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  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    As it became apparent after the frist few summit hours, a big glitcher festival

  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    As usual on the lower positions much less meters squeezed out.
    2-3 times as many people used the glitch this summit ( down to position 100, a lot of non legit ghosts ).
    And it comes close to cross negligence to bring the Las Vegas Hotel escape. Some Tryharders of the early hour freezed already
    and even more used the BoT ( extremely simple to do in the Las Vegas Hotel escape ).

  • Anykeyer
    118 posts


    It comes close to gross negligence to bring continuously short escapes in summits.

    Its Ivory Tower. Neglecting problems and feedback is what they do best.

    I doubt they even play their own game at a high enough level to understand players frustrations with their "competitive" elements.
    I've heard they arent "happy" with TC2 (financially) and already develop another game. What they fail to understand is that with same people and same approach it will fail just as hard, if not harder.

  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    ... Neglecting problems and feedback is what they do best.

    I doubt they even play their own game at a high enough level to understand players frustrations with their "competitive" elements.


    showing how many meters are possible legit;
    after 24h already

    hard to count them all 🙁
    Probately some Youtube stuff gave them the idea.
    A distance like 6500 meters should never be in a summit leaderboard result.

    Reading patch notes you cannot help noticing always some optical issues ( car rims, speedometer needle, wings, lights, ... ).
    That appears to be the main focus.
    Apart from the patch notes we have a lot of Balancing ( for example lamborghini egoista was one of the top Hypercars one year ago then it got nerved;
    in the first summits everyone used Peugeot 3008 then it got downgraded after a few weeks, updraded again, downgraded ... but no patch notes has ever metioned that ).

    I think they could come up with a new summit point evaluation. This was modified already 2 times ( if i m not mistaken ),
    and of course not mentioned in the patch notes. 157.000 summit points must be possible in every summit escape - legit.
    Some Bug Abusers will continue fooling themselves, and outside the summit the espapes are already messed up ... but that was my suggestion when
    i reported the glitch to the Ubi support ( because we have this problem since Oktober 2020; and one cannot assume anymore
    the Dev´s are perhaps on holliday and they want to wait with the bugfix till everyone is back ).

  • OBu42
    165 posts


    The problem is, they obviously don't have any devs left who are capable of programming. Things that can be fixed by modeling or changing configurations are sometimes changed, but the moment programming is involved, you are screwed. Ind if they fix something, they are not allowed to test it and so they introduce additional errors... See e.g. the "fix" in the chase events which got worse after the fix and testing it only one time would have revealed the new bug...

  • kam945
    7 posts


    my score is glitched, Ive came a little way to understand the glitch first to use it and spread it away.
    Here is all Ive learned in a 2 days.

    1.Honestly if you want to do it solo, you need to consoles. 2 PS4's or PS4 & PS5. Every PS4 except PRO version. Also works with PSAPP. The better the console is, the slower the freeze is.

    If do it with someone, just both need 2x PS4's or PS4&PS5 or just PSAPP


    2. Probably the ammount of the friends in THE CREW LIST has to be higher than 50. 

    3.U have to do it on PS4 if you have also the PS5. The PS5 freeze is waaay shorter.

    3. Send a friend request to ur 2nd acct or to a friend whenever you want to. 

    4. Probably if the 2nd acct is in the game it gives u extra 300meters. Dont know if it works better with the PARTY.

    5.Play the escape, and really close to the zone ur friend or your 3rd hand like feet or something has to accept the invite.

    6. Watch if it freezes



    Didnt notice difference if it comes to the internet speed

    The 2nd account MUST BE registered in THE CREW

  • Martelinho40K
    80 posts

    After see all comments in this thread, this is why i stopped to play this game and only play casually, the Live Summit in the PC is a joke, everyone do the "non-legit" things to get this rewards and they go away safely, because, Ivory Tower don't care about this. Since the day i buy this game from now on, i always say, this game had a great potential to be a great casual game, but, Ivory Tower and Ubisoft itself NAILED to destroy it. Now, i only play this game to do some races and quit, because, this game became worst than the first one, bad graphics, not fun, live summit unfair, features that community ask for (like race creator, better livery creator) don't come to game, but, at least every update they add more than 80+ vanities that nobody asked for.

  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    congratulations @kam945
    from the perspective of these kiddos ( snot plagues ), that desperately try to win the summit
    by abusing this glitch, you are a made man now 👍. And you will get many requests " Bro, how did u get so far ?"

    And no on PS5 it doesn t ork, but yes the ps4 pro isn t as laggy as slim or standard PS4. Glitchers honed their knowledge and refined
    their techniques. So the difference between the legit and non legit players is growing. For example:

    ( january 2021 / final result after 7 days of escape glitching)

    And here the daily feeds from october 2021:

    So conclusion: about 400 BoT glitchers and about 40 players, that additionally used the freeze-escape glitch.
    On Las Vegas Hotel escape the game somehow has the strong desire to give a BoT point even outside the defined summit
    starting zone. That is a special feature, that only works on the Las Vegas Hotel escape. But during 1 year of escape glitching,
    people used at New Orleans, Bayou and Coal state summit escape also the BoT ( but there only a teleport to the outer edge of the starting
    zone was possible ).
    kam945 improved from 6700 meters on day 2 ( 136.000 summit points )
    to 11417 meters on day 7, by freezing the game in addition to the BoT he had already used. Harvested about 20.000 summit in addition from
    an anyway already glitched result.
    Let us be clear: We need to draw MORE ATTENSION to this problem. I don t realy agree with OBu42. There are many different options:
    Bans / no short summit escapes anymore / fixing the escape mechanics / deleting the glitched results from the leaderboard / summit point evaluation ...

    @Martelinho40K i totally agree with you. Don t give up.

  • OBu42
    165 posts
    don t realy agree with OBu42. There are many different options:Bans / no short summit escapes anymore / fixing the escape mechanics / deleting the glitched results from the leaderboard / summit point evaluation ...

    I think in fact we do agree - but I just lost hope. Those glitches are reported for years now, and nothing happens (ok, to be fair, they tried to fix some but introduced new errors underway)! But I fully agree, there should be bans, leaderboard resets, removal of events, changing the result-to-summit-point ratio, ...

    But did you get any official response to this post, yet? If I did not miss something: no. Not even the usual "we will report it to the team". They do not care about their player base. And then they are wondering why the game does not get the recognition it could get.

    To me, it seems they are fearing to lose parts of the (cheating) player base, and they do not anticipate that they would win a much larger number of players who want a fair competition.

  • kam945
    7 posts

    @philipp__lahm First of all: I didnt do it to be in the highest possible place. Im in a fight with one guy, and he did there a glitch as well. Just wanted to be higher than him and thats all.

    Secondly this glitch also works on PS5, at least on the Digital Edition. It freezes for way slower, but stil freezes.
    Least but not last: this glitch works even randomly, even you dont know it works. Ive been mad at the players like how they doing it, even I try for fun and it doesnt work! But once it froze my multiplayer run up, while Ive been playin on PS5. Then Ive noticed it seriously may works, but spotted the difference, that the player who accept the friend request has to be registered in THE CREW game. So the bans are not as much needed like the removing the results, or just fix it.

    And also remember, that in the LOST IN THE YELLOWSTONE Ive been 6th in the global summit summary. So I did it first time, just to beat one guy. Also hes using the glitches, but he found a way to not post the ghosts.

    Ive came to THE CREW from NFS’s series. Been playing there so well, but now there is nothing to do, so here at least we have the leaderboards to compare times.

  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    @kam945 look the problem are not you or YT-_-lambo-_-TTV, who making the glitch public.
    Using the Airrace-infinetely-nitros glitch - u did obtain a time of under 1 minute in an air.
    Short cutting with a wheelie over the rails in TC u did obtain a faster time.
    But you did not obtain 11417meters; without teleport and freeze u had done 6000 meters.
    The screenshots showed, that compared with january 2021 Las Vegas Hotel escape, the guys refined their freeze techniques.
    Then we have a lot of hypocrisy regarding the freeze glitch, if u for example only read the comments of this video

    i opened a support ticket. They showed much compassion and allegedly passed the information on the DEV´s.
    But patch 1.21 ( US Speed Tour West ) a lot of short escapes. I have therefore decided to open a forum thread. In the hope of a remedy.

  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    Lost in Hollywood / Big Sur

    • at 6000m the zone comes very close
    • some people are so lost, that they need to glitch to get a good score in the escape
    • but u will find these guys in the overall ( a bit of a strange situation/ short escape, but

    the top guys in the escape
    will not be not the top guys in the summit overall )

    The legit method :

    do not let you mislead, as we know from the second last clip and the screenshot from january
    ( "The Next Chase", we know that it is impossible to get legit on the 1st page of the summit overall,
    when Las Vegas Hotel escape is in a summit ) he glitched too. Sometimes he uses the ecape glitch,
    sometimes he is doing it legit ( even if his Youtube channel does not quite reflect this ).

    Big problem with the ghosts this summit, they somehow often do not show up.
    The 17689 meters are done legit ( you can see it it on his Youtube channel, but again ... do not be fooled,
    sometimes he is doing it legit, sometimes he is using the glitch )

    I'll keep trying and will try to give a good overview even if some results can not be verified due to lack of ghosts.

  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    Because of the point evaluation in the escape, it was not necessary to document every day.
    50% of the ghost were not shown and the other half drove up to the Golden Gate Bridge;
    and it was difficult for me to retrace wether they frozen the game there or not.
    Especially between rank 40 and 50 i found glitched results. They mainly drove reversed
    ( the from coastal range to Los Padres route ) with an alpha gp. But i do not realy want to talk about these idiots.

    ( the slow ones:

  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    Still a lack of available ghosts,
    no glitcher is convicted
    ( yet )

    but due to the evaluation of summit points. If you freeze the game in that escape - congrats
    you are top in the summit overall.

  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    i just noticed, that in the previous thread; the link for the photos died.

    Form your own opinion, wether this is enought for 17km on Big Sur (ToXic_Antrax97 / INTEX97)

  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    Overall a positive recap.
    Someone in the PSN told me that the freeze is still working, but the number of meters
    that can be gained from it is much lower .
    After the next short summit escape we will know more.
    Maybe the patch from November 17th changed something. I don´t know.
    ( Because i do not maintaining or extending contact with these freeze glitchers,
    they should visit the YouTube channel "RCP lambo" and "xRjhxX" to learn how to do it with skill;
    also congratulations to all the other legit players )

  • Asivdyfn
    1 posts

    @philipp__lahm yes Of-course now anti cheating system is now more secure and powerful.

  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    as it became apparent that a randomly crash into the rocks between 600-700 meters
    or an intentionally back on track ( BoT ) teleporting the car to the next tarmac road
    the summit turned into a big glitcher festival

    In conlusion, steps have been taken in the right direction, but there is still much that need to be done.
    The freeze glitch seems to be finally out of the game 👍 One of the major changes
    as compared to previous bug-fixes ( without a mention in the patch notes ).
    After the next summit escape we have 100 % certainty,
    because in a powerboat escape every meter counts. As Ivory Tower Studios removed
    the glitch in secret, it did not happen that the leaderboards in the affected escapes got cleaned. During the course
    of the year we had always a leaderboard reset, if in an event something got fixed from witch players could take
    advantage of. For insiders the leaderboards in escapes are messed up anyways ... but the freeze glitch was a very
    unknown one that will be forgotten soon. And this injustice will now continue.

    After coal state, bayou, new orleans, las vegas hotel
    now black mount has a possible BoT in a summit.
    Except las vegas hotel all these back on tracks need hard timing, do not work consistent, but ( compared to the freeze
    glitch ) everyone has similar prerequisites to imitate this. The BoT guys even lamenting if they have a little bit
    longer loading times. Although already a faster hard disk would help these guys.

  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    Freeze glitched fixed; still old freeze glitch records need to get removed from the leadernoards !

    Compared to the Las Vegasa Hotel results from January and Oktober 2021...
    This are natural / normal gaps. Of course we still have the BoT.
    My ( legit ) result was in the end place 540 in the world.

  • Philipp__Lahm
    Original poster 23 posts

    ( the final result on Playstation )
    many players where talking about a speedglitch, but as none of them knew how it works
    you can dismiss it as stupid talk.

    ( another BoT ) i noticed it very late in the summit.
    The Top Players seemed to follow the route to the right
    without using Back on Track. But only 50% had a ghost available.

    So since 2 month the freeze glitchers keep their WR´s done outside the summit.
    AND escapes with possible Back on Track in a summit:
    West Rim ( hard to do .. i could not do it with a HC ... probately too slow and touching the ground too much )
    New Orleans ( hard )
    Black Mount ( esay-medium )
    Coal State ( hard )
    Bayou ( hard )
    Las Vegas Hotel ( very easy )

    New Mexico ( easy-medium ) and Arch Park Trail ( easy ) [ forgot to mention these 2 in a previous post ]

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