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  • Virtual-Chris
    Original poster 798 posts


    Exactly. I also think a strong Pestilence build can almost match it… of course it’s a bit slower as it’s a domino effect and not simultaneous but you can essentially shoot one strong enemy and take down half a dozen.

  • blueray789
    14 posts

    The red meta build still does the most damage to a single target. However you need to use a good weapon like the Famas/M4 AR or M1A Classic etc.

    Hunters Fury with 3 blue cores and Memento for me the best OP build for Open World Heroic.

  • Virtual-Chris
    Original poster 798 posts


    Good point about the red DPSmeta build vs a single target, but how often are we fighting a single enemy?

    And yeah, the Momento can be OP in a a few different situations. My HF build with shield is crazy. And the Momento paired with the Chameleon stacks in prolonged engagements or missions is also pretty OP.

  • echolecter
    216 posts

    Use a skill build with turret and drone. You will have three guns shooting if you also decide to join, or simply let your skills do the work. Used this for Viper challenge to kill 250 BT elites, sit back and let computer repeat mission over and over again, a task which they are very good at.

    Only downside with such a build is when the skills are bugged and not working you're pretty much a lame duck. If you want to shoot yourself I guess any build that is mentioned above will do.

  • LateNiteDelight
    979 posts

    Other downsides:

    • Boring
    • Guns are weak
    • Just powerful, not OP
  • N3mB0t
    801 posts

    the build that makes the game easier for me is the foundry bullwark , big shield , liberty pistol , its unkillable , unless you reaaaaly want to die , its so easy and so boring i usualy only wip it out to kill the legendary rogues in a group faster and risk free to be able to share the loots.

  • Noxious81
    789 posts
    (...) Other downsides:
    - Boring
    - Guns are weak
    - Just powerful, not OP

    I'd not even call it boring, it's lame and lazy AF 😉 – and another downside is that those builds do not work well together with nearly all other builds.

    And personally I'd totally call a mechanic "OP" if all a player has to do to clean a legendary room is deploying two skills once. And then doing exactly nothing. This way agents can complete heroic and legendary content not because they're skilled but because of their skills (drone and turret). Thus players solely focusing on this build usually don't know much/anything about playing as a team, about most game mechanics apart from handling a drone and a turret, about builds, about enemy archetypes, tactics, etc. pp. – and not needing all of that again forces me to believe that those builds are overpowered.

  • Adrian-11
    872 posts


    Hehe, I've seen that in action and also tried it after... It's the ultimate cheese for disposing of Rogues. 😁

    Re. skills or status effect... Yes, they are effective (most of them anyway), but I still prefer to shoot things myself.

  • Imagine_Brata
    388 posts

    For CQC hunters fury, intimidate/adrenaline rush and shotgun with close n personal or perfect pummel is the most OP for me

  • Metal_Greg
    114 posts

    I wouldn't say that it's really OP or anything but i've recently been having success with a tip of the spear skill build. I use the tech spec, capacitator. sniper turret and either drone or stinger hive.

    between my capacitator and my skills+spec weapon it gives me lots of sources of damage and lots of total weapon damage for a skill build.

  • Oatiecrumble
    438 posts

    @LateNiteDelight done some testing and found:

    Walker & Harris Gains:

    • 5% Weapon Damage
    • 5% Damage to Armor
    • 5% Damage to Health

    Providence Gains:

    • 15% Headshot Damage
    • 10% Critical Hit Chance
    • 15% Critical Hit Damage
    • 5% Extra damage from Perfect Glass Cannon:
    • 1s less of the damage de-buff from Perfect Vigilance

    Using Walker & Harris also requires me to drop Vertical Grip (10% Accuarcy mod) - (very nice stat to have) on my weapon to gain 5% CHC, i could use the C79 scope for the extra CHC and get to keep my Vertical Grip (10% Accuarcy mod) but i love the ACOG X4 mod too much, great for quick kills at a distance.

    Using Walker & Harris also requires me to drop 12% CHD mod from my gear to gain 6% CHC

    The above is used to get to the 60% CHC Cap

    Using Walker & Harris also drops my CHD from 200% too 173% CHD.....200% is a very nice sweet spot.

    I have been testing this all night in open world and a little bit in the shooting range (not a great fan of the shooting range) and for me Providence deffo comes out on top.

    NOTE: This is based on console play and using the rifle 90% of the time, it may differ on p.c.

    Just my observation 🤓

  • LateNiteDelight
    979 posts

    @oatiecrumble that 5% Amplified damage from GC is big, but also didn't realize you needed to drop a CD mod. My build doesn't? Can your gun not hit 15% CHC?

    Even without needing to drop the mod, 5% Amplified Damage going from Perfect to Normal GC already counterbalances the W&H gain. W&H is only a few percentage points stronger before you factor that in.

  • Oatiecrumble
    438 posts
    @oatiecrumble that 5% Amplified damage from GC is big, but also didn't realize you needed to drop a CD mod. My build doesn't? Can your gun not hit 15% CHC?

    Nope, just scope/grip/magazine.

    Scope: Acog x 4 (love this scope)
    Grip: Vertical Grip for some accuracy
    Magazine: Extended

  • echolecter
    216 posts

    @latenitedelight Usually I don't use skill builds myself since they can be some what boring, but very effective. On the other hand the same applies when you have to do certain tasks over and over again for an achievement. That is where I pull out such a build and let game do all the boring repetitive stuff. When setup properly the skills and your weapons do an insane amount of damage to any NPC type, without the need to reload all the time. If turret is placed at right spot most spawn points becomes kill zones, but for this you sometimes need to think outside the box. Compared to the effort required when playing with normal builds they are OP and it does make the game a lot easier.

  • Gooberfishface
    3 posts

    become an NPC, works for them 🙂

  • Gooberfishface
    3 posts


    yes indeed-- I do notice even with glass cannon 200 percent crit with a M1A makes you a survivor ---the only thing is having to stay
    back if there is fire, explosions, drones
    right around 200 percent seems to be a tipping point in your favor

  • SilentScars
    2 posts

    @virtual-chris Can you tell me more about your Hunter's Mark build, I am still using chameleon and trying to optimize and would love to know what you are working with!! Thanks for the help also I missed out on the season pass memento how else can I get it?

    I would also love to know the negotiator build or the Pestilence!! I love lmgs but when they removed holster talents and i lost my boom shots with merciless i lost the will to run an lmg

  • Noxious81
    789 posts
    (...) I missed out on the season pass memento how else can I get it? (...)

    The Memento now is a regular exotic item, so it can drop basically everywhere. Of course playing activities with backpacks as Targeted Loot will help the odds a bit. Or farm exotic caches with weekly projects.

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