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  • dagrommit
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    Putting all of the new behind projects will change the purpose of the orange glow for veteran players. That being good or bad depends on who you ask, I guess.

    My hypothesis is that reducing the effect of RNG would be considered a fair exchange for many. Especially as the loot pool is going to get much larger with the new content.

    I've said before and will say again: Ubisoft should look beyond stuff in this one game. Perhaps people who have games spanning across 5 of their major titles, with over 200 hrs devoted to each.

    They kinda did with the shields from Div 1 which unlocked cosmetics in Div 2. I don't think providing exclusive gear for owners of both games would go down well - it could be seen as gouging people if someone was new to the franchise.

  • AngryPandaNr1
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    @dagrommit fair enough.
    In that case, RNG drops should be added as well.
    But if you dont want to grind or are unlucky.
    You could get the exotic drop 100% if you have the skills to complete the challenge.
    (But certainly not "challenges" like just complete these 3 missions anyway you want and take as long time as you need. That is way too easy for an exotic)
    AND for the people that do get it from the challenge, the drop comes with an exclusive weapon skin that can only be used for that exotic.
    (so there is still something to show off with)

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