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  • Moved Unsolved Now that Epic has released EAC for FREE, and the Division 2 is already native due to Stadia, will you PLEASE turn on EAC for PC LINUX users?

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    I'd like an update if we can get one. I have no intentions of installing Windows on any machine in my family household. My wife and I really enjoy The Division 2, but we won't be playing it (or any ubisoft games) if there is no support for it. That's unfortunate, because this is a title we really like.

    Stadia supports it, so we know you folks know how to enable a sub layer to allow for Linux on EAC.

  • tcarlisle2012
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    This should be an even higher priority given that Microsoft has put Windows 10 on the path to pasture, and have remained firm on their very poor design decision to require TPM 2.0. Even the PCs in my house that have TPM 2.0, I still don't want Windows 111 on them as the primary OS since TPM architecture is such that only one OS can own the TPM, that isn't going to be Windows for me.

    Ubisoft has been such a great force in the industry, and has been very good for PC gaming. Their games release all platforms on day one.... not 6 months or a year and a half later. PC releases are not ports or an afterthought.

    Ubisoft please4, become less of a Microsoft DirectX shop and embrace vulkan. You can still release for windows and performance will increase. Embrace metal too, and get the mac platform on board.

    Gaming is the only reason Windows is on my PC.

    Yeah, yeah, I know... you still have like nearly a dozen proprietary game engines in house. They probably build for linux too, If not, maybe its time to clean house there too.

  • Darkpriest667
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    @tcarlisle2012 I attempted to run again today and it still does not run. EAC just reloads over and over and I eventually have to reboot the OS. I am running it through lutris and wine, since I did not buy the game on steam, since UBI, like every other publisher has their own launcher I started buying them through the launchers.. stupidly.

  • Nobbi_Nubsen
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    yepp, same here, I would love to play the division2 with my friends again. And since my pop os experiment is going so well (The Division 2 is the exception here), I would not return to windows anymore. Please Ubi, just do it!

  • Idcrafter
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    @dagrommit there should be one now because of vavles afford to bring epic to add it for the pre EAC version too

  • AlexanderDLarge
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    I'm really hoping that we get The Division 2 and all future games (Avatar Frontiers of Pandora especially) on Linux. It might not be as simple as flipping a switch but EAC on Linux no longer requires Epic Online Services and it's frustrating that these sorts of games (The Division 2/Destiny 2) are literally the only things keeping me on a Windows install.

  • Seren_Astralis
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    I just though about getting back to Division 2 but unfortunately I quickly found out it would not run on Linux and I'm have no desire to go back to Windows so it would be really nice if Ubisoft rolled out an update to EAC that enables compatibility for Linux. Seems like a no-brainer too since it would open up the steam deck market for very minimal amount of work.

  • ahmed4119
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    I would honestly appreciate it if ubisoft started enabling linux support on their games. I was thrilled when Apex legends just supported their game on linux while ubisoft keeps ignoring linux users with every game release.
    We are not asking for native games, but just enabling the anti-cheat software for linux operating systems. I still find it frustrating that an E-sport title like rainbow six siege still doesn't support linux even though battleye supported linux for so long.

    Not sure if linux is on the map for ubisoft at all, But @tcarlisle2012 comment is so interesting, What are gonna people do with all out of date machines that won't support windows 11.

    The ball is on ubisoft's side and I hope you start enabling anti-cheat software for linux. I played The division 1 and watch dogs 1 without any flaws on linux using an INTEL INTEGRATED GPU and getting decent frames.


  • lendorenan
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    The Division 1 works fine on Linux, i recently bought Division 2 and it probably would be fine to once EAC is enabled.
    With the SteamDeck being around alot more focus should be on supporting Linux, especially when the Anti-Cheat Provider and Valve made it very easy to do so.

  • Palpatimo
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    Hey everyone,

    I've posted several (re)sources in a reply to the thread The division 2 not playable on Linux here on the forums regarding this issue. Please like or reply to the linked thread to show interest and hopefully increase priority of the issue. If this is against the forum rules, please merge the two threads as they discuss the same issue.

    Apparently it has already been forwarded to the team, but I presume it will either take a while until the team actually works on this or it'll starve due to low priority.

    Best regards

  • canceralp
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    This is my favorite game. And it is the sole reason that I keep a Windows partition on my PC. Came on Ubisoft; Division 1 already works fine on Linux and it is so sweet and satisfying to play it on there. You can be the pioneer on this Linux adaptation. People are already playing Assassin's Creed and Far Cry series on their Steam Decks and everybody loves them. Give your online games a chance as well. This is a great community who is worth investing into. Linux users are everyday growing in numbers and gaming is their priority. Your games deserve to be on their bragging list.

  • Flickstiq
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    Yep! I'm on board with this request as well. I'd love to play Division 2 on my Steam Deck. I'm able to play the first one, but I'd prefer the newest one. Please update this Ubisoft!

  • TorboldM
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    Would really love to see this happen! The division 2 is an awesome game and I miss the opportunity to play it on steam deck…

  • BicBoiSpyder
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    +1 for Linux support

  • MaciusGlab
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    yeah please!

  • MidwestPancakes
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    +1 for Linux EAC support.

  • italoghost_br
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    Hi! With more and more games adding anticheat support for Linux users, could you please consider it for The Division 2? I miss playing this game.

  • Halfloaf.
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    +1 for this please , would love to be able to play Div 2 on my Steam deck without resorting to WinDoze

  • d4re-devil
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    I really want this too!!
    Please Ubisoft make a move and Activate Anticheat for Division 2 under wine/proton.
    I am waiting for this for years now!
    Did not bought only one more game on Ubisoft, because i said to myself, i will wait until they support us linux players that still not happend...
    This is really sad...

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