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  • azullFR
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    the Gloucester tip is a good one 👍 , but I stopped using it since some time :

    • 1 account : I don't want to make any kill in the city due a future quest/romance
    • other account = I stopped to go there since a freed wolf killed a woman that is involved a future quest = I had to go nearly 100 hours and good runes back 😭

    In my case when I need Assassination farming + money + runes : I go to Hamptunscire around Cavallera (Callavero / Callavera ?) outpost (taking care to not getting any key involved in any future quest) = 1/2 to 3/4 hour = 1/2 to 3/4 level + nearly 50 assassinations + nearly 50 kills with the weapon needed for the weekly challenge 🙂

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 5609 posts

    Hello there!

    I apologise for the delayed response. Thanks for taking the time to update this thread with your experiences with recruiting Jomsvikingr, and about the payments that should be received whenever your Jomsviking is recruited by another.

    I've checked in on the investigation, and the dedicated teams were unable to reproduce this issue during tests carried out following the release of TU 1.4.0. It seems like this issue still persists in-game, though, based of your recent reports following the release of TU 1.5.1.

    I've now reopened the investigation into this issue using the reports that you have all shared recently within this thread - in particular the experience shared by @azullFR in regards to recruiting @TheNorfolkian's Jomsviking a few days ago! I've included this as well, as it could be helpful for further investigation. We have already notified the dedicated teams about how changing an item of your Jomsviking's attire seems to trigger a payment, however I'll let them know that this is still the only workaround as of TU 1.5.1.

    If we require any additional information from you all, we'll reach out to you within this thread. I'd recommend keeping an eye out for any future updates within the News & Announcements forum.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response
  • TheNorfolkian
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    @ubi-borealis I’d like to add that I’ve tried all of the suggested methods for generating payments and still have not received anything. I hope a fix can be deployed for this issue, even though I really have no further need of silver in the game now. It would just be nice to see the feature operate as intended.

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2146 posts

    Hello @thenorfolkian,

    Thank you for keeping this thread up to date. I just checked the status of this issue and I can see that it's still being investigated (it's been reopened recently). Once we have an update, we will let everyone know through the patch notes.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this and if you have any additional questions, please let us know.

    Official Response
  • azullFR
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    here my latest "finds" :

    I don't know if it will help you, but here is the way I do for having some jomsviking payments after some tests :

    Base : 1 PS4 / 2 accounts
    a2ullFR = no problem = when I start the game spawning in Ravensthorpe = there is a players Jom at dock = I have Jom payments
    azullFR = problems = when I start the game spawing in Ravensthorpe = there no sigle players' Jom at dock = no Jom payment

    Reminder : for all these steps I have no connectivity issue = Reda is ok, Ubiconnect is accessible

    here are the messy steps for my problematic account, it is not 100% reliable + I consider it specific to my case, unless it has been tested on other platforms with similar "jom to hire there/not there issue" :

    1. let's say I have the manual save A (made at the dock in Ravensthorpe) from yesterday
    2. I start today by loading this manual save A
    3. I can't see any players' Jom to hire
    4. Without quitting the game = I reload the Manual save A until I can see the players' Jom to hire (sometimes, I have to reload 2 more times ...) at Dock 1 near EydisPlayer's Jom
    5. Now I change 1 item on my Jom (the bow)
    6. I play
    7. Before quitting : I go to Ravensthorpe
    8. here 2 options :

    Option A

    • if there is a visible Jom to hire = I change again my Jom's bow + I make a manual save, then I quit the game
    • Now I'm pretty sure I will have a Jom's payment next time (better wait 6, 12 hours) I log, but only if I do the step 4 (= reloading the manual save without quitting the game)

    Option B

    1. if ther is no visible Jom to hire = I do not change my Jom's bow + I do make a manual save, then I quit the game
    2. Now I'm not 100% sure I will have a Jom's payment next time (better wait 6, 12 hours) I log, but only if I do the step 4 (= reloading the manual save without quitting the game)

    About :

    the dedicated teams were unable to reproduce this issue during tests carried out following the release of TU 1.4.0

    Test made with my account that has no problem with Joms payment & TU 1.5.1 & wired connection (easier, faster to manage) :
    ( Warning !! : this could cause problems such as the Berserker Gear Reset Bug ! ... do not do this at home 😉 )

    PS4 pro and basic internet connection (maybe doing test with some specific Ubi connections, like intranet, or with any privilege may result in false results to the teams)

    1. I spawned in the the game at Ravensthorpe with the usual visible player Jom to hire
    2. disconnected the internet wire
    3. waited 5 minutes
    4. changed my Joms bow
    5. Made a save
    6. Quitted the game with still no connection
    7. Waited 12 hours
    8. While connected
    9. reloaded from the previous (unconnected save),I was able to see the player's Jom to hire
    10. Result = no payment

    (If I change my jom's bow now, I will recieve a payment next time I connect)

    The best way to get jom's payment seems to be (assuming your connection is ok):

    1. Just before quitting the game : be sure there is a visible Jom to hire
    2. Change one gear of your Jom
    3. Save
    4. Quit
    5. Reload after some hours (6 is not reliable, so : 12 hours)
    6. Be sure to see a Jom to hire (if no : reload your save until you can see one)
    7. You should see a prompt (just asking Eydis for reward may be needed)

    At the moment, I've found 3 bugs that are related to Players Joms to hire :
    added to Joms Payment issue we are talking about here, there is :
    of course, this one :
    but also this one :


    [PS4 pro & Valhalla on internal SSD = all up-to-date]
    Manual cloud saves = ready to be used (every time I play I do a manual cloud save)

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