • Overdesign
    • Builder
    • home sweet hole
    • orlog champion

    still hoping this will get fixed

  • xxRjanssen
    1 posts


    I still have the problem with the Wrath of the Druids Trophies that do not pop up.
    I have migrated my save from PC to PS5, but now I'm missing some trophies.
    The following trophies did not autopop:

    • Ireland's Deliverance
    • Dawn of the Druids
    • All Roads Lead to Dublin
    • The Legend of St. Patrick
    • King’s Maker

    Is there an update regarding this problem?

  • Sinar_bcn
    10 posts

    From PS4 to PS5.
    I always updated the game to every new title update, including last one 1.5.2.
    I recently played "Dawn of the Ragnarök", so I played a lot of main/side quests, with no luck.

    These trophies don't unlock (I unlocked all of them in PS4):

    • Rampage
    • Overdesign II (I can't do it again due I reached the max level, 535)
    • Builder
    • Home sweet home
    • Orlog champion

    • Irish legend
    • Ireland's deliverance
    • Dawn of the druids
    • Like a druid
    • All roads lead to Dublin
    • The legend of St. Patrick
    • King's maker (I completed 11 royal demands on PS5 but it didn't pop, I got this trophy in PS4)

  • deddox83
    1 posts
    Objective of solving an unlocked menhir, in addition to the fact that the Orlog player counter is stopped and not progressing, my saves have also been corrupted, I play on Xbox Series X, I have milled all the assassins creed but this is the first that is giving me big problems, but Ubisoft you disappointed me and not much

  • Real_Colinio
    4 posts

    Since i don’t think this will ever get fixed, i decided to do another fresh playthrough for the 3 trophies that don’t auto pop. It took me 28 hours, i started the game on story difficulty, only focused on raids and the main campaign while skipping all dialogue and cutscenes. Power level isn’t a issue at all on story difficulty, i always was below 50-100 levels for the areas and i never died, so don’t worry about this. It’s a shame that this is still an issue, i’ve been waiting since September and there are people who have waited even longer(since the game released) Anyway, i still enjoy playing this game which is why this new playthrough wasn’t a big issue for me.

  • gregske_001
    8 posts

    Trophy's not unlocking on ps5 (fix take way to long!)

    • irish legend
    • ireland's deliverance
    • dawn of the druids
    • like a druid
    • all roads lead to dublin
    • the legend of st. patrick
    • king's maker
    • rampage

    All this trophy's I have unlocked on the ps4. I try every suggestion that I can find on different forums nothing works for popping these trophy's.

  • gregske_001
    8 posts

    @sinar_bcn for the trophy Overdesign II maybe this can help you for get this trophy

    with a bit off luck it will pop this trophy and more.

  • UbiSushiVamp
    Community Representative 1138 posts

    Hello, @honster_81 @SiLvY199113 @AlexSinnerman7 Our team is actively investigating this. I apologize for the delay in resolution, however I do appreciate everyone's continued patience as this is being looked into.

    @TheRealRyfar, Hi! I have gone ahead and shared your information to the internal investigation with the team.

    Official Response
  • ciccio3688
    2 posts

    Hi to everyone.
    i have a problem with the trophy "Doppia mietitura" in Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Wrath Of The Druids: I have to equip the 2 scythes after finding them.
    I do, but it doesn't unlock my trophy.
    Thank you

  • grim_xtatic
    1 posts

    @gregske_001 I can't unlock those either when are they gonna fix this

  • azullFR
    2362 posts
  • ANHELL45
    6 posts

    No salta logro maestria completa

  • grau1182
    12 posts

    I have also had the problem that when importing my game from ps4 to ps5 all the achievements were not imported. Some I have been able to activate them by doing a part of their quest like doing a mastery quest and automatically giving me the related achievements but many others have not.
    I stay tuned to see what happens and if it continues to be updated in this case since some, although expensive, may be able to be removed but others are not possible, such as the level of the settlement or the legend of ST Patrick that I went to location of the snake and did not appear.

    I'll keep an eye out for updates and if anyone has any help I'd appreciate it.

  • fade2black_23
    8 posts

    At this point Ubisoft should just make it so that everybody who owns the game gets the platinum trophy cuz this BS has gone on for too long. Ubi, you need to just admit you can't fix the issue and just give people the trophy.

  • Soul_Slayer98
    22 posts


    is there an update on this Problem? 😕

  • Matipvpxd
    1 posts

    Rampage, orlog master, builder and home sweet home still not popped on ps5 (ofc i did it on ps4 with Village on 6 lvl). Tried Reda's metod, Petra's metod but nothing works. There is No way i'll play again from start sińce i've spend over 170 hours in this world. Ubisoft, seriously why don't you add a character to talk or some in-game-check to bring our trophies back. Valhalla was my favourite game some time ago, but im so tired of this. I can do skiing achievemnt once again but playing for tens of hours it's not a good perspective. Come on guys

  • ixuzhang
    4 posts


    I assume you didn’t lie, then some team has been investigating this issue “actively” more than one year and still not able to fix it.

    Any contract for the team working on it? Do we have an ETA for the fix? If no, what are the ways for escalation?


  • kevinchu310
    2 posts

    I've finished the main game and also attended the wedding, 100% all regions in England, Asgard and Norway, Vinland, isle of Skye and completed the order of ancients hit list. I met with the Father and he gave me the key to his study and I listened to the credit song Twilight whatchamacallit.

    My Eivor's Saga achievement is only showing 20%, and my completionist trophy was not awarded.

    I started my save file on PS4 and moved to PS5 about a year ago

  • Ubi-Mushy
    Ubisoft Support Staff 894 posts

    Hey folks. Unfortunately I don't have an update to share at this time, but I'd like to gather a bit of information for the team.

    @ciccio3688 Hey there! @azullFR linked you to the correct thread for your issue. Please see that thread for further information.

    @grim_xtatic Which specific achievements are you missing, and which platform were you playing on when you originally completed them?

    @ANHELL45 Please note that this is the English language forum, and we can't assist in other languages. Please translate your message or reach out through our support site for assistance.

    @grau1182 I appreciate you reaching out to report this. Could you list all the achievements that you earned on PS4 that aren't unlocking for you on PS5?

    @Matipvpxd Thanks for sharing that information. I've passed that on to the team to help with their investigation.

    Official Response

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