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    Hey there @deeray85 - welcome to Discussions! I'm sorry to hear that you have been encountering this issue whereby the raid at Ferrierès does not show as completed despite all objectives being completed.

    The development team have been investigating this issue since the time of our last post, and we hope to have more information to share soon. For the moment, however, I'm afraid we do not have any additional information about when a fix will be implemented for the issue.

    Please keep an eye on this megathread for all the latest information as we receive it. 🙂

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  • BlackGlass657
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    Assasins creed, need to make something new !! Like make imposible, possible. No parkour !!! No. Instead of the parkour. Make other Assasins, That make impossible, possible. But no. Parkour.
    Here is idea for four new Assasins:
    1) New Assasin can climb up, as twice as low as Altair, but have badass old age katana, which he can use badass.
    2) A child that can make, impossible possible. He can't use parkour, but he have this badass animations. A child, can hide anythere and he can make impossible, possible. Also he can create, badass traps for his victims.
    3) A Assasins that have this wires, that work like, a spider man or something. Which is badass.

    4) A Assasin who is badass at explosives. Make impossible, possible, but can't use parkour.

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