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  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1823 posts

    Hello @lidodin,

    I'm afraid that I don't have more details to share at the moment and I'm unable to speak on behalf of the development team - however, once this issue is resolved, we will let everyone know about the outcome in the patch notes 🙂

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  • Azhrei21
    46 posts

    @ubi-borealis Welp I've had a 14.9 AND a 18.x HP rune in my silver (rank) helm for like a week now. I just cleared Essex and was about to start it's quest chain, and I missed something at the start. So i go to load the most recent auto save (1:44 am) which was ten minutes earlier (I was watching some of a tv show for a few minutes). The save was in a good spot, right AFTER I did a flyting there but just before I ran to the big house to grab a scroll somewhere in there and start the quests. Lo and behold when the autosave from ten minutes earlier loaded, I was glowing. I look in my inventory and sure enough the 14.9 one vanished. I loaded the autosave from "just now" (1:55 am) and it's gone from there too, even though i know damn well i still had it, i had just gone in my inventory and switched back to hunter bow and saw both rune slots on the helm still filled. It didn't go poof till i loaded the auto save from ten minutes beforehand. I load an auto save from like 45 minutes earlier, and it's gone from there too. It's like some time travel crap, it vanishes from one it vanishes from all of them (i tried loading earlier saves last time this happened and it was the same)...

    I'll make another post if the 18.9 HP rune ever vanishes but other then that I'm done. This game isnt' even hard enough to care if I even have any runes to begin with, let alone 11 HP versus 18.9 ones (or 14)... but this is ridiculous how long this has apparently been going on. And it's freaking annoying. I do have one thing to say though, I don't think any of my 11's have ever gone poof. And it made my 14 go away instead of the 18. Maybe this only happens with the 14's for some reason? All I know is I'm never selling the 11's.

    I do have one question, is there a limit to how many runes you can have in the inventory? Cause I don't want to sell ANY now... >.< sucks cause all the minor ones can add up in some silver.

  • Kormac67
    949 posts

    @azhrei21 There is no limit to how many you can have I believe but there is a limit to how many you can access. Both the socketing control and the sale control are limited (the sale was doubled recently I believe) and if you have more you can neither socket nor sell them until you sell some of the others.

  • Azhrei21
    46 posts

    ugh... one of the biggest problems in the game and according to the patch notes today... nothing about this. >.<

  • RCDeschene
    82 posts

    No update on the disorganized runes in the shop & inventory yet... 😕

  • SyrKrotuas
    1 posts

    Hello, So sorry if this has been covered and I was unable to locate it. I had not played in a few weeks. I came back, bought the two DLCs Noticed in combat I was getting my butt kicked a lot.. Looking at my inventory nearly every single rune I had in armor had vanished. Nearly every rune I had in gear is gone from the gear and can not be found in inventory to put back into gear, I have dozens in my inventory but when I go to try and find rune to put back in my gear nothing is there from before.

  • Ubi-Keo
    Ubisoft Support Staff 2883 posts

    Hi @syrkrotuas and welcome to the forums.

    I'm sorry to hear that you have lost some of your runes.

    Can you confirm if the runes are missing from a particular armour set and weapons or multiple? And roughly how many runes do you think are missing?

    Also if you have a previous save that you can load, can you please try this to see if your runes are still attached to your armour and weapons.

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  • Ubi-Woofer
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1268 posts

    @Azhrei21 - Hey there! Thanks for your response to this thread. Just to confirm, you noticed that your equipped 14.9 and 18.9 health runes on your silver helm disappeared after reloading an autosave created during the beginning of the Essex arc? And after reloading other autosaves, you noticed that the same runes also disappeared on those, despite having been present previously? Could you please clarify for me the exact gear items you had equipped (and whether you had pieces from different sets equipped), as well as any specific actions you completed before reloading the autosave that could be relevant? Thank you! 🙂

    To address your question about how many runes you can own directly, there should not be a limit of how many runes you can carry, though as @Kormac67 has mentioned, there is a limit on how many you can view in your inventory when viewing / selling them (600 at the moment, I believe). This is something under investigation by the development team, so please keep an eye out for updates on this.

    @RCDeschene - I sincerely apologise for the delay in an update regarding this issue, as well as with regard to the ordering of the runes in your inventory / vendor screen. As soon as we have any additional information to share, we'll be sure to do so here and in other resources such as the patch notes. Thank you. 🙂

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  • fesust
    5 posts

    Any news on this one? This issue is open for almost a year now with no fix in sight. This is the most annoying thing that happens to me while playing.
    I play on PC with season pass. And by the looks of it, the the runes i buy from the vendors disappear from my gear after a while.

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4641 posts

    Hello there @fesust,

    I apologise for the delayed response. I'm sorry to hear that your runes have gone missing from your gear, and that this has impacted on your gaming experience. Thank you for taking the time to share your report with us within this thread.

    The development team are still investigating this issue further. To help with the ongoing investigation, would you be able to provide us with the following information:

    • Which runes have disappeared from your inventory? Please be as precise as possible.
    • What gear were you using at the time your runes disappeared? If you were using multiple sets, please let us know what these were.

    Additionally, please can you ensure that you have an up-to-date copy of your save file uploaded to the Cloud? You can check this by looking for the cloud icon on your most recent save file. We can then forward your report to the dedicated teams for further investigation.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response

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