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  • Adrian-11
    800 posts

    You guys are too much into optimization and the perfect gear.
    I use the best I find, I optimize when I can, otherwise play the game with what I have and have fun.
    I will not lose any peace because I don't have full bars.

  • Noxious81
    502 posts
    (...)THAT is your opinion.

    Tells me you PLAY WAY TO MUCH....


    Touché. And your opinion is fine as well. And what does it tell us? Probably that you're not good at this game.

  • ArthurFriend
    11 posts

    Don't feed the Ken_Trollerich.

  • Ken_Koerperich
    68 posts

    @noxious81 Good at it, lmfao, it's a game, point and shot dur dur! Again, "if" you feel the need to comment like this, YOU PLAY WAY TO MUCH....Go get a life...

    And for the nut who turned my name into "troll', you're the idiot who can't take handle/ignore another person's comment without replying in the negative, so, look in the mirror you TROLL!


  • SuspiciousPixel
    90 posts

    The problem with optimization station is that new players don't see it as an end game addition. Therefore they see it as a means to obtain God Rolled gear without any of the resources or SHD calibration points.

  • XMdead
    135 posts

    I don't mind the need for resources, and I don't mind the high cost of optimization.

    What I do mind is the stupid resource caps being muuuuch to low. The caps should be 10x or even 100x the current level.

    Why? Because at first you get resources but can't use optimization for lack of blueprints. That way 90% of the resources you find can't be collected. Then you can use the station but you quickly deplete the few you collected and start cursing at the game for asking things it had not let you collect. So annoying that more than once I felt like dropping the game.

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