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    Quite confused why anyone wants to help @supadrumma4411 anymore considering how he felt about people trying to help him (most of that post seems to of been deleted) 😕

    We all tried to help but got slandered for it, what's the point anymore....let him move onto something that may suit him better.

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    Oh well, I think he can't be helped. Goner.

  • Chunkie__Monkie
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    If you think Heroic is hard now you should have tried it in its bullet sponge days for example after NYC Dropped we got decent loot back then but it soon dried up and Heroic was really hard but we did it. Like others have said getting the talents to synergise is a must and maybe try matchmaking I generally matchmake at Heroic or Legendary as i dont feel confident on my own except a few missions and i have fully optimised builds now. On my own i tend to play hard with less powerful builds challenging with 2 or 3 builds and occasionally Heroic with DPS build Stick at it dude you may just be an average player like me not an SAS specialist lol

  • jeniffer09
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    This post is deleted!
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    @jeniffer09 tu12 is old. lmao

  • dagrommit
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    @imagine_brata it's a spammer, just flag the post as spam

  • Imagine_Brata
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    I was one of the few who did not even start the event.

  • EllaC90
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    @latenitedelight The idea of just being ordinary people with a bit of extra training and fancy tech is all good. But then why does the game set me up to singlehandedly storm into powerful enemy strongholds that even professional tier 1 operators would consider complete suicide? Under the premise of just being athletic accountants and teachers it would be a death wish even for a full team of agents. Why isn't Kelso or other agents at least assisting me?? They just sit back at HQ shouting at me - do this, do that, go agent go! Why does the narrative and Manny expect me to go save the city like I'm some sort of superhero? It makes no sense. xD It's either one or the other.

    Heroic mode should in my world be a mode where enemies are actually more intelligent, using more advanced behavior patterns and tactics. Just slapping an absurd health/armour pool onto them and calling it a day is not very satisfying. And the AI do seem to know they are absurdly strong as mentioned. They just waddle out in the middle of the open field blindly shooting around, especially Hyenas. That's also fine thematically, but they should be punished for it just as much as the player is.

    Would be interesting if there was much less sponge, but still very high damage from both AI and the players where both sides has to use the cover system a lot more to ensure survivability. And recklessness should be punished equally.

  • xcel30
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    @ellac90 High lethality works for games where there is no real builds, stats and talents. So stuff like STALKER, metro and older ghost recon games. When dealing with games that are focused on having different stats and crazy weapon talents, gear sets and other stuff like that you kinda contradict yourself, how is a tank player meant to tank if everyone dies in 1-3 bullets, what is the point of most weapons if one shot to head will drop most enemies making a bunch of low accuracy weapons bad at longer ranges?

    To be fair they did give enemies with unique attributes and gimmicks on legendary that really makes it a challange since obvious exploitable patterns are not there (drone operators releases her drones far away from herself and without exposing her head much) so there is aspects of that but achieving a balance of that and stats when people are meant to build towards some role by grinding gear is kinda contradictory with high lethality slower gameplay.

  • NoobishNorbert
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    Ok guys...

    There are Shooter games (first person/third person) like counter strike, battlefield, PUBG and so on...
    There are RPG games like Diablo, titan quest and so on...

    Ghost recon Breakpoint is Shooter game with RPG elements -> Shooting is the most important aspect of the game (stealth kills are important, headshots are super important) and skills and builds in this game just benefits you if used correctly but you can play without them (yopu can finnish raid with lvl1 grey gear in GR:B)

    Division 2 is RPG game with shooter elements! It is not shooter game so your build (items) is more important that you ability to shoot (shooting just benefits you if done correctly but you cannot finnish the raid with grey gear lvl1 because it is RPG not shooter)

    Ive never ever heard anyone saying that diablo is bad because no real enemy can survive hit with the axe! Division 2 is same genre of game as diablo (only difference is that you are able to aim and shoot your gun freely) so yeah enemies have to be sponges to some extend

    Would it be nice to have shooter game from Division universe? yes it would but dont try to change genre of this game.

  • EllaC90
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    @xcel30 I don't mind tanks being tanky if that is what they gear themselves towards, be it players or NPCs. But it should reflect in their damage output just as it does for the player. I don't expect to be able to blow through enemies' heavy armour and shields with 1-3 bullets. That would be stupid. My personal experience with TD2 on Heroic has just been that NPCs have had very unfair advantages. They are tanky while also dealing absurd amounts of damage. You basically get one-shotted if you expose yourself, which you sometimes just have to do. No run is flawless. I've done Heroic content with a skill build and it has been quite easy on the whole, but God help you if you try something else.

    I went for a high crit red-core build because the skill build grew boring. I had tried a sniper build too which worked quite well outside dungeons. But I can't help but feel there is an artificial difficulty barrier where NPCs just play by different rules than me. I don't mind being one-shotted on Heroic if I can also rain hell down on enemies without being forced into skill builds or other cookie-cutter variations. I don't like being forced into specific playstyles to be viable and to feel I can progress in the game. RPGs should be about freedom, no? Doing the build you enjoy that suits your playstyle

  • xcel30
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    @ellac90 Yeah i don't think heroic forces builds that much other than people making sure they are not running completely random non matching gear, i stopped playing because stuff like hunter's fury even with double barrel shotgun was getting boring, enemies will always play by different rules than players, you are right that high level high difficulty enemies hit hard otherwise they wouldn't high level high difficulty enemies and i don't think you really get one shotted outside of very few enemies made to one shot you with certain stuffs (some snipers and explosive enemies), but where enemies are strong they are also limited with very exploitable weakpoints while players are easily versatile and can adapt easily.

    A good DPS build can drop enemies very fast cleaning them in very short burst of damage exactly because they have no armor and can't afford to expose themselves very much, tank players while lose damage can afford to expose themselves much more and even move around the battlefield with more confidence to always get a good position to dela with the enemies and since most of them have a weakpoint even if they have low damage they can still exploit them to kill them fast.

    I won't deny that skill builds are quite safer because of automation, but devs added more and more talents that force skill players to egage also with the gunfight ot activate talents and boosts their skills, you can just sit back and hrow a turret and drone and do nothing but a good DPS player or tank will outpace you, it's not like the times where you could nuke an entire wave with a single seeker mine and then have it ready again by the time the next wave spawned.

    I mean general rule is DPS have to assess priority targets and be agressive to kill enemies fast so he doesn't get overwhelmed, Tanks need a good position and know how to move around, Skills in general are just good force multipliers where the player themselves lack the damage and health to be in direct firefight so they compensate with skills as having extra teamates to take their shots for them and do damage for them

  • Roddyoung
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    No way, all this does is give people the chance to feel like their cheating and makes it way to easy, get your builds right and play smart , dont expect to just face tank everything, where is the challenge in that. Most of us who have been playing since release want them to add Legendary difficuly to open world and update all missions to Legendary. If you have your builds optimised Heroic is a pretty easy.

  • dagrommit
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    Wow, 12 days later and the spam post is still not deleted. I can see the decision not to bother with this forum until there's news was justified.

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